What Is The Indian Government Upto For Cryptocurrency?

The latest news about cryptocurrency in India is no barriers and illegal status. Cryptocurrency is performing exactly like a black man who is not ageing but only cracking the government. Cryptocurrency has come from Latin America with the legal status in India to finance the same opportunity and give the diverse audience the open service. The Immediate Bitcoin is giving a tough fight to the countries looking to impose the band like China. But the financial department of India and the ministry of finance are looking after the new changes that cryptocurrency will bring in the next five years. 

The latest meeting in the Parliament related to new finance law and legal rates on cryptocurrency does not have any justification for the ban. The finance has openly debated giving them legal status to the cryptocurrency rather than imposing a heavy Texas and illegal ban. The Reserve Bank of India is also optimistic about the review of the finance minister and looking toward the new investment in 2022. The privatization imposed by the Indian government for global factors is also introducing digital factors. The element of Bitcoin will explain the diversity in the business and give the system that draws a complete pattern. 

Asia is the biggest continent and the world’s biggest Asian market in India, which openly invites the international company to make a profit. There are numerous International ventures and business that has opened their project in India, like Amazon, Facebook, and many more.  Recently Bitcoin plans to create a hotspot where the Indian miners can participate and look after the blockchain technology. People’s increasing efforts and interest are now reached in the university when new subjects on the Standing blockchain and Masters in cryptocurrency are introduced.

Current Situation

Presently 50% of Indian investor feels the government will give them an optimistic chance of investing in Bitcoin by opening Bitcoin ATMs and other facilities. The other remaining people believe in putting a ban on the currency and increasing the advertisement of the traditional system. The government does not work according to the 50-50people opinion. The solid analysis of the government is made by the people where activities encrypt to currency and treasury of government is compared. The Finance Department looks at the Border picture and makes the data accordingly. Reserve Bank feels inclined to use Bitcoin in banking. But only on certain conditions which Bitcoin does not accept. 

There is some debate about the conditions between the two important departments of the country. However, the present condition of the government does not allow them to regulate the currency nor openly give everyone to invest. So cryptocurrency is on the status of investment without government rules.

Can Bitcoin Become Legal In India?

Bitcoin is already legal in India people can invest money from an online website and use the trading platform more passive. But the legal term presently means connecting with banking. So it is possible if the banking system to compromise on some conditions presented by the system. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has to give up some conditions and relax its control. However, from the broader side banking system and India would never compensate with Bitcoin as it is said that are three thumb rules of power designed by the banking system. First, they do not let anybody else becomes superior to them. 

Allowing cryptocurrency to give the services to the existing customers of the physical Bank will reduce the charges in traditional money. Third, Bitcoin has the capacity of killing the bank system that, eventually, will bring down the economy and give all the power to foreign currency. Therefore shortly, Bitcoin can’t receive legal operation in the banking system. However, there are always some chances where the multinational investor can convince the Indian government with small projects.


Bitcoin’s future in India will look like El Salvador in 7 to 8 years. The Indian government has to take the generous assistance of Bitcoin for flexibility and private currency. India is the most significant international market and has investments in bulk. In 12 years, Bitcoin has made 16 crores of investors in India. The next ten years may triple the number of investors. Therefore the future of cryptocurrency is remarkably shining in India.

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