5 Best Smartwatch Under £50 UK In 2021 (With Fitness Tracker)

best smartwatch under £50 UK

In this article today we are going to talk about the best smartwatch under £50 UK. If you, too, are looking for a great smartwatch to improve your personality, then you can read this article thoroughly.

According to Smartgeekwrist, a smartwatch helps find the time. Your phone and key provide a lot of information like reply message and receive a call, social media notification alert, and fitness tracker, etc.

If you also want to make your life easy and smart, you must spend on a good smartwatch. Below we have prepared a list of some of the best smartwatches, which you can see.

1.Jikko Smartwatch1.69 Inch 


It is a smartwatch coming from the Jikko brand, which is available with three different colour options. If you also buy your things according to the colour, this is a good choice.

In this, you get to see the support of Alexa, so by saying that you can listen to music, know the weather, set the alarm, etc., you can do all the work.

In this, you get to see the activity tracking and monitoring facility for the whole day, which continuously monitors your steps, calories, distance, etc. You can easily connect it with JIKKO App Veryfit.

In addition to connecting it, you can receive incoming calls and messages on it. Also, you can use activity reminders, stress, heart rate, alarm settings, and stopwatch, etc.

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2.COLMI P6 Smart Watch 


The second smartwatch on our list is the COLMI P6, the smartwatch that comes with many smart features at the lowest price. In this, you get to see a fast and responsive touch screen.

You can easily pair it with your mobile, and you can set up a vibration reminder, alarm, one-click photo, and incoming calls and messages.

Through this smartwatch, you can monitor the health of everyone, heart rate, stress, and blood oxygen. Also, this smartwatch measures your sleeping and waking time and alerts you.

This SmartWatch comes with a 170mAh battery, which gives you a battery life of 5 to 6 days during heavy use. Also, this watch comes with a metal body and 2.5 curved glass.

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3.GOKOO Smart Watch 


Goku is a very well-known name, providing its high-quality products for quite some time. This watch comes with a beautiful design and strong body, which makes it significantly more durable.

You can connect this watch to your smartphone quite easily and can receive your phone calls and SMS. Not only this, you can receive alerts as Vibration of your WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. applications.

This smartwatch keeps telling you about heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, calories, along with telling you the time. Along with this, 8 sports modes have also been provided, through which you can track activities like running, walking, cycling, etc.

You can use this smartwatch with an Android device or iOS device. To use it, you have to install an application named “Da Fit” on your mobile. Also, you get 12 months warranty.

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4.Smart Watch ECG HRV SPO2 


Gyx is a trendy brand, which is very well known for your sports product. If we talk about this smartwatch, it has been designed in a much more beautiful way, which looks much more attractive.

This watch comes with a sports twist, which automatically recognizes activities like running, walking, and jumping. Along with this, you also get to see exercise mode, which tracks activities like swimming and yoga.

You can easily connect this smartwatch with your smartphone and receive all your calls, notifications on it. ‌ It comes with an automatic fitness tracker, which continuously tells your real-time heart rate, quality of sleep, etc.

It has a large battery, which provides a full 10-day battery backup on charging you two to 3 hours. This watch comes with a 1-year warranty, which further enhances the trust of this brand.

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5.GOKOO SmartWatch 


On the one hand, the SmartWatch has been included in our list of the GOKOO brand, which comes with its unique golden color. If you want a smartwatch with a Royal design, you can check it out.

It comes with a waterproof fitness tracker, which continuously tracks your activities like running, walking, cycling and badminton. Also, it has given you a 1.3-inch full-screen IPS touch screen display, which gives you a clear visual experience.

In this smartwatch, you also get to see the feature of daily activity monitoring, which continuously monitors your steps, calories, distance, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality and alerts you from time to time.

This smartwatch supports both Android and iOS devices. You can pair it with your phone quickly and get your calls, notifications on your smartwatch. It comes with a lot of custom dial clocks.

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We hope that you will like all the information mentioned above. If yes, share it with all your friends looking for the best smartwatch under £50 UK.

If you still have some questions in mind, you can ask us in the comment below; we will surely answer all the questions to remove all your confusion.


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