How To Hook Up a VCR to a Smart TV 2023 – 4 Ways

Friends, in this article, we will discuss how to hook up a VCR to a smart tv. If you also want to connect your old VCR with Smart TV, stay until the post’s end.

There was a lot of craze for VCRs in the old times, and even today, people are using them a lot. It is possible if you also want to revive your old memories and have fun with a smart TV.

Below we are going to tell 4 ways through which you will be able to hook up your Smart TV with a VCR.

How to Hook up a VCR to a smart

All the methods are designed based on different model VCRs, so you must read all to get the solution according to your VCR.

1. Composite cable (AV Cable)

The composite cable can transfer audio and video with excellent quality. You can easily connect your VCR to your smart TV if your VCR has a composite port.

To connect it, put a composite cable of the same color on the output port of the VCR and fix the other end on the input port of the smart TV.

For more details, you can watch the video given below.

2. Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable is capable of transferring audio and video with very high quality. If a coaxial cable port is available with your VCR, you can use it to connect to a smart TV.

Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the Smart TV and the other to the VCR. If you have difficulty understanding, you can watch the video below carefully.

3. Scart To AV

If you have a VCR that is old enough to see only the Scart port for connection to the TV, you can’t connect it directly to a Smart TV.

Smart TV is a device coming with the latest technology, where all new types of ports are available. You can use Scart To AV converter to deal with this situation.

This converter converts a Scart signal to an AV signal and displays it on Smart TV. This is a good option but be careful to choose the suitable converter.

4. Scart To HDMI Adapter (Your tv only HDMI)

If you have bought your smart TV in the past, the AV port is unavailable, so you can play VCR using your HDMI port.

  1. If you want to connect a scart VCR to smart TV, you can use Scart To HDMI Adapter.
  2. If you want to connect a VCR with an AV port to Smart TV, you can use AV to HDMI Adapter.

VHS to digital (bonus)

If you still can’t connect your VCR to Smart TV after trying all the above methods, you can convert your Tape into a digital file. This option will be perfect for you if you have a computer or laptop.

It’s much easier to store a digital file securely and watch it whenever you want rather than finding a suitable adapter. We see a VHS converter that connects to your VCR, converts the media and saves it in digital form on the computer.

FAQ: How to Hook up a VCR to a smart tv

Are there any TVs with SCART sockets?

The scart socket is an old socket, which is why it is not seen in smart TVs. Mostly the HDMI and AV ports are seen with smart TVs.

Can a VCR be connected to a smart TV?

Yes, of course, you can connect your VCR to Smart TV. You must take care of many things for this, so you must read the above article carefully.

How do I hook up my old VCR to my Samsung Smart TV?

You will be happy to know that AV or HDMI ports are available with Samsung Smart TVs. In the above article, we have explained in detail about connecting VCR with AV or HDMI ports, so you must see the above.

Can you connect a VCR DVD player to a smart TV?

Even if you have a new technology-based VCR DVD player combo, you can still connect it to a smart TV with the help of an AV port. For more information, see the above article.

Why is my VCR not showing up on my TV?

First of all, connect the input and output of your cable correctly. Also, make sure that the Smart TV has source AV mode on.


We hope that the above information has been of great help to you. If yes, share this post with all your friends and relatives so they can use their VCRs.

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