How to Rock Space Wifi Extender Setup 2023 (Step-by-step)

In this article, we are going to talk about the rock space wifi extender setup. If you have also bought a rock space wifi extender recently, you must read this article.

Rock Space is a well-known name that has been providing high-quality wireless products for many years. It is especially famous for its wifi extender, which comes at a very affordable price.

If you have a dead zone wifi area in your home where you can’t get internet coverage, then a wifi extender is a great solution to deal with such a situation. So let’s know how to rock space wifi extender can be set up.

How to setup/ Connect rock space wifi extender

If you are facing a problem connecting a rock space wifi extender with the router, you can follow the steps mentioned below. We are going to set it up through a smartphone. Also, you can setup it using the WPS button, Ethernet cable.

  • First of all, turn on your wifi extender by plugging it into the socket.
  • Now find the new wifi network available on your smartphone.
  • Now connect to the rockspace_EXT wifi network as in the picture.

rock space wifi extender setup

  • Now open your Chrome browser and visit http://re.rockspace.local or

rock space wifi extender setup

  • Now create a password and click Next.

rock space wifi extender setup

  • Now all available wifi networks will be scan.
  • We choose our router wifi.

rock space wifi extender setup

  • Then enter the password of the existing router as shown in the picture and tap on the Extend button.

rock space wifi extender setup

  • All you have to do is set up your wifi extender with the router, and successfully Extended message will be displayed on the screen.

rock space wifi extender setup

This is how you can connect your rock space wifi extender, which is much easier to do. Also, we would like to tell you that you can set up any other brand of wifi extender using the above process. The process for all wifi extenders and repeaters is almost the same.

After you have completed this setup process, you can use your wifi extender as a secondary router. Also, there is an Ethernet port in it, using which you can connect all your wired devices.


We hope that you will find all the information mentioned above very helpful. If you got to know something new from rock space wifi extender setup, definitely share it with your friends. Also, if you want to know the setup process through WPS and ethernet port, then definitely tell in the comment below.

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