In this article, we are going to talk about how to delete a TEMU account. If you also want to delete Temu, you can definitely read this article until the end.

Temu is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides products with the best-discounted offers in many countries. It is a great place for most people to shop for home decor, electronics, pet supplies, sports toys, etc. Being a Chinese company, most of the goods are sent from China, the quality of which is quite poor as per the price.

If you are extremely concerned about your Internet privacy, you should delete this Chinese application. To delete it, you will have to search for some internal settings; if you are not able to do so, then stay in the article.

How to Delete a Temu account on iPhone & Android App

The Temu app is used a lot for cheap and attractive goods, but there is some dissatisfaction with the security of this Chinese application. In such a situation, you can delete your account by following the steps given below, and after that, uninstall the application from your phone.

  • First of all, open the Temu app.
  • Now tap on the “You” button as shown in the picture.
how to delete temu account
  • Now scroll down a bit and go to Settings.
how to delete temu account
  • Now tap on Account Security.
how to delete temu account
  • Scroll down a bit and tap “Delete Your Temu Account”.
how to delete temu account
  • Now check the permissions as per the picture and tap on the “Continue” button.
how to delete temu account
  • Now finally tap on the “Delete” button.
how to delete temu account

So in this way, you can delete your Temu account. After following the above steps, all the important data related to your account gets deleted. You can now uninstall the application from your phone. We have explained it to you using very easy language. We hope you get a lot of help from this.

If you still have any doubts related to this, then you can watch the video given below:

FAQs: How to Delete a Temu account

How do I permanently delete my Temu account on the app?

In the above article, we have explained how to permanently delete it using the mobile application. You can proceed based on the steps mentioned in this article on your phone. We are confident that you will definitely achieve success.

Is Temu a Chinese company?

Temu is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Boston but owned by PDD Holdings, a Chinese-based company.

Should I uninstall Temu?

Temu is a Chinese e-commerce company that ships most of its products from China. If you are serious about your Internet security, you should uninstall it after deleting your account information.

How long does it take to delete Temu account?

As soon as you choose the option of permanent deletion, your account is automatically logged out and your account is deleted within 7 working days.

Is Temu a spy app?

According to some media reports, Temu has not yet been accused of spying on American users, but an investigation has found that its partner app can collect data from other apps with the help of malware and even change the settings.

Does Temu sell your information?

Several reports have suggested that banking or credit card information was sold or leaked by Temu. Many users shared their experiences on social media after seeing unfamiliar charges or removals. If you want complete privacy, delete your account so all information is gone.