In this article, we are going to talk about the best internet provider Perth. If you are also searching for the best internet provider in Australia, read this article until the end.

At present, all kinds of work from studies to the office are being done with the help of the Internet, that is why it is very important to have a good internet connection to get a stable and fast internet. A lot of service providers offer a decent speed and unlimited data only with an expensive plan.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in selecting an internet provider in Perth, then you need not panic. We have compiled a list of some of the best internet providers, which provide unlimited data and good speed at a very affordable price. You can go with the plan as per your requirement.

1. Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom is one of the best national broadband network providers in Australia. It is known for its best mobile sim and broadband service. It provides unlimited data at a very affordable price. If we talk about its plans, four main plans are available in Standard Speed, XL Speed ​​Boost, XXL Speed ​​Post and XXXL Speed ​​Post. It starts at $44.90/Month, where unlimited data, 14 Day NBN Trial, and a $0 setup fee are available. This is a good internet provider in Perth that you can go with.

2. Flipconnect

Flipconnect is also one of the best internet providers in Australia, which provides excellent internet service at a very affordable price. It offers Premium Quality Pre-Configured Modems, Anytime data usage, Cheap Call add-on pack, and customized package, among other features. There are 5 plans available, starting from $34/mth. If you need more speed, you can go with the bigger plan. It provides you services like UNLIMITED DATA, NO SETUP FEE, or 14 DAY TRIAL.

3. Internode

Internode is an excellent Australian Internet service provider company, which provides you broadband Internet and mobile Internet services. It offers unlimited NBN plans at very affordable prices. It starts at $ 49.99 / month, where 12Mbps speed is available. If you want more speed, then you can go with its bigger plans. It provides the facility to add a call pack along with an internet plan. Phone line service, dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4, 20 email accounts, and expert support are available with all plans of Internode.

4. Superloop

At number four on our list, we have placed Superloop Internet Provider Company, which provides one of Australia’s best home broadband services. It offers High-Speed, Unlimited Data with No Sign-up Fees. Even if you go with its basic plan, you still get to see unlimited data. Its basic plan starts from $ 54.95, where the maximum speed is 25Mbps. Its other five plans are also seen, which provide great speed. They give some discount on all their plans for the first six months, then charge more, so once you must check carefully.

5. Iinet

iiNet is one of Australia’s best internet service providers, offering a wide range of NBN plans and its own ULTRA Broadband Cable service. There are many reasons to include it. Chief among which is Award-winning NBN provider, $0 activation fee, 24/7 customer service, or Change Plan Any Time facility. Its four plans are available, whose basic plan starts from $59.99/MONTH. If you are looking for internet service for gaming, working, and streaming, then go with their more extensive plan to get a decent speed.


We hope that the above best internet provider Perth has helped you to a great extent. If yes, then definitely share it with all your friends and relatives. Before going with any of the above, read all the plans carefully again so that you can choose the right internet provider according to your need. Also, if you have any questions, you can leave a comment below.