5 Legit Ways To Get Free PSN Codes In 2023(Updated)

Addiction to playing games on mobile, tab, or PC has universally gained momentum. There are various apps in play station facilities. that enable individuals even while moving. Moreover, these apps provide opportunities to earn reward cards. You can earn more Roblox rewards via PrizeHog. The gamers are never satisfied to store a single live game but search for others to get free PSN codes. But though it may sound lucrative, there are risks associated. Hence, gamers must find a legit mode to access free PSN codes.

Gone are the days when PlayStation was restricted to just the televisions with CDs delivering our games. We progressive gamers choose convenience. It is the era of online gaming, and PlayStation is one step ahead. PlayStation has been effortlessly available on every device in the form of an online platform for a while now.

There is just one crisis that we have to purchase PSN or PlayStation Network Codes to access most of the data available on PlayStation stores or to avail of a premium subscription called PlayStation Plus. Traditionally, a user would have to use a credit card to carry out purchases of paid and even free commodities on the PlayStation Store. Still, with the fabrication of PSN cards, the practice of credit cards has become redundant.

PSN cards are a means of digital currency used to deposit credit on your PlayStation store. These cards have an alphanumeric carving called the PSN code that needs to be entered on PSN to deposit credits in a digital wallet. They were popularized as these cards could be used in the form of gift cards as well. These cards with the PSN codes are abundant in offline and online retailing. But what if one was to get their hands on these codes without the purchase of a PSN card? That is very much possible!

Our Verdict

Getting free PSN codes might sound safe, but it isn’t. There are risks of fraudulent entities too. They might cheat you. Get access to personal data and breach your privacy. Agree that there are proficient users of youtube and other social sites, but you are suggested to follow legit ways to get free PSN codes to avoid any mishap. There are few legit ways to get free PSN codes.

Guide For Legit Ways To Get Free PSN Codes

Remember, there are millions of users. Who is competing for the gift? To ensure your credibility, there are a few techniques.

1.Finding the Organizer- 

Before opting for free PSN cards, you should evaluate the whereabouts of the sponsor. Hence, if you thrive for a given gift, finding out the organizer’s respectability needs to be explored. It would be advisable to follow tech channels and gaming channels to gain familiarity with genuine contributors. Recommend unwillingly drag yourself into trouble. To opt for free PSN codes, it is advisable to evaluate the success rate.

2.Using Pay Prizes-

The most legit way to get free PSN codes would be to use the Pay Prizes website. Registration would be required for the same. Followed by registration, you need to sign up on the GPT site. Attempt the activities to earn points. Either you claim a reward gift as soon as you reach cut off points or continue gathering.

With enough play points gathered, you are eligible to exchange free PSN codes available with the play station. However, pay prizes also have gifting options. Amazon gift cards, cash, or any other rewards can be expected. A legit way to get free PSN codes.

3.Using PSNReward- 

Try another legit method available with PSNReward. A PlayStation does not back them. However, like the GPT website, these allow you to collect points.

If you successfully finish a variety of tasks. Later free PSN codes can be got in exchange from PlayStation. 1000points worth 10$, gift rewards worth 20$ or 30$, can be earned from PSNReward.

4.The Reward Point Website- 

Identical to PSNReward, various websites allow you to gain points. Sign in, attempt all required tasks, earn points, and the exchange process is the same, but few points reward point websites bear.

● The exchange offers are limited to a few specific countries. So, it would be advisable to check eligibility as far as location is concerned. Criteria for locations must be checked in advance to avoid future disappointments.

● The validity of signers is thoroughly checked. Any unfair practice like fake id and proxy might lead to a life ban. So utmost loyalty is desired. The reward point websites can satisfy the requirements of hard cash. The reward points can also behave like trade points for Paypal. Australia, the US, North Europe, the UK, and Canada are places where these websites perform. No regrets, these websites provide referral programs.

