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Debutify is a free Shopify theme,  which has been designed for eCommerce. It lets you create your own online store quickly and easily with the most powerful features in the industry with Shopify.

Why Debutify?

This theme allows its users to make their e-commerce site look like an app. It has been created to make it easier for you to sell your product online. In order to prove its worth, this theme is packed with features like swipe scrolling, video elements, built-in review functionality, and much more.

Introduce the Debutify theme

This Shopify theme has some great features that make it stand out. At first glance, the homepage is very aesthetically pleasing with its open layout and bright colors. It’s clear that Shopify theme developers are starting to pay more attention to design and moving away from the same old structure seen in so many other themes.

Debutify Review

This theme also has one of my favorite features, which is the image zoom function on shopping pages. It’s a feature that I’ve come to expect from Shopify themes now because it increases conversions pretty dramatically by showing shoppers just how great the product will look before they purchase.

One thing that I would change about this theme is the checkout process. It’s very bright and not as easy to read as I like which means that shoppers might end up leaving before they actually complete their purchase.

I also don’t like how you can’t use custom colors on the navigation bar, this forces users to stick with default Shopify gray even though you can go into HTML and change the colors yourself to whatever you want. Most people won’t do this, though, and will end up with a theme that doesn’t quite match their branding.

How to install and set up the theme

  • Step 1: Go to Appstore > Find “Debutify” > Click the “Install App” button on the left side bar.
  • Step 2: Once installed, go to Online Store > Themes > Select “Debutify” theme from the dropdown menu under “Shopify Admin Theme”.
  • Step 3: Set your options by clicking on the “Customize theme” button below.

Once the theme is installed, setting up this Shopify Theme couldn’t be easier! The first thing you should do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Customize Theme”. This will take you into Shopify’s interface for editing themes and is where you’ll set up your navigation bar and logo/favicon

Some of the features of the theme make it a high-converting option for online stores.

  • Clear product presentation for both desktop and mobile users
Debutify Review
  • Integrated customer reviews right on the product page
  • Fast and free shipping as well as local pickup options
  • Lots of different types of payment methods accepted
Debutify Review
  • Many customizations are possible, but they must be done manually
  • Shop color scheme matches your brand’s colors automatically, there’s no need to edit HTML or CSS
  • Lots of different homepage slideshow options to show off your products
  • Beautiful and engaging Checkout page 
Debutify Review
  • Preview function lets you see what the theme will look like with different color schemes
  • Lots of built-in social media share buttons
  • Free stock photos for use on product pages make it easy to set up shop without having to go hunting for images
  • Inventory management system makes it easy to manage lots of different products
  • Brochure gallery makes it easy to share information about your business
  • Built-in search function lets customers quickly find products by name or keyword
Debutify Review

Price of Debutify

Its 4 plans are available, which are as follows.

Debutify Review

1.Free Plan – For beginners

  • CADC$0.00/mo
  • Store License
  • Private FB Group Access
  • Basic Support

2.Starter – For small business

  • CADC$27.69/mo
  • 1 Store License
  • Access Up To 5 Add-Ons
  • Advanced Support
  • Bronze Product Vault
  • 1-Click Integrations

3.Pro – For Big Brand

  • CADC$75.42/mo
  • Everything in Starter plus:
  • 1 Store License
  • Access Up To 30 Add-Ons
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Advanced Support
  • Silver Product Vault
  • 1-Click Integrations

4.Enterprise – For serious brand owners

  • CADC$142.27/mo
  • Everything in Pro plus:
  • 3 Store Licenses
  • Access All Add-Ons
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • VIP Support
  • Gold Product Vault
  • 1-Click Integrations
  • And More

Pros and Cons of Debutify

In Debutify, we have got to see some pros and some cons, which are as follows –


  • Product presentation: good for showcasing products, but it doesn’t present them very clearly when they’re on sale
  • Navigation: simple yet effective
  • Checkout process: unclear and cluttered
  • Shipping: fast and free shipping as well as other options such as local pickup
  • Product reviews: integrated into the product page
  • Technical aspects: many customizations are possible but it must be done manually

Cons :

  • lack of clarity in the checkout process, there’s a lot going on at once so it could be overwhelming
  • Can’t use custom colors for the navigation bar

Some examples of stores that have used Debutify to great effect

Debutify is a great theme for stores that are looking to showcase many products in an attractive manner. There are lots of different homepage slideshow options, plenty of social media share buttons and it’s easy to set up search functionality so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

All this combined with the free stock photos make it a great option for online stores that are looking to get a head start with their branding. The only downsides are the lack of custom color options and the lack of a search function on mobile devices.

FAQs: Debutify Review

Who can use Debutify?

Debutify is perfect for stores that are looking to showcase many products in a clean and attractive way. It’s especially useful if you’re just starting out with your online store.

What are the requirements for using Debutify?

To use Debutify, you will need to have a Shopify account, some knowledge of how to use it, and have your products set up on the platform.

Is Debutify theme legit?

Debutify is a legit theme. It works according to all the claims made by the developers and has an average 5 star rating (out of 5) from the users.

What payment options does Debutify offer?

Debutify offers the standard Shopify payment options such as credit card and payment via PayPal. There is also an option for free shipping.

Does Debutify cost money?

Its free and paid plans are available. Limited features are seen for free, whereas with the paid plan you can create a very beautiful & high converting store. Also, you can take its 14 days free trial.


Debutify is an excellent theme for showcasing lots of products in an attractive way, but there are some downsides to keep in mind.

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