How to set UPI pin

How to set UPI pin
How to set UPI pin

hello friend, today I am saying about Bhim UPI(Unified Payments Interface). how to set UPI Pin in Paytm, phone pay and other UPI apps.

What is a BHIM UPI PIN?

The UPI pin is 4 or 6 digit. This is the pin through which we can do the transaction through UPI. Just like we require ATM PIN to use ATM, in the same way, UPI is required to use UPI PIN.

We have to set this pin on our own. For this, we can use UPI platform from anyone.

Best UPI Payment apps

Paytm app
Phone pay
Google Pay
Payza app
Bhim app
Free charge … More

Do not worry, all this is completely safe. You can install any one and comfortably UPI pin Generate as mentioned below. Here we show you the UPI Generate / Set on Paytm.


Install any UPI apps & open UPI account select the set/reset PIN option corresponding to bank account:

Enter your debit/credit card details along with valid date Enter new UPI PIN and confirm.

Follow this step carefully

Step 1: Open the Paytm, phone pay, Tez, Freecharge app, and other apps tap on the new ‘BHIM UPI’ option 

How to set UPI pin
Bhim UPI


Step 2: Tap on the feature and select the Bank account you want to proceed with.

Step 3: Wait for your bank to verify notification & message the mobile number linked with the account

How to set UPI pin
 UPI pin set

Step 4: Once verified, set your M-PIN(UPI pin)and get going with your transactions.

How to set UPI pin
QR code

Likewise, you can request money from someone, using their UPI apps & received money from any UPI apps

Easy to use scan & pay, allows users to transfer money using a QR code, a two-dimensional black and white barcode which can be decoded by a smartphone or a tablet. Each phone number is assigned a QR code which can be accessed under profile on the home screen.