How to Delete Order History on Temu App 2024:- Step by Step

In this article, we are going to talk about how to delete order history on TEMU. If you want to delete your Temu order history, then stay until the end of the article.

Friends, Temu is a very popular Chinese e-commerce company, which is mainly known for providing great discounts. This application is downloaded by more than 30 million people every month, making it the number one shopping app on the Play Store. It ships most of its goods directly from China to consumers and, hence, offers deeper discounts on goods.

If you have also been buying Temu’s cheap products for a long time but are now worried after knowing about the Chinese application, If you want that the company should not be able to use the data of your order history, then deleting the order history is a very good option. Also, if you are very serious about your personal data, after deleting the order history, you can also permanently delete the Temu account.

How to delete Temu order history

Most of the shopping platforms do not provide a direct option to delete their order history; to delete it, one has to contact customer care. But you will be happy to know that on Temu there is an option to delete the manual order history. You can manually delete your order history one by one, so let’s know everything step by step.

  • First of all, open your Temu app.
  • Now login to your account.
  • Now tap on the “You” section as per the picture.
how to delete order history on temu
  • Now select “Browsing History,” as shown in the picture.
how to delete order history on temu
  • Now tap on the “3-dot” in front of any product you ordered.
  • Now select “Delete” in the drop-down as per the picture.

By simply doing this, you can delete the order history of your Temu account. Therefore, in this way, only you can delete the order history of all the products one by one. Additionally, if you want to delete all your order history at once, such an option is not provided but can be done by taking help from customer support. Along with this, you can watch the following video to understand the steps mentioned above:

How to Delete a Temu Account

If you want to keep your personal information safe, then deleting your account after deleting your order history is a good option. For this, open your app, go to account settings, and at the end, select delete account. Along with this, you can read our Delete Temu Account article for complete information, step by step.

FAQs: How to delete Temu order history

Is Temu the same as Shein?

There is no ownership or affiliation with Temu or Shein. Both are platforms run by different operators. Temu is liked for its deep discounts, while Shein is known for its latest and most stylish fashion.

Who is Temu owned by?

Temu is owned and operated by PDD Holdings. PDD Holdings also owns Pinduoduo, a very popular online e-commerce site in China.

Is Temu a Chinese company?

The operation and ownership of Temu Company are in Chinese hands, which can be dangerous for the privacy of American people.

Does Temu deliver from China?

Temu offers huge discounts on its platform, so to earn profits, it sends products from China to people. Although most of the products are purchased directly from the seller in America, some are imported from China.

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