New Technologies For Digital Marketing Service In 2023

Today we are going to tell you about the New Technologies For Digital Marketing Service that will help you greatly in increasing your business or business of a client in 2020.

Have you thought about using the best techniques on the market to overcome the competition? Want to be sure of successful campaigns without spending a lot of money? Are you unsure about your disclosure choices?

If your answer was yes, we have excellent news at Li Creative Technology! You no longer have to worry about the success of your Digital Marketing service. With the new technologies on the market, you guarantee greater accuracy when it comes to advertising.

So, were you interested in learning more? So don’t miss this incredible article that we have separated for you and discover the biggest trends in Digital Marketing service today.

Why invest in Digital Marketing service?

There are several reasons to invest in Digital Marketing services. And the first one is the best for those who are starting a business: this is a much cheaper method, compared to traditional ways of dissemination.

It is not necessary to invest in any physical apparatus for the campaign. Digital disclosures are charged on time, and often made directly on an outsourced platform, as with Facebook Ads.

Also, the incidence of errors is much lower, while the guarantee of success increases. And all of this occurs because of the possibility of measuring results. That’s right, with Digital Marketing service there are several tools to record and track consumer data and respond to a campaign.

This is also a way to reach a wide audience. In more traditional campaigns, carried out by physical means, the limits of time and distance are almost unbeatable. With the right Digital Marketing service, you will be able to reach a much larger audience and in a giant radius that contemplates your store or distribution center. There is also no time to have interactions: consumers can access your content 24 hours a day.

Finally, Digital Marketing service helps to give your actions a certain direction. You can select exactly the type of audience, age group, preferences and other details for your campaigns.

Digital Marketing service technologies that are booming in the market

Investing in a good Digital Marketing service is essential to achieve success. Without taking the lead in the market and betting on a planned disclosure, you will not be able to end the competition.

After learning a little more about the importance of Digital Marketing service, you must be thinking: ok, but how do I get started? How to innovate and get out of the basics?

To help you, we have separated a complete list of the main technologies that are gaining space in the world of Digital Marketing service. Be sure to get to know each one of them and improve your lead capture!

Big data

Big data strategies consist of the collection, organization, and planning of consumers’ data. There are even companies that specialize in this type of relationship to gather data from potential customers.

There are several ways to collect data, and it doesn’t have to be done illegally or immorally, as most people think. The merging of personal information for business purposes is in the policies of most applications and social networks.

And what are the most requested data? In most situations, they are those that consist of name, age, sex, e-mail address, profession, social class, preferences and leisure habits. The latter examples cited are the most relevant for building efficient Digital Marketing services. By understanding the habits and trends of your target audience, building highly targeted campaigns becomes simpler.

It is interesting to start with small actions. It is common, for example, to collect the e-mail address and name using forms and registrations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most coveted digital dissemination strategies today. This is due to the evolution of the consumer market on the internet, which got tired of the number of daily advertisements to which they were exposed.

Shallow and direct disclosures no longer make sense, and if you bet on this technique, you will be in serious trouble in the campaign. After all, you will be competing with thousands of other entrepreneurs who are looking for success.

So, what is content marketing? How to make an excellent campaign? Content marketing consists of the dissemination of valid, intelligent, interesting and valuable content for the reader.

Many smart companies rely on interactive guides or valuable teaching texts. Thus, the reader will arrive at the content out of curiosity and interest, instead of being forced to be confronted with advertising. Direct product promotion comes in second. Although subtle, the campaign is carried out with enormous success.

Imagine, for example, that you have an electronic device business. It is interesting to create a guide to learn more about the innovative technologies on the market. Throughout the text, you can promote the product.

It is worth investing in this technique regardless of the type of business. The strategy works for any consumer market.

Relationship Chatbots

Chatbots are already widely known today, but they are still on the rise! One of the greatest technologies of today, these robots are true saviors in cases of need for direct contact with the consumer.

You can find them on various websites and e-commerce platforms. They usually have a language and behavior that resembles human interaction. And that is exactly the goal of technology. For now, chatbots can solve simpler issues and solve problems for which they are already programmed. However, technology is in full expansion, and we can expect excellent results in the future.

This type of technology can be indispensable for your business, especially if you are looking for great relevance in the digital environment!

Voice search

While chatbots are tools used by companies to help people, voice search is primarily aimed at interacting with customers. This is a technology for which Digital Marketing services must be prepared.

