5 Best Clock Radio Australia 2023 – A Digital Alarm Clock

This article will talk about the best clock radio in Australia. If you are also looking for an alarm clock with FM radio for yourself, you can read this article thoroughly.

There are very few devices with two uses; Alarm Clock Radio is one. You can mainly use it as your Alarm Clock and at the same time enjoy the melodious music of FM radio. Not only this but the support of a USB charger is also seen in many, making it an excellent device.

If you also want to make your life easier, you must turn to the best Clock Radio. It wakes you up early in the morning, tells the exact time and listens to melodious music through the radio. Below we have shared some of the 5 best Clock Radio, which you can watch as you need.

1. i-box Bedside Alarm Clock Radio 


i-box is a very well-known name known worldwide for its high-quality products. It offers a wide range of products. If we talk about its alarm clock radio, then it comes with Dimmable LED Display, which looks very beautiful. Along with this, the support of a Bluetooth speaker and USB charger is also seen in it.

It has a dual alarm function to set two different wake-up times. It can be played on FM radio and through Spotify or Apple Music. QI Wireless Charging is also seen in it, which makes it amazing at this price.

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2. ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio


ANJANK is a well known international brand, which provides its high-quality products all over the world. This Wooden Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio comes with a unique design, and this particular type of FM radio clock comes with many other features. 10W Fast Wireless Charging is available in this.

Also, it has a USB Charging Port for regular charging. This is a very beautiful looking LED light clock, and it comes with five different adjustable brightness levels. It has four different colour variants, which you can see keeping in mind the beauty of the bedroom.

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3.iHome PowerClock Glow Alarm Clock 


The most beautiful iHome PowerClock Glow Alarm Clock has been placed at number three in our list. It is known for its colourful, attractive design. If you are looking for an FM alarm clock to keep on your bedside table, go with this. WAKE UP YOUR WAY Easily programmable is provided in it, which gives you a chance to set your favourite song or your favourite radio station.

It has a very bright LED display clock, easily adjusted according to convenience. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker by pairing it with other Bluetooth devices. Also, there is support for USB charging so that you can charge your smartphone.

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4. Philips AJ3115/05 Alarm Clock Radio  


Philips is a huge brand, which is well known worldwide for its high-quality electronic appliances. The Philips AJ3115/05 Alarm Clock Radio comes from the same company. It provides wakes up with your music feature, under which you can use your favourite song or radio station as an alarm sound. This is an extraordinary feature, which is seen in some devices.

The Philips AJ3115/05 Two provides the facility to set alarm times so that you can wake up at two different times. This great alarm radio clock comes at a low cost, which you can keep on your bedside table. Plus, if you can stretch your budget a bit, go with the other lightweight and beautiful USB Chargeable FM Radio Clock.

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5. ANJANK Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio


This is a different type of FM radio clock coming from ANJANK company, in which many different features are available. Triangle has been specially designed to keep it on the Bedside Bedroom table, which looks very beautiful to look at. It has a 5.7-inch large bright display, whose brightness level can be adjusted in five different ways.

It also gets a dual alarm facility, allowing you to set alarms at two times. Also, it can be used as a USB Charger if needed. If you are looking for a beautiful Compact Alarm Clock FM Radio, you can go with it.

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