Top 5 Best Free Online File Converters In 2023 (Updated)

Friends, if you are looking for Online File Converters so that you can do your work very quickly and easily, then you should remain in this article. Because in this we are going to tell you about the best 5 online file converters, which are completely free.

Friends, while working on the computer in our daily life, we sometimes need to convert files. But we are not able to reach the right site in a hurry, due to which a lot of our time is wasted, so friends, today we have brought some online file converter for you. Through which you can convert your Documents, Images, Audio, Books, Archive, and Video files into all different formats.

Although you will find many online file converters on the Internet, I want to tell you that they do not work well or provide paid service. While these five online file converters provide completely free service.

1. Online-Convert.Com

The first name on our list is Online Converter, which is a video converter. Apart from video, this converter can be used for Hash encryption, archive, and images. Also, online-convert can also be used to convert to many other formats like MP4, MPEG, and AVI.

It can convert video files to iPad, Nintendo, Wii, and PSP, etc. You can upload your file here via desktop, Dropbox, URL, and Google Drive and download the converted file to your desktop immediately. This online converter gives you many options like –

Cut a video
Cropping to pixels
Inserting the effects, etc.

2. Online Convert Free

In the world of online file converters, is the most important and completely free online file converter, which converts all types of files into different formats. When you use it once, you will get a high-quality output and always use this file converter in your daily life.

If you have different formats available to convert then online-convert free may prove to be the best choice for you. In this, you can easily upload your data through desktop, Dropbox, URL, and Google Drive. Also, you can download the converted file easily. It supports many formats which are as follows –

PDF data

3. Nitro Pro

It is a very good online file converter, which is very popular among people for its PDF to Doc converter. If you always convert PDF file to Doc file then this is going to prove to be a very good converter for you. Also, you can easily convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel here. This online converter allows you to add e-signature to PDF.

Here you can compare 2 files together. Also, it provides you the facility of various PDF works, but for that, you will have to upgrade it but if you have a simple task then you can do it with free.

4. LightPDF

If you want to convert PDFs very easily, then you should go with LightPDF. Because PDF converter is very reliable and fast, its reliability can only be gauged from the fact that big browsers like Chrome, Firefox support it.

It is very famous among people due to some special reason, such that the process of converting it is very fast. Also, it does not leave any type of watermark on the file converted by it. This works for both Windows, Mac OS.

The most special thing about the online free converter is that it supports many languages, hence it has been able to take its place in the hearts of people everywhere.

Danish, etc.

5. Clipchamp

If you are a YouTuber or have to edit and convert videos for any other reason, then Climpchamp is going to be perfect for you because it can convert video files into many other formats very easily. Its most special thing is that it does not matter what is the size of the input video. It can also easily convert files up to 20 GB, which is not an easy thing for a free converter.

Clipchamp is very safe if seen from a security point of view as it does not save any kind of data in memory while converting the file. Provides support for converting multiple files at the same time. Only such a special feature makes it the best.


We hope you enjoy all these online file converters mentioned above and now you will never waste your time converting files. You can convert almost all types of files into different formats with the help of these online file converters. If you like this information, then share it with your friends. If you still have any questions, then comment.

Top 5 Best Free Online File Converters In 2020 (Updated)
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Top 5 Best Free Online File Converters In 2020 (Updated)
Here you are looking Top 5 Best Free Online File Converters In 2020 you can convert your Documents, Images, PDF and Video files into all different formats.
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