How To Book Gas Cylinder 2023 – HP, Bharat & Indane

Are you also searching for how to book gas cylinders on the internet? If yes, then you will be happy to know that in this article, we will tell you how to book HP, Indane, and Bharath Gas; then, you can read this article till the end.

Friends, at present, there are many ways to book a gas cylinder, and you can easily book your gas cylinder. Along with this, three big companies in India, HP, Indane, and Bharath Gas, provide cylinders to consumers through different agencies. Keeping in mind the convenience of the consumers, all the companies offer the facility of gas booking in many ways.

Below we will know in detail about the different methods of booking gas cylinders of all three companies, so you must read this article till the end. We assure you that you will get to know the easiest way to book gas for all companies in the future.

1. How to book  HP Gas cylinder

Many options are available to book HP gas cylinders, out of which we will know some essential methods.

HP Gas Book By App

The mobile application is available from HP company, where you can log in to an account using your consumer ID and mobile number. Then you can quickly complete the gas booking process. This is one of the effortless methods.

HP gas book by call 

This is an ancient and traditional method that has been used for gas booking since last many years. For this, all you have to do is call IVRS 88888 23456 and choose the option for gas booking by following the instructions given by IVRS. You are generally asked to enter the consumer ID and press the one button for booking. You can try it.

HP gas book by Miss call book 

If you want to book gas through missed calls, it is an effortless and promising way to book gas instantly. But to use it you have to give a missed call on 94936 02222 number from your registered mobile number. If you give a missed call from another number, you will get the message that your mobile number needs to be registered.

HP gas booking by whatsapp 

At present, almost everyone uses WhatsApp social media. You can do the same if you also want to book gas through your WhatsApp. HP gas provides you with the facility of WhatsApp gas booking. You have to save 92222 01122 in your phone for gas booking through WhatsApp. Now you send Hi message through your registered number. Now you will be asked for some information for booking gas, give them and just your gas will be booked.

Like this  –

how to book gas cylinder
how to book gas cylinder

2. How to book indane Gas cylinder

Indane gas is an excellent and reliable provider, providing convenience to its consumers, so let us know how you can book an Indian gas cylinder.

Indane gas book by sms

SMS to Indian Gas. To book through, you can type (16 Digit ConsumerID)(space)UID(Last 4 Digit of Aadhaar) from your registered mobile number and send it to 7718955555. This is one of the old methods, which is still used by many people today.

Indane gas book by call 

This is also an ancient and traditional method of indane gas, which has been used for years. To use it, you can call the IVRS number 7718955555, where you will be given a lot of guidelines; you have to follow them and proceed with gas booking. Hence you will be asked for a consumer ID, and your gas will be booked.

Indane gas book by Misscall 

Booking indane gas through missed calls is relatively easy. For this, you have to give a missed call on 8454955555 from your registered mobile number. Your phone will be disconnected as soon as you call, and you will see the message of successful booking.

Indane gas booking by whatsapp 

For gas booking through WhatsApp, you have to save the number 7588888824 in your smartphone, and then you can open WhatsApp and send Hi message. You will be given options for gas booking and other assistance, considering which you can request; you will get to see the message of successful gas booking.

3. How to book Bharat Gas cylinder

There are many ways to book Bharat gas cylinders. You can adopt any of the methods mentioned below.

Bharat gas book by sms 

To book Bharat Gas through SMS, type on your Mobile LPG and then send it to 7715012345 or 7718012345. Remember that the number from which you are sending the message should be registered with your gas agency.

Bharat gas book by call 

To book a Bharat gas cylinder through call, you have to call IVRS number 7715012345 or 7718012345, there you have to proceed towards gas booking by following the given guidelines. Now you can complete the gas booking process by entering your consumer number.

Bharat gas by Miss call 

Bharat Gas also provides missed call facility to its consumers, where you can book your gas within a short period. For this, you have to call by entering the number 7710955555 on your dial pad, your call will be automatically disconnected, and you will get the booking message successfully.

Bharat gas by whatsapp

It is one of the most popular gas booking methods at present. To book gas through WhatsApp, you must first save the number 1800224344 in your phone’s contacts. Now open WhatsApp through your registered mobile and send a Hi message to this number. You will be given booking and other options, out of which select the booking option. By doing just this, your gas book will be done.

Along with this, we have told another way, through which gas of all companies can be booked. This is my favourite method, and I use it. It does not require mobile number registration; it works for all.

How to Book Gas Cylinder by Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePay

Digital payment is being used a lot in India. If you also keep making online UPI payments, you must use Google Pay, Phonepay, or Paytm. If yes, then you can also book your gas through this. The booking process is almost the same on Google Pay, Phonepay, Paytm, and other platforms, so you can also repeat the following process there.

  • First, open any of your apps (Google pay, Paytm, and Phonepay).
how to book gas cylinder
  • Now search “cylinder” on the search bar and open it.
how to book gas cylinder
  • Now choose your Gas provider.
how to book gas cylinder
  • Now enter your mobile number or consumer number and tap on Proceed button.
how to book gas cylinder
  • Now the registered name and payment will be visible.
how to book gas cylinder
  • Now complete your payment.

Like this, you can book your gas through any app(Google pay, Paytm, and Phonepay). You can use this method if you do not want to pay even ₹ 1 extra to the gas deliverer. This is one of my favorite methods where I don’t have to pay even ₹1 extra.

FAQs: How to book Gas Cylinder

How can I book gas cylinder in mobile?

You can book gas cylinders through your mobile using the abovementioned methods. It is effortless, and you will do it by following the above steps.

What is the latest gas booking number?

At present, the IVRS numbers of all the gas providers are as follows-
HP Gas number – 88888 23456
Indane Gas Number – 7718955555
Bharat Gas Number – 7715012345 or 7718012345

How do I book a cylinder on WhatsApp?

First of all, save your provider’s WhatsApp number in your phone contact, then after that, send a message by writing Hi on the provider’s WhatsApp number. Now you will be given guidelines from the provider, and following them, you can book Gas.
For example, the above article has been told about booking HP Gas through WhatsApp, which you can see.

How can I book Indane gas cylinder through SMS?

If you want to book Indian Gas through this method, then you have to type “(16 Digit ConsumerID)(space)UID(Last 4 Digit of Aadhaar)” from your registered mobile and send it to this number 7718955555.

Which app is used for booking gas cylinders?

You can use the official app of your provider. If you use Paytm, Google pay or Phonepay app, you can also use them for gas booking. You can refer to the above screenshots to learn the gas booking process through these applications.

Thanks for reading this “How to book gas cylinder” article!

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