Keeping track of promotions can earn you reward points. In case you don’t belong to any of the allotted countries, you gain an opportunity to gain points. Only increasing footfall for the websites. Earning points can be possible if you are involved in spreading business for them.

5.The Swag Bucks- 

The most popular way of earning free PSN codes is Swag Bucks. Over the years, it has been acclaimed. A top-rated GPT website of repute. Gamers, YouTubers, and social media influencers flock to this site. Like the GPT website, the Swag Bucks also provide tasks for points. Free PSN codes can be received against exchanging good points.

Swag Bucks can be logged regularly. However, you can expect discounts, cash prizes, and a variety of lucrative deals courtesy, Swag Bucks alone. Swag Bucks has been recognized as a renowned industrial platform over time. This can serve the purpose of earning free PSN codes as desired.

Here are some other legitimate ways for you to acquire these codes free of cost:

1. There are authentic sites that offer you PSN codes for running errands lawfully for them. This is one of the most rapid and lenient ways to get a hold of the codes. This usually happens with a registration on the site. Having registered, you are allotted a checklist of tasks like surveys to complete, and when you do, you are awarded points that can be redeemed into PSN gift cards.

They might offer gift cards for a variety of other purposes as well. Some such confided sites are PayPrizes, PSNReward, Swagbucks, etc. Among these, Swagbucks is the most widely endorsed site for PlayStation rewards.

2. Some websites make you offers, and availing them reaps your points. As these points accumulate, you become qualified for trading them for a PSN gift card. These sites are predominantly location-specific. Hence, make sure you inspect if these offers are available in your area; otherwise, you could be deterred from redeeming your points at all. Note here is that the user must adopt no unjust method as these websites are progressing in looking into proxies and false IDs. A permanent account deletion penalizes greed on such sites.

3. Ask your friends for a loan. It might be possible that one of your friends received a PSN gift card as a present, which is worthless to them. You might not have to toil so much if that is the case. A simple swap will get you covered. Moreover, there is a high chance of such a situation as PSN gift cards cannot be returned or refunded.

4. Scrounge the internet for giveaways. It is an everyday activity of gamers or social media influencers to announce giveaways. Giveaways of PSN codes have been prominently observed and is something a gamer can rely on for a free PSN code. It is usually legal if broadcasted publicly. Participating in giveaways is mostly by following the organizer’s account or subscribing to them, but there is a probability for other menial chores.

Although a whole mob might participate in events like such, there is a slim chance of you sweeping the rewards. But if it’s worth it, the road to it is sour. It would help if you made sure that the organizer is relevant and credible, or else all your efforts go down the ocean. In addition to this, some sites exist that already have a list of unused PSN codes, but these are mostly phony. If your luck puckers up, maybe you would find a genuine site for the same.

5. Exchange your old gift cards. If you never intend to use Amazon or any other gift cards, some sites buy them. This could either work in retail or via barter. These sites might offer you currency for selling your gift cards or may directly give you PSN rewards in return. This is a susceptible trade. Hence, stay vigilant for fraudulent websites; do your research well.

Look out for sites that claim the generation of PSN codes. Typically, these sites are fake or non-functional. Even after a fee, they could extort you. Never invest in anything that seems this merciful. All of the methods mentioned above may or may not work for you, but things might be slightly more uncomplicated for you if you own a credit card.

Hooking your credit card with the PlayStation store gets you a free 14-day trial. In this trial, you can install as many free games as you desire. This might give you an idea about how badly you crave a PSN card or a plus membership. Try not to get into anything illegitimate. Research thoroughly! Happy Gaming!


Earning free PSN codes is an exciting opportunity for getting rewarded. But these give away rewarding facilities are not risk-free. Gaming is a favorite pastime today, and you tubers and social media freaks are trying to load as many games from play stations and earn as they win.

Extra care should be exercised to avoid identity loss, breach of privacy, or credit card forgery. There are many guidelines for legit ways of getting free PSN codes. Trying those can safeguard from any mishaps.

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