5 Best Power Bank Singapore 2023 – With Buyer’s Guide

Hello friends, in this article today, we will talk about Best Power Bank Singapore. If you are also looking for a good power bank in Singapore, then definitely read this article till the end.

The power bank is a kind of electronic device which provides portable power to charge battery-operated phones, laptops, and earbuds.

If you are a student, businessman or traveller, it is essential to have an excellent portable charger, i.e. power bank.

There are different types of power banks in the company, but choosing a good-performing power bank among them is challenging.

After much research, our team has compiled a list of the 5 best power banks, which come with excellent quality and price, so that you can check them out.

How to choose the right Power Bank

Friends, keeping some important points in mind while choosing a good power bank is essential.

1. Charging Capacity

Whenever you choose a power bank, make sure to check the battery capacity of your phone first. After ascertaining the battery capacity of your phone, go for a power bank with a higher capacity.

As the battery capacity of your phone is 4000mAh, you can opt for a 10,000mAh battery to have more power backup.

2. USB ports

A good power bank must have a large number of USB ports so that you can charge as many devices as possible, such as smartphones, earphones, and smartwatches, at the same time. We suggest you go with a power bank with more USB ports.

3. Fast charging ability

As we know, all phones currently come with fast charging facility, where one can see power adapters with more amperes.

Whereas most power packs support only a 1A charging facility. We recommend you always use a power bank that supports 2A or 3A charging.

4. Size and weight

Any power bank’s size and weight depend entirely on its power capacity. Opting for a power bank with a higher power capacity will be heavier and more extensive.

5. Changing Connectors

USB type-A USB connector is available in all power banks, which works for almost all devices. Some new power banks get a lighting connector, which can be used to charge Apple devices.

1. Energizer UE10054 10,000mAh Power Bank Black

The Energizer UE10054 is placed at number one, which is known for its excellent quality and performance. It is a big power bank with 10,000mAh of power.

It has a very slim and compact design, which can be carried easily. Also, PowerSafe management has been provided to protect against Short circuits, Over Current etc.

It has two USB-A output ports, with which two devices can be charged at the same time. Also, it has been given two input USB Type C and Micro USB ports.

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2. Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD USB-C Power Delivery Powerbank

On the other hand, we have included the best power bank, which has many premium features. Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD comes with a very slim and lightweight design, which can be easily carried in packs, bags, camera cases etc.

The power bank’s biggest problem is the time it takes to charge, but it comes with fast charging support. It charges all your devices in a short time.

If you often travel long distances and your budget is very high, then you can go for this powerful device.

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3. Philips DLP6715NB/69 POWER bank, black

Philips is a vast and trusted name in the electronics market, known worldwide for its various electronics products. It is also working well in power banks with other electronics products. This is 10000mAh Universal Power Bank.

This power bank comes with Type-C and 1A USB outputs, which are essential for charging all your devices. It comes with advanced features like overhead protection.

With its help, three devices can be charged at the same time. If you want to buy a power bank from a good company, you can go with it.

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4. Energizer QE10007PQ 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank

At number four, we have included the Energizer QE10007PQ, one of the people’s most loved power banks. It comes with a beautiful and slim design. Due to its lightness, it can be carried very easily.

It comes with a 10000mAh power capacity, with the help of which the phone can be charged twice. In this, triple output USB-A, USB-C and wireless charging are seen. You can also enjoy the fast charging facility using the USB-C port.

This can be a good option if you are looking for a fast-charging wireless power bank at an affordable price.

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5. iWalk UBT12000X Scorpion X Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

Lastly, we have included the iWalk UBT12000X, which is well-liked for its sleek design and high power capacity. Being portable, it can be carried easily.

It has a powerful battery of 12000mAh, which can charge the phone more than 2 times. The lighting and USB ports can be seen in this, with the help of which Android and iOS devices can be charged.

It provides the facility to charge three devices at a time. If you are looking for a fast-charging power bank, you can look at this iWalk UBT12000X.

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FAQs: best power bank Singapore

Which power bank is better, 10000mAh or 20000mAh?

It entirely depends on your need. Both power banks are designed according to different power capacities. The power bank with 10000mAh capacity will be much lighter, smaller and cheaper than the 20000mAh one.

Can power banks damage your phone?

Yes, if you use a poor-quality power bank, it can damage your phone’s charging port and battery. Smart power management is seen in a good power bank, which protects against overcurrent, short circuits etc.

Is a 20000mAh power bank good?

Yes, of course, if you want more power capacity, you can go with it but keep in mind it will be more expensive, heavier and more extensive.

What should I look for when buying a power bank?

When choosing a good power bank, you must consider its power capacity, size, USB port, fast charging etc.

How long do power banks last?

Power banks coming from a good company mainly work correctly for 3 to 4 years; after that, many problems arise, such as faster battery drain etc.

Last word

Lastly, I would like to say that you should choose a good power bank keeping in mind your budget and need. If you want some other information about the power bank, then you can ask in the comment below.

Thanks for reading Best power Bank Singapore!

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