Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies In Kenya | 2023

Hello, friends if you are looking for the best car insurance in Kenya then you have come to the right place because here we will tell you about the top 10 best car insurance as well as why you should get car insurance and what are its benefits.

It is mandatory for any motor vehicle to take insurance because it covers the loss of life and car property to some extent. By not taking insurance, today you can save some money, but later you may have to suffer a huge loss. Some of the benefits of taking insurance are as follows –

  • If the car is damaged due to car theft or any other natural disaster, the insurance company will claim you.
  • The insurance company will also pay for the loss due to any other side of your vehicle.
  • The company will pay even if the car owner gets physical damage and dies.

After a big search for you, we have brought the top 10 car insurance companies which have been working for years and are providing better service.

1. CIC

The full name of CIC is Cooperative Insurance Company which claims to have a presence in entire Kenya. It is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and is one of the best in commercial motor insurance for trucks, lorries, pickups, and other commercial vehicles. CIC also has a CIC Lady Auto product specifically designed for female drivers that provides insurance for personal accidents for nuclear families at discounted rates.

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APA is one of the general, life, medical and investment companies under the Apollo brand. APA is known for a motor insurance in the entire region. The APA has recently adopted disciplined pricing for motor insurance, due to which it is suffering a lot of losses. In APA, you can get all types of motor insurance that provide you lots of facilities. Also, their premium is slightly less than other companies.

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ICEA Lion Whole Africa is very large life assurance and investment company known for asset management, investment and life insurance in the East Africa region. Through this company you can get car insurance for yourself very easily, which has been doing this work for the past many years. And people are very happy with this too. This is the only company in Kenya that does not compete with others in the pricing of motor insurance businesses for its own personality.

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BRITAM is one of the largest insurance companies in Southern and Central Africa. It has emerged as a major life insurance company in Kenya in the last 5 years after being topped by Jubilee Insurance. BRITAM started with only a simple business but today it has managed to create a strong portfolio. You can make your insurance without any hassle in it, here you are given all the benefits related to insurance.

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UAP Old Mutual, International brand has become a prominent brand in Kenya in association with Old Mutual. UAP Old Mutual is present in the vast majority of African countries along with the Republic of South Sudan. UAP is the most popular company in Kenya for insurance like insurance, general insurance, and life insurance. If you are thinking of insurance for your car, then you can choose UAP, here you get all the benefits you get in ideal insurance.

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JUBILEE is the oldest insurance company in Kenya, providing its service to the people of Kenya for the last 80 years. It is one of Kenya’s largest medical insurance company with close to 10 billion business of KSHjo.
JUBILEE determines the premium rates of insurance based on the price and age of the car. JUBILEE has prepared a special motor insurance for women where they get additional benefits like – shopping vouchers, free cancer screening, free courtesy car, etc.

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Kenya orient pure Kenya is a tier 2 insurance company. Which serves medical, general and life insurance in Upperhill, Nairobi. It is one of the newest companies in Kenya which is very famous for insuring new mobile phones. If you are thinking of getting motor insurance then this can be a good option for you.

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Madison Insurance is a well-known name in Kenya. Which provides facilities for education savings plans, life insurance plans, funeral cover insurance. It has already started medical insurance in association with KCB for Simba Afya schemes. MADISON provides you a very good medical insurance and auto insurance. If you are the insurer, then you can also visit one here.

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Its full name is Africa Merchant Assurance Company which is very famous for vehicle insurance all over Kenya. It was once the largest company for motor PSV insurance for the Mattoo market. In AMACO you can make your vehicle trucks, lorries, pickups, and other commercial vehicles, and here you get great benefits.

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10.AIG Kenya

Here is one of the best car insurance in Kenya which was once the world’s largest insurance company. It has been working for a very long time and has won the trust of the people. It provides vehicle insurance for AIG private motor insurance and health insurance in entire Kenya. If you are thinking of getting insurance done, then you can see it.

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