Best Smart Plug for Alexa UK 2023 – Top 5 Picks

Friends, are you looking for the best smart plug for Alexa uk? If yes, then definitely read this article till the end because, in this, we will discuss this topic in detail.

We know that Alexa is a smart device that is controlled by voice. If you want to make any appliance in your home smart and control it by voice, then having a smart plug is a must.

A smart plug is a particular type of plug designed with Alexa devices in mind. If you pair an appliance with the Smart Plug, you can easily control it by voice. A lot of smart plugs are available in the market on the basis of different prices. Below we have listed 5 smart plugs that are fully compatible with Alexa devices.

How to choose the right smart plug

If you are also looking for a smart plug to make your home smart, then it is essential to take care of some essential points before that. Keeping in mind the points mentioned below, you can choose an ideal smart plug.


Whenever choosing a smart plug, be sure to keep in mind its computability so that it can easily connect to the device. Choose an Alexa-compatible smart plug if you plan to use the smart plug with Alexa.

Keeping in mind the different platforms, smart plugs are available in the market. Many are fully compatible with almost all platforms.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring tells about power consumption. Many smart plugs come with energy monitoring functionality, which continuously monitors the energy used by the appliance. It can play a vital role in conserving electricity consumption, energy, and money.


Its features make any device smart, which makes people’s lives much more accessible. Timer / Schedule is also a feature in the smart plug, which makes them completely smart.

It allows you to set a timer or schedule for any appliance so that the appliance automatically turns on or off at a specified time.

Remote access

It is clear from its name that you can remotely control the device. Many smart plugs come with features such as remote access, where the device can be turned on or off through an application, even when away from the network.

Even if you are out of the house, you can control your home’s lights, fans, etc., through the internet application.

Ease of use

What makes any device ideal is its operation process so that everyone can use it very quickly. When choosing a smart plug, keep in mind that it should be easy to set up and use.

1. Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa

Amazon Smart Plug has been included as number one, with a stunning and attractive design. This is a suitable plug made by the Amazon company, which has been specially designed keeping Alexa in mind. It comes with the outstanding build quality.

It can be easily plugged into any electric socket and used. This socket lets you turn on or off the coffee machine, schedule lights, and other appliances. Also, you can remote control them from far away.

It has been made very easy to set up; for this, you have to open the Alexa application and find your plug, then you can use it. To use it, it is optional that your home has been designed with a smart home hub.

It comes with a minimal and compact design. If you also want to control your home appliances through voice control, go with this Amazon Smart Plug.

2. TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug WiFi Outlet

TP-Link is a perfect brand, which is known all over the world for making wireless products. It has been working in this field from last more than 10 years. If we talk about its Tapo Smart Plug, then it can be seen with good features at a very low cost. This smart plug fully supports Alexa devices.

Many variants are available based on different quantities, which you can consider according to your need. It supports Alexa as well as Google voice assistant. No separate hub is required to use it.

You can easily make your home smart using this plug with any WiFi router. Tp-link offers the Tapo app for remote control of Smart Plus connected devices and several other features. This device comes with a solid and durable build quality.

The schedule/timer feature can automatically turn all your devices on or off. Its setup process has been made much more accessible, which can be activated after a simple process. If you want an excellent smart plug, go with this one.

3. Nooie Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Compatible with Alexa

Nooie is a new brand that has gained much recognition in no time. It offers excellent features at an affordable price. If we talk about its Smart Plug, a stunning and attractive design can be seen. It is fully compatible with Alexa, Google Home, etc., devices.

Two options are seen depending on the quantity, where 2 packs or 4 packs are offered. This company is providing 2 pack Smart Plug at a meager price than others. Also, remote control facility is available in it, which you can easily use using the Nooie application.

In this, automatic setting of daily timers and schedules is seen, which you can easily set up through the application. It has been specially designed keeping in mind the safety of children, so there is no need to panic even if your house sockets are low.

No smart home hub facility is required to use it. You can easily control all home appliances, like lights, fans, coffee makers, etc., by voice using a smart plug. It is a suitable device for the budget, which is a must-watch.

4. Aoycocr Smart Socket with WiFi & Bluetooth

At number four, the smart plug from Aoycocr company was included. It also comes with a lot of other functionalities. If we talk about its design, it has been made very simple and beautiful. It is light, portable, and easily used in any corner house socket.

Its setup has been made very easy, which can be quickly completed with the help of the POPOTAN App. Also, this application is available for both android and ios. With its help, no hub or subscription is required to make your home smart.

It also has a remote control facility, under which all smart plug-connected devices can be controlled remotely using the Smart Life APP. Aoycocr smart plugs are designed with safety in mind, which prevents unexpected risks and accidents.

Timer and Countdown Functions can be seen in this smart plug, with the help of which you can quickly turn your device on or off automatically at a given time. This allows you to synchronize all the lights in your home to sunrise and sunset at predetermined times. If your budget is low, then you can go with it.

5. Smart Plug WiFi Alexa Plugs Mini Outlet Wireless Socket 

Last, the smart plug from Avatar company has been included. It brings with it a lot of unique features. It has been specially designed keeping in mind Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot), Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, etc. It comes with a very small and compact design, which can be easily used anywhere.

No hub is required to use it. You can connect the device with the smart plug as per your requirement. It allows you to turn on or off all your devices with voice commands. This smart plug has excellent build quality, sure to last a long time.

It also gets smart remote control functionality, which allows you to control the appliance even when you are away from home. In addition, different schedules can be set through the application to determine whether the device should be turned on or off.

This Avatar Smart Plug comes with 12 months of service and professional customer service to provide quick solutions for any issues. You can invest in smart plugs if you also want to make your home smart.

FAQs: Best smart plug for Alexa UK

Which smart plug works best with Alexa?

All the smart plugs we have included in the above article work very well with Alexa. If you are looking for a smart plug with Alexa devices in mind, you can go with the above.

What plugs can I use with Alexa?

You can go with TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug, which can be used with Alexa and Google Home. Also, you can go with Amazon Smart Plug, where all the fantastic features are available.

Do smart plugs work with all Alexa devices?

Yes, if you choose a smart plug from a good company, they support all Alexa devices. You can easily control all Alexa devices with voice commands.

Are smart plugs worth it UK?

A smart plug from a good company that allows you to set routines and voice control and turn them on or off from anywhere, which means it’s a worth-it device. Not only this, but it is also effortless to set up.


We hope you have learned a lot from the above article. If yes, share this with all your smart stuff using friends, and also you can go with Amazon Smart Plug or TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug for your home.

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