Hello, friends Today we will learn how to cancel planet fitness membership. Today everybody wants to stay fit to live a good life. People who know more about their health Whether it is GYM or morning walk to keep free of the disease.

Let’s go to the GYM the best way to fit yourself completely, where you will have a trainer. Who will guide you? Planet Fitness is also one such brand, which was established in 1992 and had more than 1300 clubs.

It is one of the biggest fitness franchise. Planet Fitness offers high-quality service at a few monthly membership rates. Their cancellation fee is very high.

Sometime after joining, the people realize that they can not continue exercising and decide to cancel the membership. In this article, I will tell you how to avoid high tariff rates. And how to cancel planet fitness membership?

If you cancel the membership before the contract term, then there are some cancellation fees on the planet’s fitness. For example, if you have a 12-month agreement and you cancel before this subscription, You will have to pay 58% cancellation fees.

And if you cancel the membership after 12 months, then you do not have to pay. Unless you cancel the membership, the membership will continue.

how to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 2019

Read the FAQ for more information.

1. How To Avoid High Cancellation Fees & Cancel Membership?

Before starting the note about some necessary point cancellation process –

1. You must go home club or send an authentic mail to cancel the membership.

2. You can not cancel the membership form by house or phone and email.

3. If you are sending a letter, please confirm it with the home club to confirm.

4. Send a request to cancel before the 10th of the month.

Check Your agreement

When taking a Planet Fitness membership, you signed an agreement that explains how you can cancel your membership. Find that agreement and read carefully to learn about the cancellation process.

Read Your Agreement

After locating the agreement form, now read the agreement carefully and check the details of the membership cancellation. If your membership is ending in the coming months or days, then in that condition you do not have to cancel the membership. To avoid the cancellation fees, let it automatically expire.

The cancellation fee for Planet Fitness Membership is equivalent to the acceptance fee of about 4 -5 months. So you better check your membership type and end time.

Apply Before The Billing Date

Canceling their membership is like leaving a job that you have to give them notice before the billing date.

For example, if you have a monthly agreement and you are billed on the 20th of the month, you will have to give notice to the GYM before the 10th of the month.

They should take some time to process the cancellation request so that the cancellation instructions can be given so that they can cancel your membership before the billing period.

Like your monthly subscription, if you have a yearly membership, You must cancel it before the billing period.

how to cancel planet fitness membership

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Avoid the Cancellation Fees

Yes, you can also avoid full cancellation fees for Planet Fitness Membership in some circumstances. Here are a few lists of things that help you to cancel Planet Fitness Membership –

1. If you have written evidence of injury to your doctor. So you can forgive your high cancellation fees.

2. If you are running home If you are staying far away, then 25km from Planet Fitness GYM or 40 miles away. So you can avoid the cancellation fee.

It also will give you documented them about their new location should be away from the GYM and 40KM distance between your site.

3. If you are not going through any of the above situations, then you have to pay a full cancellation fee. Or if you have a legal problem, you can try, but you have written proof.

Method To Cancel Planet Fitness MembershipThis is the second method you can use to cancel Planet Fitness Membership.

To do this, you have to meet one of them. Follow the instructions given below and cancel Planet Fitness Membership.

Collect Required Information

Collect essential information like your registration/subscription number, address detail, social security number, etc.

2. Write A Letter Regarding The Cancellation Of Membership

To cancel Planet Fitness membership, please write a letter as per the agreement form. Write down why you want to cancel Planet Fitness Membership, and you wish to cancel your cancellation fee. Give them written proof of why you are unable to forgive the prices.

Please include all the necessary information like your membership number, social security number, and sign the letter before sending them.

Fix A Meeting

Fix a meeting with them when they are free, ask them so that you can get them personally. Check their time to fix the appointment on the call.

Convince Them

Meet the Representative on the assessment time and tell him why you want to cancel the fitness status of the planet and refuse to cancel them.

If you have any evidence at the time of the personal interview, then provide them.

Get Written Cancellation

After the request of the signature or any other proof to cancel the cancellation, so if the billing continues in the future So you can show them the confirmation of your cancellation.

Make Sure Your Membership Is Cancelled

If you managed to waive the cancellation fee or have been successful in giving fewer fees, then ensure that the membership has been cancelled.

Remain in contact with the Representative

After the cancellation, stay in touch with the Representative. If you can contact them, then if there are any problems in the future to cancel planet fitness membership, ask them for a contact number or any other details.

Check Credit Card & Bank Statements Regularly

Regularly check your CC and Bank statements so that you can learn about all the bills in your account. And if they are still charging, then you should contact the Representative.

If you are still charging for membership, then take immediate action and tell them about the problem.

If GYM still wants to pay you, they show written proof of membership cancellation.

3.Method to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

To cancel membership, you must follow these steps.

1. Visit the local planet fitness centre.

2. Read and fill the membership cancellation form.

3. And mail them to cancel their membership.

4. Or you can send a letter to cancel your membership.

5. But to cancel your membership, you need to provide an unyielding Statement of Intent.

6. The statement of this effect will include the reason why you want to cancel the membership.

You have to cancel it at the right time. And make sure you want to cancel it. I hope this will help you.

4.Paid Method

It is a straightforward and fast method, but you have to pay something for it. If you are ready, follow the steps given below.

1. Visit Here
2. Enter Membership Details
3. Then their team will start completing Planet Fitness’s official process.
4. You will receive a mail-in 1-2 weeks that your membership has been canceled!

For more information watch This video


Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Account Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Planet Fitness account anytime, but the process will vary depending on your membership type and location. You can complete the cancellation form and cancel the membership by visiting your nearest Planet Fitness branch. Also, review your Member Agreement to understand any specific terms or fees associated with membership. Additionally, you can check your local club or its website for exact information.

Early termination may result in additional charges if your membership is under a contract. After the cancellation of your membership, you must retain a copy of any relevant documents to confirm the cancellation, if required, in future.


If you still do not get the cancellation notice, call them. I hope you enjoyed this how to cancel planet fitness membership article and you might have received some help. Please share it with your friends. And if there is any doubt, then comment. I will answer your comment soon.

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