In this article, we are going to talk about how to cancel an order on Dot and key. If you are also facing the problem of canceling Dot and key order, then you can read this article till the end.

Friends, Dot and Key is a new emerging natural skincare brand, which has become very popular in the last few years. It mainly provides products related to moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, lip balm, face wash, and eye care on its platform. It gives heavy discounts on its products from time to time, which is why it has become people’s choice in a very short time.

If you have ordered some wrong product while shopping and now you want to cancel it, it is possible to do so. Most of the time, the option to cancel the order directly is not available, in such a situation, canceling the order becomes a difficult task but you can make it simple through customer support.

How to cancel order on dot and key

We are going to tell you three ways to cancel the order, through which you can cancel your order very easily.

By Email

Every company has its own contact or support email, through which the customer can complain about the product or get other assistance from them. You send a mail to and request them to cancel your order. You must provide complete order ID and account related details in your mail so that the team member can cancel your order promptly and allow the refund process.

how to cancel order on dot and key

By Phone call

The number 8447704734 can be seen on the contact page of the company’s official website, which you can use for information about your product and other complaints. You call the given number and request the support team to cancel your recent order. All the account related information will be asked by the team member of the company and after everything is correct, your order will be cancelled.

Through WhatsApp

At present, almost all the businesses have joined WhatsApp Business and are providing more convenience to their customers. Dot and key company also provides WhatsApp services to expand the facilities of its customers. You can send a message to them on WhatsApp number 9674990212 and choose the option to cancel the order by following all the guidelines.

By using any of the above methods you will definitely be successful in canceling your order. It may take some time for the company to respond to you, so be patient. When your order is cancelled, there may be some time lag in the refund process. In most of the cases, I get a call from the company, where the valid reason for canceling the order is asked and if you satisfy them with your answer then the process is taken forward.

FAQs: Cancel order on dot and key

Can we cancel order after shipping?

If your order is shipped, then you cannot cancel the order through the company’s help support, but you can cancel the order by giving a valid reason to your delivery agent, but before doing so, you should check the company’s policy. Must take a look.

Is Dot and Key an Indian brand?

Yes, this is an Indian company based in Kolkata, which has become a good name in a very short time.

Who are the CEO, Founders and Directors of Dot & Key?

Anisha Agarwal is the CEO, Founders and Directors of Dot & Key Company, who has previously held this position in many companies and has participated in many companies.


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