Flyout Review: Simple Way To Earn Money By Sponsored Post

Friends, if you are a blogger and looking for AdSense, affiliate alternative to earn money, then you will be happy to know that today we are going to tell you about Flyout and his full review, which works on Sponsored Posts model.

What is Flyout?

Flyout Review

Flyout is a platform where a blogger can list his blog for sponsored posts. And advertisers can go through this list to find blogs related to their niche and order them for sponsored posts.

Flyout Working Model

Flyout is part of, a platform designed for marketing by brands and agencies. Whereas Flyout is specially designed for bloggers who want to earn money by publishing sponsored posts of brands and agencies on their blogs.

After signing up, you will receive a request for sponsored posts related to the niche by email. When you go to your Flyout order dashboard, there you will find an article which you will have to publish on your blog within 3 days.

When you publish that article on your blog, you will have to provide the live URL of the published post on the dashboard. That’s it, now the amount you set will start to show in your Flyout. And it will be received in your bank from 8th to 15th of next month.


How to Join Flyout?

To join Flyout, you can follow some steps given below and read blog selection criteria.

  • First, you need to go to
  • After that, you have to click on Sign Up.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, in which it will be told that you have to complete 4 steps to join Flyout.

1.Check Eligibility
2.Verify ownership
3.Blog Details
4.Create an account

1. Check Eligibility

Flyout review

Here you have to give the URL of the site and click on Check Eligibility. Then the second page will open, where you will have to verify the ownership.

2. Verify ownership

flyout review

Here you have to verify the ownership, which you can verify in 3 ways by HTML Meta Tag, HTML File, and DNS Record.

If you do not know much about all of these, then I would only recommend you HTML Meta Tag as it is the same as in Google webmaster. You have to copy this HTML Meta Tag and go to the header editor of your site and paste it under the Head tag.

“Note: Even after saving the HTML Meta Tag under the head, many times an error occurs in the verification, to avoid this you clear the cache of your site and then click on verify again”

3. Blog Details

flyout review

Here you have selected three categories according to your blog. And then give your contact number, the price of a sponsored post.

4. Create Account

flyout review

Here you have to create a new account of your own. You can also easily create an account here using your Google account.

When you log in to it, you can see the status of your site on the Dashboard, which will be pending at this time. You will be notified by mail when your site is approved. Payment Proof

Talking about the payment of Flyout, as soon as you submit the live URL on your dashboard, your payment in Flyout starts showing but it is received in your bank account between 8th to 15th of next month. For example, whatever you have earned till 1 May – 31 May, you will get it in the bank by 8th – 15th June.

With this, to get the payment in the bank, you just have to give the account number, IFSC code, bank name, and name of the account holder, just your money will be sent to the account from time to time.

I have also made very good money in the last few months which you can see below –

flyout review

Flyout Review - payment proof Referral Program

flyout review

Flyout has also created a Referral Program to promote yourself, for which you become eligible as soon as you join Flyout. In this, you have to join new blogger through your referral link, as soon as his blog is approved then you get $ 15 / blog, Flyout has also created a separate dashboard to track all these activities. But this offer is available for a short time only, so join it as soon as possible and start earning extra money today.



Its founder Suumit Shah has made it specifically for Indians. If you want to earn extra income from your blog then you must join it. If you liked this Flyout review, then definitely share this article with your other blogger’s friends. If you still have some questions related to this in your mind, you can ask us in the comments. We will definitely answer your comment.

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