5 Best VR Headset For Xbox One 2023 (Series S & X)

Are you searching for the best VR headset for Xbox one on the internet? If yes, then stay with this article till the end.

If you are very serious about gaming and use VR to make your gaming experience reality, you must consider a good VR headset.

A VR headset is a great tool to make a great virtual reality experience even better. It provides you a realistic gaming experience while gaming.

Below, we will talk about the 5 best VR headsets, which you can use with Xbox one console. We have selected them, keeping in mind all types of budget segments so that you can see them according to your budget and requirement.

If you are a beginner and do not have deep knowledge about VR headsets, you should refer to the VR headset buying guide first, then choose the best VR headset for you.

1. Oculus Quest 2 


Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best-selling products, becoming very much liked by Virtual Reality fans. The handset comes with advanced All-In-One VR features, which makes it more exclusive than others. In this, two different 2 variants, 128GB or 256GB, can be seen.

It uses all the next-level hardware, which provides the highest resolution picture and provides a fast processing speed. It can be used to enjoy groundbreaking movies, exclusive events while sitting at home.

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2. BOBOVR M2 Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2


This is one of the best VR handsets in the budget segment. It uses a unique Reduce Face Pressure Comfortable Touch mechanism, which provides a painless experience during prolonged use.

It has 5 different nodes, using which it can be adjusted to the most comfortable state so that it can be easily fixed on all types of head sizes. If you are looking for VR for gaming or watching movies for a long time, this can be a good option.

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3.SteelSeries Arctis 3 – VR Gaming Headset 


It is very important to have a Gaming Headset to get a good Virtual Reality Experience. The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a one-of-a-kind technology-based VR Gaming Headset that delivers a stunning 3D cinematic sound quality while gaming. It is available in two color variants, Black and White, which you can see as your choice.

Apart from VR, this handset can be used with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, Android, and iOS devices. It uses S1 speaker drivers, which produce ultra-low distortion audio so that you can hear every detail.

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4. VR Headsets Universal Virtual Reality Glasses 


It is a Universal Virtual Reality handset, which can be used in devices like iPhone and Android Phone etc. It has a 4-6.3-inch screen, which provides an impressive 360-degree viewing experience. The device offers FD and OD (wide FOV) adjustments, reducing distortion by adjusting the focal length to match perfectly.

It claims that you won’t feel like taking it off when you wear it for gaming or watching movies as it comes with a fully adjustable head strap, eye protection system, and a soft nose piece for comfortable use for a long time.

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5. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset 


BENGOO G9000 is a very popular Stereo Gaming Headset, which many gaming users like. Its special type of design and adjustment attracts gamers. It is available in 8 different color combinations so that you can customize the look according to your needs.

Surround Stereo Subwoofer has been used to provide good sound quality, which enhances the gaming experience to a great extent. It can be used with PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile phone.

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Last word

The above 5 VR headsets are quite good for the Xbox One gaming console, which come with many great features of their own. If you are looking for the best VR headset at an affordable price, this can be a good option. If you liked the information, then definitely share it with all your friends.

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