Are you finding the best way to invest 50k in Australia? Do you have the money to invest? Then, congratulations! You are on right track. But wait… do not quite yet go for any investment without thinking it through carefully. Your decision of where to put your hard-earned money should be well researched.

Why is that? Because there are different kinds of investors, with different levels of risk tolerance, time frame for investment, income needs, etc.

Best Way To Invest 50k Australia

Investing is all about following your rules of risk management and return expectations, using the best tools possible for you. This task can be completed by simply doing some homework before committing any money to an investment vehicle.

1. Invest in a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds

How do the pros get the best returns on their money? By investing in index funds. Index funds are mutual or exchange-traded funds that track market indexes like S&P 500, Dow Jones, Wilshire 5000, etc by purchasing all of the securities in an index proportionately so that they retain the same composition of the original index. The keyword here is “buying all the stocks in an index”.

What does this mean for you? This means that no matter what happens in the market, index funds provide your money with broad exposure to all the securities in an index. For example, when stock markets go south so does gold standard or S&P 500. But if you are invested only in an S&P 500 index, your losses are mitigated by gains in other securities that the fund invests in.

2. Pay off high-interest debt

The interest rate on your debt is the worst enemy of your savings. So, eliminate it at any cost. Whether you are paying off a credit card balance or student loan, the money you pay in interest would otherwise be gaining some return if it were invested in an index fund.

3. Contribute to your retirement savings account

Many of you might be wondering if this is the right time to start saving for retirement or invest in home improvement. If you are not really sure about how much you would need to retire with a comfortable income, try using an online retirement calculator. Saving and investing money now means your future self will be richer and happier.

4. Invest in real estate

If you are not satisfied with the returns of your investment in index funds, consider investing in real estate. It is all about making good use of your money to buy an income-generating asset that will grow over time. You can either purchase a rental property or invest in multifamily properties, but make sure to do your due diligence before taking any decision.

5. Start a business

There are millions of successful entrepreneurs who would tell you that starting your own business is one of the best ways to invest 50k in Australia. But, before you take this step, make sure to do your research and get advice from people who have already started successful businesses.

6. Invest in yourself

Your education is an investment in yourself. It is an asset that will be paying off for you throughout your life. So, spend as much as you can to get a good education and take a break from work if required.

The task of finding the best investment vehicles is daunting. But, with some research and planning, it can be completed successfully using any one of the many online platforms available today.

7. Buy stocks of strong companies with good fundamentals

Whether you are an active investor, buy-and-hold investor, or new to the market, there is always some homework that you can do before buying stocks. You can subscribe to a research service, read newspapers and company reports on a regular basis, etc. Find companies with strong management teams, high growth potential, innovative products/services, etc which will be able to outperform their competitors and grow over the long term.

8. Invest in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a very high-risk, high-return investment vehicle due to its highly volatile nature. But if you are ready for this, consider trading in cryptocurrency exchanges or mining them yourself. However, this avenue is not suitable for an average investor with only $50k to invest.

9. Invest in bonds

Bonds are the debt securities issued by companies and the federal government to borrow money. Because of their low credit risk and relatively stable income, most investors look for bond funds and ETFs. However, most of the bonds lose value when interest rates go up. So you have to invest in long-term bonds with good credit ratings that can hold up in a rising interest rate environment.

10. Invest in Gold and Silver

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver is another safe investment avenue if chosen carefully. Gold prices have been very volatile over the past few years, making them a good candidate for short-term trading or even long-term investment. However, it is advisable to be diversified in order to avoid high volatility due to its highly volatile nature.

FAQs: Best Way To Invest 50k Australia

Is investing in stocks safe?

Yes, if you do your homework and invest in good company stocks with great potential for growth.

What is the best way to invest $50 000?

The best way to invest your money is to see the above and make a decision.

How can I double a 50k fast?

You can invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. but remember crypto is very high risk and high return.

And you can start a business, but before this make sure to do your research and get advice from people who have already started successful businesses.

How much do you need to invest in cryptocurrency?

You can invest as little as you want. Follow the latest news and choose a trusted website to buy cryptocurrencies online.


Investing your money is the best way to make it grow. Also, if you don’t invest now, it will be too late to do so later on. Best of luck with your investment!

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