How To Cancel AMC A List Membership? 2023 (2-Easy Method)

Do you also want to know how to cancel AMC a list membership?

If you are searching about this on the internet, then we want to tell you that your search is completely over because, in an article, we will tell you in detail about how to cancel AMC a list membership.

As per the recent reports, the number of movie watchers using AMC A-List subscriptions is continuously increasing. Even in today’s time, people love the smell of popcorn and the idea of ​​going to the dark theater to watch the latest movie. That is why 1 million people have taken a list membership.

In the present time, many people have lost their employment and are looking for new ways to earn money, and are engaged in canceling all their members. If you want to cancel your AMC A-List subscription, stay till the end of the article.

How Much Does An AMC A-List Subscription Cost?

Most people are very confused about AMC movie theater subscription and AMC (American Movie Channel) streaming service. We want to inform you that we are specifically talking about AMC Stubs-A-List, and it is not a streaming service. This is a different kind of AMC membership, which lets you watch movies at AMC theaters.

AMC A-List lets you reserve seats for three movies per week. You can choose to watch movies in IMAX AMC theaters with its help. All you have to do is download its application and search for the theaters closest to you; now, you will browse through AMC movie times and select one of the movies you want to watch.

Currently, AMC Stubs membership has three plans: AMC A-List, the Premiere Perks and Insider. With the Premier Perk plan, you get to see Large Popcorn & Large Fountain Drink, while with the Insider, you get free refills and other perks on popcorn.

Pros & Cons Of An AMC Stubs A-List Theater Subscription

Just like any other subscription service when looking at Prime Video, Netflix or Apple TV+, it has a lot of pros and cons that we’re going to take a look at.

Pros of an AMC subscription

  • Cheap movies: If you are a movie buff and frequent AMC theaters, this subscription will be a boon for you as it allows you to watch movies very cheaply. If you go with its $19.95 per month plan and take advantage of the perks to watch three movies per week for a total of 12 per month, it will cost you around $1.50 more.
  • Multiple movies in a day: With this subscription, you can watch three movies in a week. But if you want, you can also watch more movies, which has no limit. If you want to do that, you can go with the triple feature.
  • Premium concession perks: With AMC A-List membership, you get to enjoy a slew of benefits, including 10% back on major food and beverage purchases. Also, buying popcorn, fountain drinks, etc. gets priority as compared to others in the line.

Cons of an AMC subscription

  • Few AMC theaters: The country or region you live in may have a small number of AMC theaters and are far from your home. Even if there is, it might not play the best new movies.
  • It is expensive yearly – $19.95 on a per month basis; it will cost you around $240 for a full-year AMC Stubs membership. If you are not fond of watching movies or do not have time, and you are too busy with your work, then a lot of your money will be wasted, which you can invest in the right place.
  • Minimum three-month commitment: Although you have to pay $ 20 per month, they offer three, six and 12-month plans, due to which you will have to pay a minimum of $ 60 for the full three months.

How to Cancel Your AMC Stubs A-List Subscription

So let’s know how you can cancel your AMC Stubs A-List Subscription. But before you cancel, keep in mind that when you cancel an AMC A-List subscription, you can’t join back 6 months of service. We recommend that you make sure that you do not want the perks and AMC A-List benefits before canceling the subscription.

Canceling AMC Stubs A-List Subscription is quite easy, which you can do in 2 ways. Firstly you call the customer care number 1-888-562-4262 and request them to cancel the AMC Stubs A-List Subscription giving a reason.

To cancel your subscription, go to the AMC contact page and scroll down the page; you will now see a forum. Request cancellation of membership by filling in all your required details in this forum.

how to cancel amc a list membership

So with these two ways, you can get rid of your AMC Stubs A-List Subscription and save a lot of money on your yearly.

Consider Alternatives

The high membership fees and minimum three-month commitment can be annoying. But you get to see a lot of alternatives to AMC Stubs, which is even easier and more convenient than going to the theater and watching a movie. We are talking about the most popular online streaming services at present; you can consider them while comparing their prices.

Service Name Free Trial Price
Netflix 30 Days $8.99+
Prime Video 30 Days $8.99+
Hulu 30 Days $5.99+
Apple TV+ 7 days $7.99+

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