Hello friends, today, we will talk about the best trading app in India to earn money without investment. If you have been researching this topic for a long time, you can read this article until the end.

Friends, we have included those trading apps in this, which give perfect Money to refer and earn and give you an excellent opportunity to earn.

If you also have a large network of people or have many friends and relatives who are planning for future investments, you can suggest to them the trading apps mentioned below.

We have included the 5 best trading platforms where you can do long-term investment and short-term trading. It is a trendy and well-known platform that is being widely used to invest in the stock market in India.

We have suggested some of the applications pay you for each referral and some work on a commission basis. So let’s know them in detail.

Trading AppsReferral CommissionApp Link
1. Upstox₹200Download Now
2. Groww₹100Download Now
3. Paytm Money₹300Download Now
4. Zerodha10% CommissionDownload Now
5. 5Paisa40% CommissionDownload Now

1. Upstox

Upstox is ranked first, India’s best and most trusted online stock trading platform, and it offers more referral money than other platforms. Also, many big giant investors have invested in this, which makes it very much trusted.

Best Trading App in India to Earn Money without Investment

Upstox comes with a very nice interface, which is very easy to use. With the help of this investment can be done in Stocks, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Futures & Options trading. It opens your Demat and trading account with ₹0 and does not charge maintenance charges.

It charges only ₹20 brokerages on equities, futures & options, and commodities. This account can be opened very easily with the help of a PAN card and Aadhar card. Also, an Instant Withdrawal facility is available in it.

Upstox Refer and Earn

Upstox provides Refer and Earn offers. If you have good enough friends, you can refer them to Upstox and earn a good commission. It gives you ₹200 in Upstox Wallet for every new referral. If your friend opens a stock account with you, you get Rs. And if he trades for the first time, you get Rs.

You can also easily take this referral amount into your bank account, but it may take some time. If you are a Social Media Influencer, YouTuber, or blogger, you can make the most of it.

How to Open a Demat account with Upstox watch full video –

2. Grow

Grow is a perfect platform for a beginner investor with a straightforward interface. This is one of the simplest and easiest trading apps in India, which many people like. In this, there is no charge of opening a Demat and trading account; not only this but its process has also been made very easy.

Best Trading App in India to Earn Money without Investment

Two options are available in the application such as Explore and Dashboard. In Explore, you can check out all the stocks and keep track of their rise and fall and prices, while from the dashboard, you can see the stock movement, account information, withdrawals in your Demat account, etc.

As we have already mentioned, there is no account opening fee in growth, but you have to pay ₹ 20 or less per day for intraday, future and option currency, and commodity transactions.

Grow Refer and Earn

Along with investing and trading, many people also use the grow platform to earn Money through refer and earn, which is perfect. If you also want to make money without investment, you can earn money by referring it to all your friends.

If they join your link and open their demand account in grow, they will get a cashback of Rs.100, and you get to see ₹100 cashback in your grow wallet. You can invest this money in stocks, or you can also take it into your bank account.

How to Open a Demat account with Grow watch full video –

3. Paytm Money

Paytm is a vast and reliable company, mainly known for its digital payment system. It currently provides its Paytm Mall, Paytm Money, Paytm Payment Bank, and other services.

Best Trading App in India to Earn Money without Investment

Paytm Money is a good platform for online investment, offering many excellent facilities. If you want to start investing or trading, Paytm Money can be a good option. With the help of the trading platform, you can invest your money in investment options like stocks, mutual funds, F&O, IPOs, NPS, etc.

You do not need to pay any fee to open your demat account on Paytm money, and also, it does not charge you any account maintenance fee. With the help of a PAN card and Aadhar card, a demat account can be opened very quickly, and investment can be started in stocks, mutual funds, and NPS within 30 minutes.

Paytm Money Refer and Earn

At present, no referral option is available on the Paytm Money app, but according to the company, the option of Refer will be available soon. But if you refer Paytm Money to your friends through ONE CODE, you will get ₹300 cashback for every new user.

How to Open a Demat account with Paytmmoney watch full video –

4. Zerodha

Zerodha is India’s oldest and number one stockbroker who has been working for the last 10 to 12 years. If you are serious about investing and trading, you should go for the reliable Zerodha. There are a lot of exciting features in its application, which will make your trading XPS the best. And also, its interface is straightforward.

Best Trading App in India to Earn Money without Investment

Zerodha charges ₹200 for opening demat and trading accounts while ₹100 for commodities separately. If you do not wish to trade commodities, you can open a trading and demat account by depositing ₹200. You can use its service on the Kite application and website portal.

It provides a six-digit PIN to open the application after the demat account is opened, strengthening your security. With the help of this app, you can invest your money in the stock market, mutual fund, SIP, IPO, etc.

Watch List and Portfolio is available in this application, where you can list your favorite shares and keep an eye on them and see the movement of shares in your portfolio.

Zerodha Refer And Earn

If you want to earn brokerage sharing for a lifetime, you can use Zerodha Refer & Earn. If you refer your friend relative to Zerodha, you will get 10% of the brokerage share for life. Not only this, but you will also get 300 reward points for each referrer. You can quickly transfer your brokerage earnings to your bank account and use the reward points.

How to Open a Demat account with Zerodha watch full video –

5. 5Paisa Trading app

Lastly, we have included the 5Paisa Trading app, one of India’s best trading apps. In this app, you can invest money in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance, IPO, Gold, SIP, and US stocks. It is a good trading app, but it has to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 100, and it will charge ₹ 30 per month.

Best Trading App in India to Earn Money without Investment

Its application is packed with great features, with the help of which you can see live charts, Nifty 50 and Sensex status, and much more in a single click. Also, with a margin calculator, you can check all the stock, and with the price alert option, you can set a price alert and sell stop at the best time.

5Paisa Refer & Earn

5Paisa can be pretty expensive considering investing and trading, but if you want to make money from it, this can be an excellent application. It offers you lifetime free brand vouchers and up to 40% brokerage sharing. ₹ 500 is given in a 5paisa wallet on the first referral. After that, if you keep referring, you get brokerage sharing of up to 12.5%, 25%, and 40%.

How to Open a Demat account with 5paisa watch full video –

Apart from these 5 trading applications, many other trading applications provide you the referral and critical facilities. Still, you do not get to see cashback or brokerage sharing directly, and many other applications offer different types of vouchers.

If you wish to earn vouchers apart from making Money, do let us know in the comments below, we will update this article with other trading applications soon.


We hope that you have got to know a lot from this article. If yes, share this article with all your friends thinking of earning money without investment. Please keep checking the offers in the above application from time to time because they provide an excellent referral and earn an amount on some special occasions.

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