7 Best Bluetooth Speakers under £50 UK 2023 – With Guide

In this article, we will talk about the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50 UK. If you are also searching for a Bluetooth speaker for your personal use, you can stay till the end.

A Bluetooth speaker is a loudspeaker that receives audio signals without a cable. It is very much liked for its wireless connection. Hence it is also called a wireless speaker.

If you are also troubled by the slow sound of your smartphone and are looking for a good Bluetooth speaker, then you will get the solution in this article.

Thousands of Bluetooth speakers are available on the internet, but many come with poor quality. Some speakers do not have good sound output, while some deal with connectivity issues.

Below we have compiled a list of the 7 best Bluetooth speakers under 50, where excellent quality speakers have been included so that you can see them.

1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Compact Bluetooth Speaker 

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a smart Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. Apart from the Bluetooth speaker, many other smart features can be seen in this. A stunning fabric design can be seen in this.

In this, music can be played through voice commands through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify Music, etc. Not only this, but you can also listen to audiobooks with the help of Audible.

It is capable of controlling all Alexa-compatible devices through voice commands. Echo Dots can give you information like news, weather, etc. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it is an excellent option to go with Smart Bluetooth Speaker.

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2. Anker Soundcore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Anker Soundcore mini is a good Bluetooth speaker that comes at a very affordable price. It has a minimal and compact design, which can be easily carried anywhere.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and support for Micro SD and AUX ports, so you can enjoy music using all the sources.

It has 5W drivers and a passive subwoofer for decent sound output. Anker battery technology can play music continuously for up to 15 hours on just a single charge.

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3. JBL GO 3 – Wireless Bluetooth portable speaker

JBL GO 3 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker coming from a top-rated company. JBL has been known for its excellent sound output since its inception. It comes with a very stylish and portable design.

It has about 8 color variants available. With this comes JBL’s PRO sound quality and an impressive bass experience. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a waterproof and dustproof design. The latest 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity is seen in this.

It offers a maximum play time of 5 hours on a single charge. If you like to listen to music with a proper bass and treble, then JBL GO 3 is a good choice.

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4. Echo Dot (4th generation) Sleek Bluetooth Speaker 

Echo Dot (4th generation) is a Bluetooth speaker from Amazon, where Alexa support is available. This smart speaker is available in 2 color variants Charcoal and Glacier White.

It comes with a very sleek and compact design. This Bluetooth speaker delivers crisp vocals and a balance bass sound. With the help of Alexa, voice commands like playing music, answering questions, playing news, checking the weather, etc., can be given.

Alexa-enabled devices can be turned on or off with this smart speaker. It’s an excellent smart Bluetooth speaker if you want to do more than listen to music, but it can only be used with continuous power.

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5. Sony SRS-XB13 – Compact & Portable Bluetooth® speaker 

 Sony SRS-XB13 is available in many different color variants. Sony is especially liked for its high-quality products. Sony SRS-XB13 is a contact and portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

The unique technology has been used to deliver a surround sound, deep, punchy bass, or clear vocals. Apart from being portable, it is also waterproof and dustproof. It supports high-quality hands-free calling.

It has been given a long-lasting, powerful battery. It provides a maximum battery backup of 16 hours on a single charge. If you also like to use Sony’s products, this is a good option.

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6. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers. It has a 12W stereo sound, where the loud sound can be seen. Three color variants, Red, Blue, or Black, are available.

It has a unique dual neodymium driver for high-quality sound. Keeping safety in mind, it gets IPX7 protection, which protects against rain, dust, snow, and spills.

It has a powerful battery of 5200mAh. It provides up to 24 hours of nonstop music playback on a single charge. If you want more sound with a smaller speaker, then you can go with this 12W Anker Soundcore 2.

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7. Bluetooth Speaker, W-KING 30W Portable Wireless Speakers 

This Bluetooth speaker comes from the company W-king, known for its powerful loudspeaker since its inception. It has been crafted with a special kind of attractive and portable design. It can be easily carried anywhere by holding it in hand.

It has universal compatibility, where Bluetooth, TF card, AUX, USB, and NFC are supported. It has an IPX6 rating, making it completely waterproof, sunproof, windproof, or dustproof.

It has two particular precision acoustic drivers for excellent stereo and enhanced bass sound output. It has a 5.0 Bluetooth connection. This is a powerful 30W home party Bluetooth speaker at an affordable price.

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How to choose the right Bluetooth speaker

If you want to choose a good Bluetooth speaker, keeping a few things in mind is essential. If you choose a Bluetooth speaker for yourself for the first time, we recommend that you keep the following points in mind.


Currently, many types of Bluetooth speakers are available and come in different sizes. If you want to carry the speaker while traveling, then you should go with a good speaker in a small size.

Only tiny and portable Bluetooth speakers are seen within this price segment.

Audio quality

Sound quality is an essential component of any Bluetooth speaker, especially when you’re going to use it to listen to podcasts or music. Whenever you choose a Bluetooth speaker, take care of the driver, proper bass, and treble.

Battery capacity

Power is required to run a device, and batteries power most Bluetooth speakers. Different companies see different battery capacities. We recommend that you select the battery capacity according to your need.

If you use it while traveling, go with more capacity; otherwise, 3-4 hours is enough.

Connecting to multiple sources

Especially when people choose a Bluetooth speaker, they pay attention to its Bluetooth connectivity. TF card, AUX, USB, or NFC is available if you want to listen to music or podcast via a source other than Bluetooth.

Well, if it is optional that all the above features are available, then only go with that Bluetooth speaker. It entirely depends on your need. If your budget is less and you get to see a good speaker with robust Bluetooth connectivity, then you can go with that.

Built-in microphone for making calls

If you buy your Bluetooth speaker to listen to music, this feature may be fine for you. But still, if you want to make phone calls only through the Bluetooth speaker, then definitely keep the microphone in mind.

If your Bluetooth speaker has a microphone, only then will you be able to make phone calls and use the voice assistant feature.

WaterProof and DustProof

A good Bluetooth speaker must be strong and durable enough to last many years. Whenever you choose a Bluetooth speaker, be sure to check the IP rating.

The certified Bluetooth speaker with an IPX6 rating is waterproof, dustproof, sand-proof, and RainProof. But if you only want to use the speaker at home, you can ignore it.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Few Bluetooth speakers are seen with Voice Assistant Compatibility. This is a smart feature that provides control through voice. These Bluetooth speakers are a bit expensive compared to others but if you like voice assistants, then definitely go with them.

FAQs: Best bluetooth speakers under £50 UK

What is an excellent inexpensive wireless speaker?

If you are looking for a cheap wireless speaker, go with JBL GO or Anker Soundcore mini. Also, you can see our above article for more options.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for sound quality?

If you are a music lover like me and want excellent sound quality, you can choose a Sony or JBL Bluetooth speaker according to your budget. I like the balanced sound quality. That’s why JBL is my first choice.

What is the loudest cheapest Bluetooth speaker?

If your budget is significantly less and you want to buy a loud Bluetooth speaker at a cheap price, then you can go with W-KING 30W Portable Wireless Speakers. Only this company offers a 30W powerful Bluetooth speaker in this price segment.

What is the best speaker for those under 100?

If you are looking for a good Bluetooth speaker under 100, my first choice is JBL Flip 5. It is pretty beautiful, attractive, and portable. Not only this, it is available in 5 different color options.

Is Anker a good brand for speakers?

Yes, Anker is doing a great job in the speaker space. It explicitly offers a value-for-money product at an affordable price.


We hope that you got to learn a lot from the above article. If you liked the above article, then definitely share it with all your friends and relatives.

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