Hello friends, in this article, we will discuss the best mesh wifi for thick walls uk. If you are also thinking of setting up a mesh WiFi system in your home, then definitely read this article till the end.

A mesh wifi system is a very strong WiFi network system that provides uniform WiFi coverage and speed throughout your home.

Different devices are set up to create this system, which plays the main role in maintaining its close Coverage. The more Coverage you want to get, the more you’ll need to add a mesh WiFi device(Disc).

How to choose the right mesh wifi system

Below we have told you some important points, keeping in mind that you can choose a good mesh WiFi system.


If you want to choose a good mesh WiFi system for your large home or office, it is very important to take care of the Coverage.

Mesh wifi creates its network by connecting many devices, so be sure to get information about the Coverage of all the devices.


Mesh wifi system is a very advanced WiFi extender, creating a great WiFi network throughout your home. When choosing a mesh wifi system, take special care of speed.

If you want high-quality 4K video, live streaming, and gaming that requires extreme speed, go with a WiFi system with higher Mbps speeds.


If you go with a good company’s mesh WiFi system, you get to see a separate application all along, with the help of which set up the mesh WiFi system becomes much easier. Also, you can control it very easily.

You will be happy to know that all the mesh WiFi systems we have selected below come with dedicated applications.

Parental control

Parental control is a special feature only in select mesh WiFi systems. It greatly enhances your WiFi system’s security, which helps you grant access to anyone else and make some harmful content out of reach of children.

Below we have listed the 5 best mesh WiFi systems, which work well even for thick walls.

1. TP-Link Deco S4 AC1200 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

TP-link is known worldwide for making wireless products, and it has been working in this field for more than 10 years. If we talk about this mesh WiFi system, three different variants are seen.

If your home or office is bigger, you can go with the higher variant; otherwise, you may look at the lower variant.

This WiFi system is up to 4000 sq. ft, covers the area, and provides uniform Coverage all over.

Also, it provides a stable internet connection with a maximum speed of 1167Mbps. Not only this, it is compatible with all types of routers and modems.

2. Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi system

At number two, we have placed an Amazon eero mesh wifi system, which provides very good performance. Also, if you choose it, keeping in mind the thick walls of your home, it will not disappoint you.

It has a fairly small and compact design, which can be easily installed anywhere, and enjoys great WiFi coverage.

It is a maximum of 460sq.m and provides excellent area coverage. Also, it can be connected to all internet service providers.

3. Google Wifi – Mesh Wifi System

Google is a big and well-known name. For the past several decades, we have been trying to make the Internet easy and accessible to all. Google mesh WiFi system has been launched to eliminate the home’s WiFi coverage problem.

It also has three variants, which you can consider according to your need. Also, it comes with a very small and compact design.

It uses a special kind of Google technology, which provides uniform, fast, reliable WiFi in every house room.

You can check out if you want to create a strong mesh WiFi system in your home or office.

4. BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

The BT company is especially known for making wireless systems and devices and has been making its best virus products for the last several years. BT Whole Home wifi is a great mesh WiFi system with a pretty and compact design.

It is fully compatible with all broadband providers in the United Kingdom. Also, with the help of 3 discs, a mesh WiFi network is created, which can eliminate all the dead spots in a 3 to a 5-bedroom house.

If you live in a house with more rooms, you can set up the disc in a separate dead zone and take advantage of the best WiFi coverage.

Also, special applications can be seen with it, with the help of which you can control it completely. If you have a good budget, you can use this device.

5. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

Lastly, we have included NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh, which has a lot of advanced technology. A special type of cyber threat protection is seen in this, which provides security to the WiFi network.

There are three different variants to be seen in this, which you can consider according to your need. Also, it is a maximum of 6000sq.ft and provides wifi coverage up to the area.

It has been provided with a Tri-band facility to provide maximum internet speed, which provides stable and reliable WiFi coverage. It can be set up quite easily with the help of the Orbi app.

6. TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

TP-link comes with a vast range of WiFi extenders, which is why it is the number one WiFi extender brand. At number six, we have included the TP-LINK Deco M5, an excellent mesh WiFi system at an affordable price.

There are four different variants of Deco M5, which you can consider according to your need. It comes with a minimal and compact design. Also, it is effortless to set up.

It provides its coverage up to a maximum area of ​​5500 sq ft. Up to 100+ devices can be connected to it at a time.

It is fully compatible with Alexa, which means you can control your smart home appliances through voice. It comes with three years manufacturing warranty.

7. Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh WiFi System

Tenda is a new and emerging brand that has made a good reputation quickly. It provides an excellent wireless product. It is doing quite well in WiFi extenders, a great example of which is Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh Wifi.

There are many variants of Tenda Nova MW6 available, which you can consider depending on the number of rooms in your house. Not only this, but you can also purchase the add-on unit separately.

They come with quite a small yet attractive design, which blends perfectly with the home decor. It covers a maximum area of ​​6000 square feet.

It gets the latest MU-MIMO and beamforming technology, responsible for fast and stable WiFi Internet. It can be set up very quickly, within 1 minute.

8. HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3 AX3000

At number eight, we have included the HUAWEI wifi Mesh 3 AX300 whole mesh Wi-Fi system from a big company like HUAWEI. It is known worldwide for its best smartphones and other electronic devices.

HUAWEI wifi Mesh 3 AX300 comes with a stunning and attractive design. It provides high-speed Internet up to a maximum of 600 square meters. It supports dual bed frequency.

With this, setting up a WiFi system is much easier, which can be set up in a matter of minutes by following the given instructions.

It also has an Ethernet port for a fast and stable internet connection to connect your laptop, gaming console, and other devices. It is capable of transmitting the Internet to up to 250 devices simultaneously.

9. Linksys Velop WHW0303 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi

Linksys is a new brand compared to others, which has made a good mark in no time. It offers its Violence products at very affordable prices. If we talk about its Linksys Velop WHW0303 Tri-Band whole home mesh Wi-Fi, it is a very powerful mesh WiFi system.

Different variants are available based on capacity, which you can consider in mind your stages. It is a mesh WiFi supporting Tri-Band frequency.

A particular type of grill design is seen in it, which makes it much more beautiful. On its bottom side, the Ethernet port can connect the wired device.

Intelligent mesh technology is seen in this, which offers seamless internet streaming. It provides maximum coverage of 6000 square feet.

10. TP-Link Deco X20 AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

At number ten also, we have included TP-Link Deco X20 AX1800 whole home mesh Wi-Fi from TP-Link company. It comes with a relatively small, compact, or attractive design.

There are five different variants of it. It is fully compatible with Alexa devices. If you have smart home appliances, you can easily control them with the help of voice.

This small device provides maximum coverage of 4000 square feet. Also, an Ethernet port is provided for connecting wired devices. It can be set up quite easily with the help of the deco app.

WPA3 encryption and TP-link HomeShield have been given to make the Wi-Fi network completely secure. This is good mesh wifi that comes with affordable prices.

11. Mercusys AC1900 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Mercusys is a relatively new brand that has been providing WiFi extenders for the past few years. It offers powerful mesh WiFi at an affordable price. Lastly, we have included Mercusys AC1900 Whole Home Mesh wifi.

There are four different variants of Mercusys mesh Wi-Fi. It provides maximum coverage of 6000 square feet. It supports dual-band frequencies.

In this, 3× Gigabit ports are available for fast wide connection. Also, the Mercusys app makes its setup and management processes much more manageable.

It offers a maximum internet speed of 19Mbps for seamless streaming. Also, the Internet can be used on up to 100 devices simultaneously. This is a good mesh wifi system for cheap.

How to set up Mesh wifi Network

you can see this video –

FAQs: Best mesh wifi for thick walls uk

What is a mesh network?

A mesh network is a network of wireless networks that uses multiple interconnected access points to transmit a wireless signal throughout the installation. It differs significantly from traditional WiFi networks as it shares the Internet through each access point.

Does mesh wifi work through thick walls?

Yes, a mesh network is a new technology-based network that uses two or more WiFi notes or devices to transmit the Internet. Not only this, but it can also reach through thick walls and wooden beams.

How easy will these systems be to install and configure?

An innovative app is available with all mesh wifi systems, according to the instructions of which mesh wifi network can be easily set up.
For more information, watch the mesh mentioned above Wi-Fi setup video.

Do I need a mesh system for my entire house?

No. Many people use this system only to extend the reach of an existing network. You can expand the network by adding points only as per the requirement. It helps you to access the Internet at the same speed on each device.
If you go with a mesh network with fewer access points, it is much cheaper than others.


If you are looking for mesh WiFi, keeping in mind the thick walls of your home, then you can go with a mesh WiFi system from any of the brands mentioned above. If you got to learn something new from the article, then definitely share it with all your friends and relatives.

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