How to Delete Terabox Account 2024: Permanently

Friends, in this article we are going to talk about how to delete a Terabox account. If you are searching for this topic on the internet, then your search is over. We have explained in detail how to delete a Terabox account, which you must read till the end.

Terabox is a cloud storage app that helps users organize and protect files. It is a great option for taking backups of your documents, sharing files, and storing videos. It offers 1TB of free cloud storage and provides a great AI experience.

If you are facing any kind of problem while using Terabox, then you can feel free to delete your account. Terabox provides open permission to all its users to delete the account at any time, so let us know.

How to Delete a Terabox Account

Deleting a Terabox account is much faster and easier. We have shared step-by-step information on how to delete it using the application, which you can follow:

  • First of all open Terabox App.
  • Now login your Account.
  • Now tap on the Profile icon available in the top left corner.
how to delete terabox account
  • Now select Settings.
how to delete terabox account
  • Now select “Security Center” as shown in the picture.
how to delete terabox account
  • Now tap on “Deleting an account.”.
how to delete terabox account
  • Now write a reason as per the picture and press the “Deleting an account” button.
how to delete terabox account

Just by doing this, your account gets deleted. So, in this way, you can delete your Terabox account. If you use it on devices other than the mobile application, you can also follow the same steps. Friends, keep in mind that if you delete the account, then the entire data gets deleted, so in this case, you will lose the information stored. If you cannot recover the file again, then think carefully about deleting the account.

For more information, you can watch the video given below:

FAQs:How to delete Terabox account

Is TeraBox safe?

It is completely secure, and the company is committed to improving security every day. This is great backup storage if you want to keep your business files like videos, photos, and documents safe without the worry of losing them.

What is best alternative to terabox

Although there are many options available but my first choice is multcloud. It provides much faster cloud file transfer compared to others.

Is TeraBox free forever?

With the free plan of TeraBox, you get the facility to store a maximum of 500 files, or, in other words, 1 TB of storage. Apart from this, if you go with the premium plan, then faster downloads and more storage facilities are provided there.

Can I delete my files after uploading them to TeraBox?

You can completely delete the uploaded file and recover it anytime after a gap of 10 days if needed.

Is the TeraBox app legal?

This is a legal platform that you can use without any worries.


We hope that the above information has helped you a lot. If yes, then definitely share this article with all your friends. Also, if you have any questions related to how to delete a Terabox account, you can ask them in the comments below.

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