10 Best Escape Room Game Apps for Android and iOS

One of the most appealing aspects of puzzle games is their vast range of variability. Escape rooms are indoor adventure games where you are put in a setting or a physical room from which you must escape. You will need to look for concealed clues and solve puzzles to get out on time. 

Virtual escape room games are all the craze right now. Though real-life escape-style puzzle games are considerably more involved and enjoyable, you can get lost in a good virtual escape game just as easily. 

If you want to enjoy the thrill of escape rooms online, here are some of the best escape room games for both Android and iOS.

1. 50 rooms 3

The famous 50-room series continues with 50 rooms 3. It’s a conventional escape room game in which you’ll get to play 50 distinct rooms. You must locate all the enigmatic clues and hints to escape each one.

However, do not worry. If you get stuck, the game will provide you with helpful advice.

50 rooms 3 is one of the finest traditional puzzle escape games. Push your mind to its limits until you’ve gotten out of each chamber. Observe and plan a method to avoid being confined in a room for too long. Use any available supplies to help you escape and progress to the next level.

This game is difficult to resist because of its beautiful visuals and intriguing riddles. 50 rooms 3 is worth the download whether you need to sharpen your mind or pass the time.

2. Can You Escape the 100 Room V

This is a well-known online escape game. This is the fifth edition of the Can You Escape series, as indicated by the title. 

Even though the game’s title suggests there are 100 rooms to solve, there are only fifty. That being said, the rooms grow more challenging as you go. The game is pretty enjoyable to solve all of the many riddles in order to escape any particular area.

3. Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox is a game in which you play as Dale Vandermeer. You are a detective who was inexplicably abducted and trapped in a chamber. To escape, you must locate all of the clues in the room and solve puzzles. 

One of my favorite aspects of this game is its multiple games and cinematic crossovers. Furthermore, the game is separated into many chapters and has numerous endings based on your playing decisions.

Best Escape Room Game Apps for Android and iOS

Rusty Lake, the developer, has several games, including Cube Escape Collection. You can solve riddles and explore a new realm known as Rusty Lake. The Mill, The Lake, Theater, The Cave, and others are among the nine chapters available.

This game has captivating visuals that will gratify your eyes with a traditional nuance. Cube Escape Collection is a free game with in-app purchases with over 100,000 installations on Google Play Store.

4. Rime

This escape room game will keep your attention throughout. Rime is jam-packed with challenging puzzles to sharpen your thinking abilities. The enigmatic riddles are difficult to ignore.

The game, Rime, has been trusted by millions of users to make their idle time more enjoyable.

You come to find an ancient book in Rime. As you get stuck, you must figure out how to get out of this strange new environment. Solve all the riddles in this complex puzzle game as you figure out the best ways to escape.

Rime offers many crucial features that can help you improve your playing time. It boasts stunning, lifelike visuals that you can’t take your eyes away from. While well-crafted puzzles will sharpen your mind, the several endings enable you to choose the one you like.

5. The Room

Fireproof Games recently released The Room, a mystery game. It mixes intriguing riddles with realistic visuals to create the best escape room game. Prepare to be transported to a strange world and polish your problem-solving abilities.

The room features an appealing design that makes it simple to get started, in addition to enticing images. It also has simple controls with a single finger touch, giving you complete navigation at your fingertips. This fantastic escape room game has over 1 million installations on Google Play Store alone, which is not unexpected.

You may uncover layers of mystery and develop your analytical abilities by playing this game. It will be difficult to put down once you hit the start. The tricky and compelling puzzles entice you to solve them all.

6. Adventure Escape: Asylum

In the Asylum, a serial murderer is on the loose. You’re attempting not just to get away from him but also to put together your jumbled recollections and make sense of what’s going on around you. 

Adventure Escape: Asylum has various chapters in the game. Each chapter has its own set of escape difficulties and fantastic artwork and mystery surrounding your memories.

How about assisting Anna in escaping from a mental institution? Adventure Escape: Asylum is a puzzle game that will improve your abilities and provide an adrenaline boost. Because there is a murderer in the institution, help Anna escape and remain alive.

This game has stunning visuals that bring each set to life. Explore the basement to learn more about the history of the location. There are ten chapters to complete, each with its own set of difficulties that you won’t find anywhere else. You may also learn about the main character’s backstory as a bonus.

The finest escape room game also includes clever puzzles and riddles that you may answer while attempting to leave the mystery location. The greatest part is that Adventure Escape: Asylum is free. You just need to download the app to begin playing.

7. Escape Room: Mystery Word

Escape Room: Mystery Word is a unique game experience for Android that features 2D visuals. In this puzzle game, you are trapped in a weird area and must find a way out. Use all methods necessary to escape and seek goods that will aid in your escape.

Owing to its gorgeous UI and simple rules, this entertaining game is suitable for players of all ages. You must fix certain phrases and solve riddles while attempting to escape. Not to mention that it helps to train your brain at a higher level as you go.

There are several elements in Escape Room: Mystery Word, such as tips, to assist you in solving the mysteries. It also has 240+ levels to help you improve your abilities. The greatest part is that you may play the free puzzle game offline. You may play the game without using the internet.

8. Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

The Dark Ruins is an adventure escape game in which you crash land in an ancient city full of secrets, mysteries, and magic. The old city is magical, but the ancient powers that reside within threaten to overwhelm the whole globe. 

You must survive the night, uncover all the clues to escape the ancient ruins, and rescue the planet from a horrible flood. Give Dark Ruins a try if you like a decent narrative game where you can connect with your pals. We are confident that you’ll love it.

9. True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

Forsaken Souls is a dark horror adventure game. You must solve the mysteries behind your mother’s murder and sister’s abduction. The fact that you may play either escape room puzzles or hidden object sequences makes this game unique. 

You may gain 40 different achievements and other extra content such as concept art, hidden information, and more riddles while playing the game.

10. Escape Through History

As the name implies, you will be flung through a gateway that transports you back in time. You’ll have to visit several historical events and solve various challenges to get out. 

You learn more about the scenario you’re in as you complete the riddles and arrive unscathed at the current time. One of the finest features of this game is that it includes an auto-save option, allowing you to stop playing at any moment and resume from where you left off.

Traveling through time is the ideal way to pass the time when you’re bored. Escape Through history is a fantastic gaming software to download if you want to play a game that enables you to travel through time. Begin your quest by entering a secret time portal and stopping significant events from occurring.

This game will transport you to amazing locations from various times. Your aim is to alter the course of history by conquering the tremendous catastrophes that humanity has seen. Escape Through history’s enticing visuals make you feel as though you’re in each scenario.

Because the finest escape room game transports you to a new age, it creates an environment unlike any other. The creator delivers regular updates to keep the game exciting, ensuring that you never lose interest in this puzzle game.


Finding a game to pass the time is simple with the list of the finest escape room games provided above. These escape games are great for passing the time while exercising your brain. Whatever your tastes, the escape rooms listed below are well rated and worth downloading. Get your preferred game and start playing!

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