12 Best Websites to Make Money Online In 2023

In life, all of us are on the lookout for ways to earn money and make a living for ourselves. From becoming a teacher to a doctor or even a game developer, based on one’s needs and interests, we all look for suitable ways to earn money. 

Other than the traditional modes of earning money, there are several other ways to earn money today. Nowadays, many unconventional businesses like escape rooms are growing in popularity worldwide, as more people are going to play these games. Eventually, the escapades have now become quite a prosperous venture in the market. 

In this article, we will portray before you the 12 best websites that you can look for to make money online. So, let us begin! 

1. YouTube

Best Websites to Make Money Online

With so many people scrolling their mobile phones almost every moment of their day, YouTube has grown to be a massively popular platform. Creators on YouTube are immensely varied, from dancers and singers to even painters and many more! Considering the huge number of people who use this platform every day, YouTube can be a great website for you to earn money. 

Choose a suitable niche that you are comfortable in, and based on it, you can then start creating videos. Recording your videos must be consequently followed up by editing them properly before finally uploading them. Having a large number of subscribers can be an added advantage to earning more money here. Furthermore, you can also enable advertisements in your videos at approximately $1 to $3 per 1,000 video views to earn more money. 

2. Upwork

Best Websites to Make Money Online

Upwork is a site for meetings. Freelancers and businesses located all across the world can connect seamlessly on this platform and work collaboratively. You can use Upwork today to find a suitable job opportunity for yourself, either as a freelancer or otherwise. Freelancers interested in working in content writing, web design, SEO campaigning, and various other things are searched for by prospective businesses. 

Upwork charges a minimal fee of 5% to 20% as commission from every user. But if you can earn money through this platform, then paying this little fee won’t bother you much. However, since Upwork has become a highly successful website today, there is a lot of competition that might overwhelm you. 

3. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is essentially a platform that is regulated and maintained by Amazon. There is no kind of eligibility required to sign up on this network. All you need to do is sign up and complete a few simple and extremely easy tasks given to you. 

The tasks assigned to you are as easy as identifying which among the given pictures depicts a bridge and so on. After the successful completion of each task, you can earn a certain amount of money. Though the money you earn is low, with some practice, you can bag even a few dollars here! You can just be lolling on your sofa watching television and earning money as you use Mechanical Turk today. 

4. Fiverr

Best Websites to Make Money Online

Fiverr is a website that has become very popular, especially amongst freelancers these days. People who have sufficient knowledge about digital animation can easily use Fiverr to work for an individual or company and earn money on the go! You can even opt for compiling web research for a respective company or individual in exchange for some cash. 

There are many firms located in the world that even earn as much as $3,000 to $5,000 every month through Fiverr. To remain afloat amidst all the competition that you can face here, make sure you always keep your profile and other details updated. However, there have also been instances wherein clients on Fiverr pay as low as $5 for one task. 

5. Etsy

Best Websites to Make Money Online

For people who harbor an artistic inclination, there can be nothing better than Etsy. Here, you can sell your custom-made jewelry, refrigerator magnets, and so much more! One of the best parts about doing business on Etsy is that the website is extremely user-friendly, and anyone can set up a shop here. 

However, with great websites comes great competition! Since Etsy is a popular brand name, lots of people know about it, and consequently, you can easily be overwhelmed by the competition here. But, once you can set up your name and start growing, there is nothing that can stop you from earning money here. 

6. eLance

eLance is a uniquely-built website that allows people engaged in any field to find a suitable job opportunity as a freelancer working from home. However, the projects that you will be mostly assigned to do might not always allow you to earn loads of money. 

But on the bright side, the many projects that you do here can be of great help to build up your portfolio piece by piece. You can then take up your portfolio to prospective businesses and companies and get a suitable job thereby!

7. TaskRabbit

For people who are willing to engage themselves in some real bone-breaking groundwork to earn a fair share of the money, TaskRabbit is the place to go! You can find various kinds of clients with their diversifying job offers opening up for you on this platform. The jobs can range from putting together an entire sofa set or cleaning the garage to even running a couple of errands. 

You, as the workers, are free to choose as much work as you want to do on a given day. TaskRabbit also gives you the freedom to choose whether you wish to work on a part-time or full-time basis. On this platform, you can either apply for a certain task or even choose to set up your profile, mentioning in detail what kind of tasks you are up for. Based on your profile, prospective clients can then approach you for a certain task. 

8. Wonder

Wonder is a website that seeks to find out skilled people. It is a website that people come to when they need some research work to be done. Even though Wonder is not a website that hires everyone, you can still apply. Following the hiring process, if the website thinks you are eligible enough, you will be given full access to the dashboard on Wonder. 

After this, you can start your work to answer questions coming from business representatives, authors, or anyone else. Researchers on Wonder are found to make approximately $8 to $16 per detailed answer. They can even make around $20 per hour, provided they have the vigor and energy to achieve it. For people who love to research a given topic, there can be nothing better than Wonder!

9. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Best Websites to Make Money Online

For budding writers, this can be a great opportunity not only to sell a book that they may have written recently but also to earn some money. All you need to do is upload a soft copy version of your unpublished book on Amazon for sale on Amazon Kindle devices. 

Following the initial uploading process, you can then promote your book via the various social media networking tools that you have at hand. You can even promote your e-book via blogs so that more and more people get to know about it. After every sale of your e-book on Amazon Kindle, you as the writer can earn as much as 70% on each sale! 

10. ThredUp 

Best Websites to Make Money Online

ThredUp can be a great way to make money online for people who have a lot of clothes at home which they don’t use. It is an online thrift store that allows people to re-sell women’s and kids’ clothes. All that you need to do is send your chosen clothes in a ThredUp bag with a mailing label in it. However, before you send in your clothes, keep in mind that you will be charged a certain fee if your clothes are not accepted by ThredUp. 

Based on the quality of your clothes, ThredUp is going to decide on a viable price that will then be put up on sale. The platform generally looks for nice-looking and good-quality clothes from popular brands to be put up for sale. It is advisable that you better opt for reselling your clothes on this platform, only if they are in good condition and are of popular brands. 

11. Fotolia

Fotolia is an online photography platform that allows users to sell their photographers to be used as stock images. Your photographs can spread to various parts of the world, as more people who are looking for a certain kind of photograph and find it in yours. 

Selling your photos for stock image purposes can thus be a great way to earn some money. This remains one of the best options for photography amateurs and enthusiasts.

12. Swagbucks

Best Websites to Make Money Online

Swagbucks has become a renowned and legitimate website for conducting online surveys. When as a user, you take part in a survey that is conducted here, you will be paid a certain amount in return for your participation. The surveys that are generally conducted here are consumer surveys made by companies to analyze the needs and desires of their customers. 

As a user, you are free to participate in as many surveys as you want on a given day. The amount which you earn after each survey is generally provided to you in the form of gift cards on Amazon, Target, iTunes, and so much more! 

So, there you go, the 12 best websites that you can choose from to earn money online. Check out all these websites before you select one and go for it! 

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