How to Cancel Times Subscription 2024 [iPhone & iPad]

In this article, we are going to provide detailed information about how to cancel a subscription. If you have been thinking about canceling your Times subscription for a long time, then you must read this article till the end.

The Times is a British daily national newspaper based in London that is very popular in the United Kingdom. It mainly deals with news, business, sports, and other news from all over the world. This is a great option to keep yourself updated with all kinds of news in Britain. It began in 1785 as the Daily Universal Register.

If you have also been using The Times subscription to keep yourself updated with all kinds of news but now, for some reason, want to remove it, Many steps have been taken by the company to stop your subscription, for which you can contact its customer care. Also, if you are using an iOS device, then it is much easier to cancel it.

How to Cancel The Times Subscription

To cancel the subscription to The Times, an option is available on every iOS device, under which you can stop your subscription. We have used an iPhone running on iOS to demonstrate all this process, so let us know everything step by step.

  • First of all, go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Now tap on your name at the top.
how to cancel times subscription
  • Now tap on Subscriptions, as per the picture.
how to cancel times subscription
  • You select The Times as per the picture.
  • Now tap on the “Cancel Subscription” button as shown in the picture.
  • Now press the confirm button.
how to cancel times subscription

By simply doing this, your The Times subscription gets canceled, and you will not see any kind of payment in the coming month. It is a fairly easy process to cancel your subscription on iOS devices. If you use any iOS device other than an iPhone, you can also follow the above steps. If you use an Android phone, you can go deeper into the settings or contact customer care. Also, if there is any problem in understanding the above steps, then watch the video given below:

FAQs:How to cancel times subscription

Can you read The Times for free?

To read The Times and The Sunday Times for free, you need to either become a subscriber or register as a user.

Can I read the Times offline?

If you want to read The Times offline, then first you have to download the editions; otherwise, reading without the internet is not possible.

Who is the owner of the times?

The name of its owner is Ramkrishna Dalmia, who is no longer in this world and passed away in 1978.

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