Boise is Idaho’s capital city, and its estimated population was around 240 million in 2020, and Boise is the 77th most populous country in the US. There are 18 internet service providers in Boise, Idaho, with six of them being the fiber-optic internet providers, three cable internet providers, five DSL, eight fixed wireless, and two satellite internet service providers. In this article, you will find some of the best internet service providers in terms of their internet speeds, reliability, price, availability, etc.

The internet speed that I need in Boise, Idaho

The kind of internet speed one goes for depends on his online activities. If one is working from home, needs to attend Zoom calls, downloads heavy files, or plays online games, he will go for a faster internet connection. But if one needs to stream movies and do light internet browsing, he can go for a low-speed internet connection. If there are multiple devices, the bandwidth on the internet connection will need to be determined accordingly. 

Best Internet Service Providers in Boise, Idaho

Following is the list of the best internet service providers in Boise, Idaho:


CenturyLink is the fastest internet service provider in Boise, Idaho, even though its coverage is at 93% only. CenturyLink’s internet connection types are fiber-optic, DSL, and fixed wireless internet. The maximum download speed of CenturyLink’s internet connection has been recorded to be at 940 Mbps and upload speed at 1 gigabit per second, and there is no data cap with these internet connections. 

Along with the internet, CenturyLink offers services for cable TV and home phone. CenturyLink also has the option for bundles, where subscribers can avail of two or three services at an affordable price. 

2. Safelink Internet

The internet service of Safelink Internet covers around 99.92 % of Boise, Idaho. They offer a fiber internet connection and a fixed wireless internet connection. The essential speed that Safelink Internet is offering has been reported up to 10 Mbps, though Safelink Internet has also proposed unlimited data and no throttling on all their internet plans. 

Along with an internet connection, Safelink Internet also offers a built-in content and device management program in the internet device to make it easier for monitoring and apply parental guidance on the kids. The best part is that Safelink Internet doesn’t use price hikes after a time in any of their plans. Safelink also has 24/7 local customer support for any technical issues.

3. Viasat

Viasat is another satellite internet service provider available for internet users residing in Boise, Idaho. Since Boise is located in a rural region in the US, cable internet isn’t readily available, which is why satellite internet is the best option. Viasat provides a premium satellite internet connection with advanced satellite technology to internet users in Boise, Idaho.

Subscribers of Viasat satellite internet service get an advantage of a 2-year price lock which means that their price for this service won’t change in that time. With the Viasat bundle, you can offer internet and cable TV services at a discounted price. 

4. Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband offers low pricing to internet users in Boise, Idaho, along with a low latency rate that works for online gaming. They only have a single plan that is the same for all internet users, and there are no data caps included. The network speed goes up to 50Mbps, with which internet users can perform online activities like surfing the web, downloading music and movies, or even streaming them. 

Rise Broadband even introduced discounted prices for qualifying students and families, considering the COVID pandemic. Rise Broadband installs a mini satellite dish and router inside homes for a fee. Along with internet services, Rise Broadband has phone services, which can even be bundled up with the internet services if one wants to save their budget.

5. CTC

CTC is a local fiber internet service provider headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Their starting package is from 20 Mbps, moving on to a fiber internet package up to 1 Gbps. Internet users with fewer devices connecting to the internet can go for the basic packages. Internet users living with families using many devices can opt for something as high as 100 Mbps. Or internet users who have needs for higher speed internet connection can go for the fiber connection of up to 1Gbps. 

Another feature to be noted about CTC internet is that you don’t have to pay for the router separately; instead, the payment is included in the internet packages you decide to opt for. CTC mainly covers the central, south, northeast, and north side of the Boise metro area. Download and upload speeds are symmetrical for premium packages in CTC internet plans, though upload speeds are not disappointingly low in the primary internet packages. 

Since Boise, Idaho, is located in the remote or rural region of the United States, internet subscribers will find that cable internet is limited to some places only. The best option for them is to go with a satellite internet connection, which might seem a bit pricey compared to a cable or wired network, but they are not without reason. Satellite internet might seem too slow, but their internet connection is still reliable as the wired ones.

If you are looking for an internet connection outside Boise, Idaho, you must try Xfinity internet services. Xfinity offers internet, phone, and cable TV services, which are well-known for their reliable and seamless connectivity. Subscribers can also enjoy other benefits and discounts that come with these services. 

You can get Xfinity double play, where you can have two services for a discounted price, and that makes for a very economical and cost-effective deal. Moreover, Xfinity also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee where subscribers can try out the services for 30 days and return them if they are not satisfied, though one cannot go wrong with Xfinity.