In this article we are going to talk about how to delete fampay account. If you are facing a lot of problems in deleting your FamPay account, then this article can help you a lot. We assure that after reading this article you will be able to delete your account successfully.

Friends, Fampay is a very popular financial technology (fintech) company and e-commerce payment system, which provides facilities like card, P2P and UPI payments to minors without the need of a bank account. With the help of this platform, parents can send money to their children which can then be spent under parental supervision.

If you are a Fampay user but want to delete the account for some reason, it is absolutely possible to do so. Fampay does not openly provide the option to delete the account on its platform, so in such a case you will have to take help from the company’s support system.

How to delete Fampay account

Contacting customer support is a very good option to delete Fampay account, but support system from the company is available on very few platforms, so email is mainly a genuine way to contact the company. . Along with this we can take help of contact number and Twitter account.


Customer email is a very powerful and effective option to delete Fampay account. For this you have to email In this email, you request the customer care to delete your account and share personal details like mobile number, name and email address. By doing just this, customer care will verify your email and after everything is fine, they will delete your account.

Contact number

No official number has been released by Fampay, but according to some websites, Fampay support system can be contacted by calling +91 804 167 3070. You call Fampay and request to delete your account. Also give correct answers to the name, mobile number etc. asked for verification.


Along with this, to solve the problems of its users, a Twitter account called Fam Support can be seen from the company, where you can get the solution to your problem. You can request to delete your account by tweeting on this Twitter account.

Friends, among the above three methods, email is the best medium, through which your account is deleted in a very short time. Keep in mind that once you delete your account, you cannot create an account again with that mobile number and Aadhaar number, so please think carefully before deleting your account. Also, if you found the above information helpful, then do share it with all your friends and relatives.

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FAQs: How to delete Fampay account

What happens if I delete my Fampay account?

When you delete your Fampay account, then all your data is permanently deleted, after this if you ever create your account in future, then the used mobile number and Aadhaar will not be able to be used.

Is FamPay real or fake?

Fampay is a family-friendly payment app that is reliable and completely secure. But according to some sites reports, it has been banned by RBI.

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