Hello friends, today in this article, we will tell you how to delete a class in google classroom. If you, too, face this problem and the go-to solution, you can read this article thoroughly.

Google Classroom is a free web service developed by Google and launched in the year 2014. The primary purpose of which is to simplify the file-sharing process between the teacher and the student. Also, the process of creating, distributing, and grading assignments has to be significantly simplified.

If you are a student or teacher and want to delete your class, you do not get to see its option in Google Classroom. But below, we tell you a trick through which you can delete it permanently.

How to delete a class in google classroom

If you have many class additions in your Google Classroom and you want to delete them, you can adopt the following step.

how to delete a class in google classroom

  • Then you will see another popup; tap again on the Archive.

how to delete a class in google classroom

We do not see the option to delete the class in Google Classroom. It only goes into the Archive so that you can use it later. But if you want to delete it permanently, you can remove it with the help of Google drive because it saves all files on Google Drive to use your class-related things when needed later.

If you want to remove it permanently, then follow the following step.

  • First of all, open your Google drive app.
  • Then refresh it once.
  • Then you will see the class as per the picture.
  • Now tap on the three dots of the file containing the class.

how to delete a class in google classroom

  • Then go to the bottom and remove as per the picture.

how to delete a class in google classroom

(NOTE: Keep in mind that in both this process, you use the same Google account.)

Just by doing this, your class will be deleted entirely from Google Classroom, and the data kept as safety in Google Drive will also be destroyed. Also, if you only want to delete the class for a short time, you can archive the class and keep it in a different place for later.

But suppose you have many classes in your Google Classroom, and you want to delete the unusable classes permanently. In that case, you can follow the process mentioned above and keep only the necessary and useful classes in your Google Classroom.

So, we hope you like these tips a lot more. If yes, then do share with all your friends so that they can also know about how to delete a class in google classroom.