How To Play Super Aggressive In Modern Warfare

Call of Duty game: Modern Warfare is a game of thrills and action. This version of the game is bold and possesses better graphics than previous games. 

Thus, more and more gamers are being inclined towards the said version. And most of them want to play in super aggressive mode. 

How To Play Super Aggressive In Modern Warfare

This is where warfare tips and tricks come into the picture. Some of the best COD MW hacks can be found online, and the need remains to incorporate them effectively. 

Using The Minimaps

If you wish to play aggressively in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, one of the most innovative ideas is using the minimap feature. It shows the area you are in and where your teammates are. Also, using this map, you can determine where you can go from your location. 

Every time an enemy fires at you, a red dot appears on the minimap showcasing their exact location, so keep an eye out at the minimap every time you are in the game. This will help you be aware of the threat and from where you can attack your enemy.

Editing Your Loadout

A relatively new feature of modern warfare but a significant one is that now you can change your loadout in the middle of the game. And by change, we mean everything in your loadout, from your field upgrade, your perks to your weapon customization.

You don’t have to make do with the loadouts that you have. If you have to play aggressively in the ground war, you might need a rocket launcher. If you don’t have one in your loadout, then all it takes is a few seconds to change your loadout to something that has a rocket launcher in it.

Difficulty Level

There are five different modes of difficulty with different challenges in modern warfare. Recruit and regular levels are suitable for players just starting with modern warfare, but if you want to play at an advanced level, then Hardened should be the one you should go for. 

For pro players, the best suitable difficulty level is Veteran and Realism. If you are looking to play aggressively in modern warfare, you should not hesitate to choose a higher difficulty mode.

Choosing Your Favourite Weapon

Modern warfare has a lot of guns and weapons to offer. Before starting with your aggressive streak, you should try to find a gun that you are comfortable with. You can try out a lot of guns at the campaign. 

When you are on a mission, you will have a specific loadout that will contain predefined guns, but during your game, you can find new guns on the map, on the bodies of your enemies, and in safe houses. Collect as many as you can, which will help you be better prepared for aggressive gaming.

Keep Moving Forward

Camping is a term used to refer to a person who locks himself in a position and doesn’t move anywhere. If you want to play aggressively, camping might not be the best play option. If you remain stuck in a position, then your location will be revealed on the minimap, which might be dangerous for you. The best way to survive is to keep moving forward.

Use The Super Sprint Wisely

Another new feature in modern warfare is super sprint. As it is clear from the name, the super sprint feature lets you run fast in the game. However, after using the super sprint feature, it would be challenging to get your weapon ready in time if you faced an enemy. 

Using a super sprint is excellent for avoiding difficult situations or chasing an enemy. But do not use it unnecessarily.


You can use the gunsmith feature of modern warfare to customize your weapon. However, using a gunsmith the wrong way can damage the performance of your weapon. All the said attachments possess their own pros and cons. Since there are a lot of attachments, it is straightforward to go overboard and completely mess up your weapon.

However, using the gunsmith correctly can amp up your weapon according to your playing style, which will help improve your game.

Correct Your Aim

Having a great aim will help you a lot with playing aggressively. While shooting, learn about the recoil of your weapon and adjust your aim accordingly. Make sure to aim for the head as it will do more harm and quickly kill your enemy.


Make use of the above-mentioned tips and bring aggression into your game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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