How to Get Cash App Barcode to Load Money (with Screenshot)

In this article, we will talk about how to get a cash app barcode to load money. If you are also looking for a barcode in your cash app, read this article about the difference.

Cash App is a top-rated mobile payment service that provides its services in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. It allows users to transfer money to each other using mobile phone apps. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. If you are looking for a barcode in your cash app to load money, read the article below carefully.

How to get the cash app barcode to load money

To get the cash app barcode on your phone, you can follow the steps given below –

  • First of all, open your cash app.
  • Now tap on Banking available in the bottom left corner. (according to the picture)
how to get cash app barcode to load money
  • Now scroll down a bit and tap on ‘Paper Money’.
how to get cash app barcode to load money
  • Now permit the application to access the location.
how to get cash app barcode to load money
  • Now tap on “Show Barcode”, as shown in the picture.
how to get cash app barcode to load money
  • Now you will get to see the Barcode on the top.
how to get cash app barcode to load money

This way, you can find the barcode in your Cash app and use it to load money. If you can’t see the barcode in your app, you can try the methods mentioned below.

How To Fix Cash App Barcode Not Showing Up

Friends, if you have followed the steps mentioned above and have not seen the barcode, there is no need to panic. Below we will share with you four solutions that will help you show the cash app barcode on your phone.

1. Update App

First, go to your play store or apps store and update your Cash App with the latest version. Most people cannot see the barcode option with the old application, so please update with the latest version.

2. Clear cache

The barcode is often not visible even after updating the application; the main reason may be the cache memory. You delete this cache memory so that your app can work with full features. To delete it, you can follow the following steps.

  • First, go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Now scroll down a bit and open the General Settings.
  • Now tap on iPhone Storage.
  • Now search and open the cash application.
  • Now tap on the “offroad app” button so that the data will be deleted.
  • Then install it by tapping on the Reinstall app button.

After doing this, when you open the application again, you will see the barcode option.

3. Delete/Uninstall app

After adopting both the solutions mentioned above, the barcode will be visible on your phone. If you are still facing the problem, then Delete/Uninstall your application and reinstall it. As per our experience, most of the users, after doing this, the barcode option got enabled in their phone app.

4. Support

If you have adopted all kinds of solutions and still cannot see the barcode option in your application, then you can take help from Chat support by going to the support section of the cash app. You let chat support know about all your problems. He will soon find out the problem and enable the barcode.

FAQs: How to get the cash app barcode to load money 

How do I get the barcode for the Cash App?

If you want to get a barcode in the cash app, read the above article carefully. We have discussed this in detail in the article.

Can you screenshot the Cash App barcode to load money?

Yes, of course, if you want to take a screenshot of the barcode or directly show it to the retailer’s cashier while loading money.

How long does the Cash App barcode take to expire?

Most of the time, it is observed that it usually ends after 1 hour of generation. You ask the cashier of the selected retailer to scan the barcode within the time limit.

Does Amazon accept Cash App?

While checking out on Amazon, you cannot pay directly from the Cash App account but can use the Cash Card. For this, you must enter the purchase’s cash card details after entering the delivery information.


We hope that the above information has helped you a lot. If yes, share it with all your friends and relatives so that they, too, can get the barcode on the cash app. Also, if you are still facing any problems, you can tell us in the comment section below.

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