Currently, it is possible to observe a worldwide trend: the replacement of text searches by the simple use of voice. And the mechanisms present in smartphones. If you use a system like Siri, it is possible to know almost all the information present in a quick search on Google.

But, if your business is not adapted to deal with this technological evolution, you will lose space for the competition. So, start making sure that your site is optimized for search engines and is present on virtual maps.

Then, don’t forget to update your website and invest in a model that is adapted to voice searches.

Videos as dissemination strategies

The so-called lives, popular on Facebook and Instagram, are growing and proving that one of the biggest trends in Digital Marketing service is video promotion.

While lives are momentary and encourage interaction in real-time, which can be important for attracting consumers, other techniques should also be employed.

Instagram ‘s well-known stories are short videos that enable interaction over longer periods. Specifically, the consumer will have 24 hours to view and react to the content. Of course, you can still bet on the old video posting technique, which is not all that innovative. However, the absolute trend in modern Digital Marketing service is immediacy.

So be sure to produce videos in the greatest “here and now” style. The production behind the scenes, for example, are ideas that attract many onlookers.

Informational info products

Infoproducts are products created and consumed digitally. And since we’re talking about content marketing and online campaigns, they couldn’t be left out!

It is interesting to use these info-products as dissemination strategies. Most of the time, personalized content optimized for search engines attracts many readers and potential consumers.

So, did you like the idea? In addition to being excellent, it can be done relatively easily. You can create an info product yourself. If you prefer, there are many professionals online who are specialized in the subject.

Okay, but what can be an info product. The following contents are very common:

  • E-books
  • Video classes
  • Digital handouts
  • Scientific research and materials
  • Teaching materials
  • Videos and audiovisual content

Now, just analyze which of these options may be of interest to your business. The idea is to merge the information and dissemination of your main product.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

According to a survey carried out by IBGE, more than 110 million people use the internet constantly. And most of them have an electronic device like a smartphone: the number reaches almost 95% of those surveyed.

Of course, you can’t let this moment pass! And, if your page has been around for a while, mobile-friendly technology should already be known.

For innovative entrepreneurs, mobile-friendly is a technology that helps websites and pages to adapt to mobile devices. After all, during navigation, it is necessary to modify the size of the screen and the arrangement of information. Now, the new trend in Digital Marketing service is called AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a tool-shaped technology that was developed by Google.

It follows trends with speed and practicality of the human being, creating a unique experience. Navigation is faster and your device is more protected.

Process automation

Extremely popular tools, such as CRM monitoring, are gaining more and more space in today’s Digital Marketing service. As well as the triggering of messages by Whatsapp and email marketing, they have a basic mechanism: all of these techniques focus on the automation of processes.

You can’t keep things in manual style anymore! Especially with the use of the internet, where there are thousands of accesses per minute, it would be humanly impossible to build an efficient data monitoring strategy.

So, if you are still a beginner, this is the time to start one of the biggest investments of your life. Place an automation system on your website, regardless of the product sold. There are even several companies that specialize in carrying out this task for you. Look for directions and learn about Digital Marketing service automation.

Use of stories and micro-moments

Micro-moments are known stages in the so-called consumer journey towards the purchase of your final product.

Everything works as follows: you must draw the attention of the potential consumer, master a subject of interest, provide quality information and capture the reader so that he can know your sales proposal.

All of this is accomplished through a journey, with many stages, known as the consumer journey. Its mission to end the competition is to dominate and strategically analyze each of these moments.

And what are they? We have separated a shortlist for you:

  • Moment to know: demonstration of curiosity by the reader;
  • Time to go: access to a mechanism for locating more information about the product or a point of sale;
  • Time to do: search for more details about what users intend to buy through search engines;
  • Time to buy: website search, price comparison and a greater understanding of the product.

In short, your brand must be present in each of these stages. Therefore, it is interesting to invest in more detailed and subdivided business plans.

Bet on small influencers

To finish our selection of innovative Digital Marketing service, let’s talk about something that everyone knows: digital influencers.

If companies previously pooled their income to hire a large influencer, the trend is now the opposite. Your company has the opportunity to save and achieve great results with local influencers. Every city or state, especially minors, has relatively famous people. They are found mainly on social networks like Instagram. 

As we are talking about small influencers, the partnership becomes even easier. Just don’t forget to find someone compatible with your market!

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