How To Schedule A Text Message On Galaxy S9 (Also Use S8,S10 & S20)

Are you searching for how to schedule a text message on galaxy s9? Then you are close to a solution. Just stay in this article.

Scheduling a text message can be an excellent feature for personal as well as professional use. If you want to text any or like to send birthday wishes at 12 o’clock, one at midnight, then schedule a message and go and sleep, really, how cool is that.

Unfortunately, not all Android phones have included a message scheduling feature. But you can enjoy it if you have a Samsung Galaxy s9,s10, or other Samsung phones; as I said, not all phones provide these types of features. If you have some other mobile/phones and do not have inbuilt scheduling features, you can use some best messaging apps to provide more value than the regular one.

How to schedule a text message on galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy has an inbuilt message scheduling feature that Worth it for those in trouble for scheduling. Scheduling messages is as simple as we send simple messages.

So let’s do 

1. Go to the Samsung message app that is named differently in different versions of Samsung. And start a new conversation by selecting the contact icon on the top right corner and choose one or more contacts. 

2. Type your messages and then tap on the add icon button on the left bottom corner. And tap on the three dots icon on your right.

3. You will see the option called schedule message tap on that, and now you can schedule your message as per your requirement. 

how to schedule a text message on galaxy s9

4. Once you selected the scheduled time then tap on done and then click on the send button. Now your message will be delivered to your targeted people at the targeted time.

how to schedule a text message on galaxy s9

Edit the scheduled message

Suppose you want to disable it or wish to edit the scheduled text message, then open the conversation and select the unsent message you want to edit. Just set up a new time and date or edit text and save it for conforming.

Use Google message to schedule text

As most Android phones do not have that feature to schedule text messages, Google comes in work. Google message app has this facility which provides a message scheduling feature. 

Google message is a new technology-oriented RCS (Rich Communication Service ), and it is discovered based on imessage, which is a popular message app of iPhone. 

It is not only for text messages and scheduling text. It has a bunch of features that work like WhatsApp or iMessage. 

1. If you don’t have a Google message, then download it from the play store. And if you have already, then make sure it is of an updated version. Open the Google message and start with a new conversation. Type message as you would like to send.

2. Long press on the send button; you will see a pop-up option in that Google message has some prebuilt recommend time set. If you want, choose one of them.

3. Tap on pick date and time to set a timer. Google message has an excellent interface for that. Just select the time and date you like to set and click on save to confirm.

4. Once you have set the timer, finally hit the send button. Now your message will be sent out to your targeted people as per your timer.

How to edit the scheduled text message

Suppose you chose timing by mistake or want to add some more text. Don’t you can do it also.

To edit the scheduled time, click on the clock on the left of the message. You can also send a message immediately, or you can update or can delete it also.

How to schedule messages in telegram

As We all know, Most of us can say everyone is now using social media apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. And most of us chat on these social media. So if you do not have a Samsung message app or cannot schedule your text using that, then telegram is also a much better option.

Scheduling messages in telegram is as simple as scheduling text in Galaxy s9. So let’s do that.

1. Open your telegram app and, as like earlier, select the contact to schedule a message for Start with a conversation and type a statement as you like. 

2. To schedule, just long-press on send button and choose the option as a scheduled message.

3. Choose the time and date as per your requirement.

4. And now you can hit the send button. Your message will send at the scheduled time.

How to edit the scheduled text message

If you want to edit the text or timing, you need to open the telegram app, open conversation, and tap on the calendar icon. And select the message to edit.

Use third-party apps to schedule text

A scheduling text message is an excellent feature that I think every Android phone should include. Unfortunately, it is included in very few phones. But don’t worry, luckily we have another solution to do it.

Using a third-party message scheduler can be the option to notice. There are multiple great apps for doing this, and following one of them, the best-recommended one you can consider.

Do it later App

Do it later is not only for scheduling text, but also you can use it for an auto-response for your call messages, whether it is a WhatsApp message or messenger.


  • Schedule messages as per your time.
  • Choose a recurring period to respond daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Send messages to multiple recipients.
  • Simulate unnecessary calls or messages.
  • Free available

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