Looking For Ways to Make Money From YouTube? All You Need

Friends, if you also want to make money from YouTube, then read this article carefully because we have given all the ways to earn money.

The largest video platform globally, YouTube has an average of 5 billion people using the platform every day. Today, an average person spends about 40 minutes daily on YouTube that is significantly higher than in the past. Although YouTube is primarily a free platform, it provides a good opportunity for businesses to make money with such user activity.

However, you need to realize that there is no shortcut to success, and to aim to generate revenues off YouTube would require long term planning. In this article, we shall talk about the different ways in which you can generate money from YouTube.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is an efficient way to generate revenues from your videos. To participate in this, you need to have a YouTube channel that is popular. A minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours in the last year are the basic requirements for this program. If you satisfy the above conditions, create an account on AdSense to begin your journey of making money off your YouTube videos.

YouTube encourages monetization options to users who are above 18 years of age. However, before you join the program, be aware of the policies and guidelines you need to adhere to and ensure that there is no copyright infringement on your part. Here are the two ways by which you can make money from this program.

Remember! It is very important for you to have Subscribers and views on youtube videos to make money from youtube.

Channel Membership

Having more than 30,000 subscribers makes you eligible to show exclusive content to subscribers who opt to pay an extra amount for the same. This is a lucrative option as all the money that subscribers pay for the service comes to you.

Ad Revenue

By creating un-controversial, engaging videos, you attract advertisers to run their ads on your channel. Your pay will depend on the deal that you strike with the advertiser in question.

Use Crowdfunding on a One-off Basis

As YouTube’s popularity continues to grow, soliciting online donations is not limited to NGOs and non-profit organizations anymore. Irrespective of whether you are planning for some high-budget project or trying to make ends meet due to unexpected hiccups (natural calamity, loss of income due to COVID lockdown), it is socially acceptable to consider crowdfunding via YouTube.

Start by browsing through YouTube’s approved crowdfunding sites to identify the one that will be most comfortable for your viewers. Then, talk about the crowdfunding initiative in a YouTube video. Dive into the details and tell the viewers exactly what to expect when you succeed in accumulating the money you need. 

If the money is for funding a feature-length movie or a music video, keep your viewers in the loop about the project’s details. Such proactive measures on your part will make them feel involved in the project, and they will be more likely to donate. Enticing them with perks is another powerful tool for getting your followers to contribute. 

While you can talk about such details at the end of your YouTube video, creating a dedicated video that talks solely about the project are a good idea. With www.videocreek.com, such videos can be prepared in a hassle-free manner and then shared directly on YouTube.

Get Fans to Pay You Directly for Your Videos

In 2017, YouTube came up with this unique feature wherein your YouTube Partners can make their comments better visible during your live streaming. Even today, very few YouTubers leverage the power of Super Chat to its full potential. You need to realize that such partnerships can be rolled out to your followers on a payment basis, and depending on their subscription; their comments will be pinned on your live videos for a given amount of time.

Another option that you can consider for a direct accumulation of funds is by allowing your viewers to become paid members of your channels. Such memberships come with premium features like exclusive members-only live sessions, custom badges, emojis, and access to exclusive behind-the-scenes and other video footage. As your channel grows in popularity, you may want to introduce several membership tiers for your YouTube partners.

Another way of making money directly from your users is by encouraging them to take up YouTube premium membership. When Premium customers watch videos on your channel, you get a cut from their subscription fee. As your number of followers builds up, this contributes to a significant amount.

License Your Content to Media Houses

If you successfully create videos that strike a chord with the audience, and its release is perfectly timed, then your content may go viral. Established media houses are always on the lookout for such viral videos, and they would gladly pay to use yours.  

To prepare for such situations, you must have your contact details updated on the About page of your YouTube channel. If you expect your video to get viral, it is a good idea to sign up for a video rights marketplace beforehand and be prepared to strike a deal when approached by the other party.

Sell Your Merchandise

Designing unique products will represent your brand and help deepen the audience’s connection with you. Ideally, conceptualize a few products and conduct polls to understand what your audience would like. Having them involved in the decision-making process makes them feel valued and increases the chances of a purchase.

Once you have selected the merchandise you are selling, work on building it to perfection. If you are sourcing this from an external vendor, work on the logistic aspects, and maintain a detailed inventory. Create a separate website and landing page.

Have engaging videos on the landing page to talk about the product you are selling. A YouTube intro maker will help you create such videos to perfection. You may also want to promote your product in your available video content. In that case, include CTAs at the end of the video that takes the viewer to the product’s landing page. You could try it here.

Thus, you see that the sky’s the limit for someone keen on making money from YouTube. As you spend time evaluating the most convenient form of revenue generation from this platform, here’s wishing you the very best for the same.

Last Word

We hope you will find all the ways to earn money from YouTube very well, and you will soon make your channel. If you have prepared, then do tell us in the comments. Also, comment if there is any problem related to it.

If any of your friends or family members are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, then share this article with them to know which ways to make money from YouTube.

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