In this article, we will talk about how to cancel Optus plan. If you also want to cancel your Optus plan, you can read this article until the end.

Optus is a major player in the telecommunications industry in Australia, providing telecommunications services to millions of customers for many years. But that doesn’t mean they offer the best products for everyone, so if you are having trouble with your Optus service and want to cancel it, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Cancel your Optus plan

Below we have listed 3 ways to cancel the Optus plan, which you can follow at your convenience.

1. Phone call

You can call on (1300 555 241) to cancel your Optus plan and request them to cancel your plan. Also, during the call, you will be asked for many account-related and personal information, so you tell them correctly. Not only this, he will ask you for a valid reason why you want to cancel the plan, then share your problem with him.

They may promise to solve that problem, but you still have to request them to cancel it.

2.24/7 Online Chat

How To Cancel Optus Plan

Another way is to log in to your Optus account and open the contact us page. Now click on Message us 24/7. Now you will see a chat box, as shown in the picture, where you can request to cancel your plan. Remember that whenever you request to cancel your plan, give a valid reason.

3. My Optus App

How To Cancel Optus Plan

If you have been using Optus for a long time, then you would know that the My Optus app is an easy way to manage all the services. If you wish to cancel your plan, log in to your My Optus app and contact the support system to report your issue.

Other ways to cancel

Unfortunately, Optus has not included the simple one-click cancellation option on most of their services, meaning that it is clear that the only way to cancel the services is to talk to them directly.

If you are facing some problems in canceling, you can also contact them directly through social media –

A few things to keep in mind before canceling

  • Know why you’re canceling before you make the phone call to make your cancellation process easy and quick. You give them a satisfying reason, such as moving to a better plan, connectivity is inconsistent, or you are not happy with customer service. Remember that when you call him, he will always try to make you stay consistent with him.
  • Whenever you go for a cancellation, always be sure to read the cancellation terms and conditions to help you know whether there are any cancellation charges or not.
  • After talking to customer service, you can double-check your account status to confirm whether they have accepted the cancellation request.
  • Some companies continue to charge fees even after the cancellation of the service, so you should constantly check your bank statement to know whether any other charges have been paid or not.

FAQs: Cancel Optus Plan

Can I cancel my phone plan, Optus?

Of course, you can cancel using the methods mentioned above to cancel your plan.

Can I cancel My Optus account online?

You usually cannot cancel your plan with just one click. Instead, you have to interact with them directly. Only then can you cancel your plan.

How much does it cost to cancel Optus Internet?

Optus provides cancellation for some services free of charge but some services charge, so we recommend you visit the official website of Optus to get complete information.

Is Optus the best internet?

This is a bit tough question as it depends on the need of the consumer. Some customers are pleased with its service while some are upset with its service that’s why they want to cancel.


Optus has delighted millions of customers across the country, but that doesn’t mean their plans are perfect for everyone. Therefore, we hope that you must have got a lot of help from this article to cancel the Optus plan.

Also, if you know some new way to cancel the Optus plan, please tell us in the comment so that we can include that too and help more and more people.

Thank you for reading you’re how to cancel the Optus plan!