Best Air Purifier for Litter Box Smell 2023 – Top 5

Are you searching the internet for the best air purifier for litter box smell? If yes, then you will be happy to know that in this article, we will discuss this topic in detail. If you also want a good air purifier for litter box smell, read this article until the end.

An air purifier is a beautiful device that removes the pollutants in the room to improve indoor air quality. This tool is beneficial for patients suffering from allergies and asthma. These air purifiers can also be used to remove litter box smell.

Keeping pets in mind, many air purifiers in the market work properly to remove the smell. Below we have shown 5 air purifiers considering the litter box smell, which you can see according to your budget and needs.

How to choose right air purifier for litter box smell

The air purifier is a very critical appliance; while choosing which, it is essential to consider many factors. There are many different types of air purifiers available in the market, out of which you can look at the following points while choosing the ideal air purifier.

best air purifier for litter box smell

Types of Filters

Different types of filters are available in air purifiers to purify the air. To eliminate harmful particles and litter box smell from the air, you must look into a carbon filter or HEPA filter.

All the air purifiers included in our article come with carbon, HEPA, or other filters, making the air in your room completely breathable.

Room Size

While choosing an air purifier, pay special attention to the room size. Consider the size of the room the litter box is available in when you choose. Cleaners are available in the market to purify the air in different areas.

If your litter box is in a large room, you can choose an air purifier with a large coverage area. Many large room air purifiers have been shown in our list, which you can see.

Noise level

Too much noise can be annoying with any device. While choosing an air purifier, do consider the noise level. If you use your appliance in a bedroom or other quiet place, choose an air purifier with a lower decibel rating.


While filtering the air properly is an essential issue in an ideal purifier, if you want a more convenient experience, look for an automatic shut-off, programmable setting, or filter replacement indicator.

Brand reputation

It is essential to choose a good brand while buying any appliance. In air purifiers, choose a reliable and experienced brand to clean the air level thoroughly.

1. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Hair

LEVOIT Air Purifier is a great device that comes at a very affordable price; all the necessary features are available. If we talk about LEVOIT company, it has been known for providing the best quality Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Diffusers, etc., since its inception. This device is available with two color options.

LEVOIT Air Purifier avoids using UV-C light to purify the air and uses safe technology. It uses VortexAir technology, which can purify the air of 1,095 ft² of space once an hour. Due to its large CADR, it purifies the air of more area.

It is equipped with a pre-filter H13 True HEPA filter, and a high-efficiency activated carbon filter to remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dust and smoke pollen and odors. Its Toxin Absorbent Filter can filter out harmful substances like smog, toxins, and VOCs. It is seen with a minimal and compact design.

It also gets a state-of-the-art air purifier with a smoke remover filter or pet allergy filter, which works to capture and filter out unpleasant odors caused by wildfires, smoke, and pet dander. If you want to clean all kinds of polluted air, you can go with LEVOIT Air Purifier.


  • Night mode is whisper quiet
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • The efficiency and convenience of the timer is good
  • It is very small and compact


  • Its filters are very expensive

2. Germ Guardian GG1100W 7″ Pluggable Small Air Purifier

Coming in second is the Germ Guardian GG1100W 7″ Pluggable Small Air Purifier, which offers all the filtration you need at an affordable price. Germ Guardian is a perfect and world-class brand that has been working to provide clean air since last many years. In this, 4 different variants can be seen based on capacity.

In this, excellent quality filtration is seen to clean the air, reducing airborne germs and eliminating odor from bacteria, pets, etc. It is compact and small, which can be conveniently used for the kitchen, litter box room, bathroom, or kid’s room.

In this, UV-C light kills airborne viruses like influenza, staph, and rhinovirus. Also, it does not require filter replacement; you need to replace the Germguardian UV-C light bulb after 10 to 12 months. Its outer body is made of strong and durable plastic.

With this, a full 1-year warranty is available, during which you can contact the company if a problem arises. If you also want to eliminate your pet’s litter box smell, then go with the Germ Guardian GG1100W 7″ Air Purifier.


  • Helps reduce the intensity of odor.
  • It makes less noise.
  • It’s the ventilation that’s ruining the air intakes.
  • Turned it into my dogs bedroom


  • There is no cable for USB

3. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Bedroom

LEVOIT Air Purifier is included at number three, which has a much higher capacity than the previous one. LEVOIT is well known for providing high-quality Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Diffusers, and Vacuums. This brand aims to maintain cleanliness or hygiene all over the world. This air purifier is specially designed for a large bedroom.

