Top 10 Best Flight Booking App In India 2023 – Cheapest

Do you want to know about the Best Flight Booking App in India? If yes, then definitely stay till the end of this article.

Friends are the fastest resource to go from one place to another in flight. It provides the safest and most comfortable travel experience in less time.

If you are planning to travel by flight but are worried about the flight booking application, then there is no need to panic. Below we have compiled a list of some of the best flight booking applications.

Very popular booking has been included in this list, where booking can be made by comparing the prices of all flight companies.


best flight booking app in india

MakeMyTrip is one of India’s best travel and hotel booking apps that aims to make travel much easier and more comfortable for people. Using this application, you don’t need to browse many websites.

It compares different flight prices in one place and provides a flight booking facility with one of the best offers. To book the ticket, select the ticket number and price range and book your ticket easily.


How to book a flight ticket on MakeMyTrip


2. Goibibo


Goibibo is a great app for booking flights at very cheap rates. Apart from flight booking, this app is preferred for hotel, train, cab, or bus booking. Goibibo provides the facility to find cheap flights by comparing the prices of all flights.

A flight tracker is also available in this app, where you can get information related to flight statuses, like delays, modifications, and cancellations. It is a good option to book tickets smartly and peacefully without spending extra money.


How to book a flight ticket on Goibibo


3. EaseMyTrip


EaseMyTrip has also been specially designed, keeping Trip in mind. It provides flight booking as well as bus and hotel booking facilities. You can book tickets very cheaply using this application. EaseMyTrip allows you to book flight tickets without any convenience charges.

It helps you reach your preferred destination at a reasonable cost. Also, there are many special discounts offers available from time to time. EaseMyTrip offers an exclusive Airplane Chat feature that helps you communicate with your partner in flight mode.


How to book a flight ticket on EaseMyTrip


4. ClearTrip

best flight booking app in india

ClearTrip is well-known for providing the shortest time and a one-touch flight booking facility. It is a great place for your travel and hotel booking. You can search and book domestic and international flights using ClearTrip.

This app provides special features like Fare Alert, with the help of which you can get an alert when a ticket price drops or rises. This is a good option to book tickets in a very short time and cheap.


How to book a flight ticket on ClearTrip


5. Expedia


Expedia provides facilities like flight, hotel booking, and car hire, keeping in mind trip planning. Tickets for domestic and international flights can be booked through Expedia. It compares all flight ticket prices and offers cheap flight tickets.

It is preferred for booking flights at its guaranteed price. If you find that you have not received the best-guaranteed price and have overpaid, the difference will be refunded to you.


How to book a flight ticket on Expedia


6. Yatra


Yatra is one of the best flight booking applications in India, where in addition to flight booking, hotel and bus can be booked. This platform allows domestic and international flight tickets to be easily booked at an affordable rate.

It offers great discounts on flight bookings. The Yatra app offers amazing features like the Speed ​​& Search Tool and E-cash, which save much time while booking flights.


How to book a flight ticket on Yatra


7. ixigo


ixigo is a top-rated flight booking app, which is also very much liked, especially by people planning trips. With the help of this application, booking of trains, buses, hotels, etc. can be made.

ixigo app provides a ticket booking facility for both domestic and international flights. There are many filters available in this, with the help of which you can book the right ticket in a short time.


How to book a flight ticket on ixigo


8. indiGo


IndiGo is an Indian airline company that provides a direct ticket booking facility for its airline. With the help of the IndiGo app, you can book your favorite seats at very affordable rates.

IndiGo is India’s largest airline, providing domestic and international services. If you prefer to travel with IndiGo, the app for flight tickets can be much more affordable.


How to book a flight ticket on indiGo


9. Skyscanner

Best Flight Booking App In India

Skyscanner is mainly known for offering its cheap flight ticket options. Comparing the price of all airlines presents you with the choice of cheap tickets. Flight, hotel, car, and bus tickets can be booked using this app.

Skyscanner is a highly reliable platform, a great app for searching flight deals from India to any destination abroad or within the country.


How to book a flight ticket on Skyscanner


10. Paytm

Paytm is primarily known for its payment gateway, mainly used to book a flight, train, or bus ticket. It also provides the facility of booking domestic and international flights.

There are many filters available while booking flights on the Paytm app, using which you can save a lot of your time.


How to book a flight ticket on paytm


FAQs: Best flight booking app

Which flight app is the cheapest?

It can be challenging because offers are available everywhere at different times, but Skyscanner is an excellent app for finding cheap tickets.

What days are the flights cheapest?

Cheap flight tickets are available mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday compared to other days. But this is not entirely correct as it ultimately depends on the demand.

If you want to travel on a cheap day, you can use the Fare Alert feature, which sends you an alert as soon as the ticket price drops.

Is Tuesday the Cheapest day to fly?

It is generally seen that domestic flights are much cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But remember, this is not always the case.

Is Skyscanner safe to book with?

Skyscanner is a very legitimate and reliable site with a good reputation. It helps you find the best deal and directs you to the referral site to book the flight. If seen, you do not buy tickets directly from Skyscanner.

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