There are three color options available in this, which you can see according to the interior design of your home. This air purifier comes with a custom high-efficiency activated carbon filter that effectively removes pet odors, litter box odors, and cooking smoke odors. This device is designed to be stunning and stylish design.

This air purifier offers H13 True HEPA filtration to purify your air and reduce sneezing, itching, and stuffy nose. It also eliminates any odor around the kitchen, cupboards, shoe boxes, carpets, and toilets using the patented ARC formula technology. It comes with a small and portable design.

In this, pet lock features prevent tampering with the setting while playing with children and pets. This small air purifier is fully capable of purifying the air of a large area. If you want to remove the litter box smell of your pet, then go with LEVOIT Air Purifier.


  • This air filter is worth the money
  • Less sneezing and less dust particles floating in the air
  • Has accelerated my recovery from the flu
  • Improves air quality in the home


  • It is not energy friendly

4. MOOKA Air Purifiers for Home Large Room

MOOKA Air Purifiers are a great device that gives you outstanding filtration at a very affordable price. MOOKA provides a lot of equipment to purify the air, which has been working in this mission for a long time. It looks excellent with the combination of white colors.

A high-efficiency filtration system is found in it, which works to purify the air of a large area of up to 860ft² (80m²) in a short time. Also, Modern design fits are seen in it, which can be easily installed in small to large rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens, basements, etc.

In this pre-filter, H13 true HEPA filter and high-efficiency activated carbon filter eliminates allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, odor, and large dust particles from the air. This air purifier will prove to be very helpful for people suffering from respiratory diseases. It has been designed with a small and compact design.

This is an excellent tool for pet owners, allergics, babies, children, the elderly, and anyone who wants to improve air quality. It also works well if you’re going to get rid of your pet’s litter box smell. You must check out this fantastic device.


  • Has improved my allergy symptoms immediately
  • It is very small and compact
  • Noticed a big difference in the air quality in my room
  • Eliminates dog odor


  • Started making more noise after 2 months

5. AROEVE Air Purifiers for Home, H13 HEPA Air Purifiers

Lastly, we have included the AROEVE Air Purifier, the cheapest air purifier on our list. If your budget is low and you want a powerful purification, you must check out AROEVE Air Purifiers. AROEVE is an excellent scale brand, helping over a million families breathe pure air.

H13 HEPA filter is seen in this air purifier, which quickly filters smoke, pollen, dandruff, hair, and odor. It functions with dual-channel technology and a 360-degree air outlet to purify rooms as large as 215 ft² / 20 m²covering up to 5 times faster per hour. This small device can purify the air at a considerable level.

Sleep mode is seen in it, and it keeps on working while making very little noise. This slip-fold helps your baby and pet get a quiet night’s sleep. Pour the essential oil of your choice on the aroma pad at the bottom of the air purifier, and it will spread the fragrance throughout the room along with the clean air. Your room will be full of a healthy atmosphere and scented air.

Replace the filter cartridge after using this air purifier for more than 2000 hours to breathe healthy air all around. Filters are readily available in the market, which you keep changing after 4-6 months. This is an excellent tool for getting rid of pet litter box smell.


  • It is noiseless in night mode
  • The timer works great
  • It is easy to use
  • Scented oil fills the room with fragrance


  • Room heating radiator gets very hot and clogged

FAQs: Best Air Purifier for litter box smell

What is the best litter box odor eliminator?

Baking soda can be a good option for relief from litter box odor. You can place a little baking soda at the bottom of the litter box, which acts to absorb odors and help keep the place smelling great.

How do I stop my cat litter box from smelling?

If you want to remove litter box odor, clean regularly. You should remove solid and liquid clumps by scooping at least 2 to 3 times throughout the day. If you cannot do this, you can use an air purifier.

Do air purifiers get rid of cat litter smell?

Yes, of course, you can get rid of the smell of cat litter with the help of an air purifier. As you know, the air purifier eliminates all kinds of dust particles and odors from the air. It makes polluted and harmful air to breathe clean.

Is the litter box smell harmful?

Yes, it is harmful. Excessive exposure to the litter box can cause headaches or pneumonia and make your healthy body sick. Clean it twice a day if you can.


We hope the above article has helped you choose the right air purifier. If yes, then do share it with all your friends and relatives. Also, if you have any questions about the air purifier, you can ask in the comment section below.

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