#9 Best Surge Protector Extension Leads In UK 2023(Updated)

Today in this article, we will tell you about the best surge protector extension leads in the UK. If you want information related to this, then you can read it thoroughly.

Extension leads are sometimes useful when you have very little space at home and connect many of your electronic equipment to a power source.

If a busy office is established or home, then a small device can make a huge difference and can solve your problem in the best way.

When electrical voltage fluctuations occur suddenly, the surge can damage your electronic equipment. There can be many reasons that can suddenly increase or decrease voltage, such as overloading, etc.

If you want to protect your gadgets and equipment with a surge, you must go to a good surge protector extension lead.

We have told you some of the best surge protectors below, which you can see below as per your requirement.


1.Pro elec 5 m Switched Surge ProtectedCheck on amazon
2.Te-Rich 12 Gang Surge ProtectorCheck on amazon
3.AUOPLUS Surge Protected ExtensionCheck on amazon
4.Duronic 10 Way Extension Tower Check on amazon
5.GLCON Tower Power StripCheck on amazon
6. Mscien 5M Extension Lead 5Check on amazon
7.Belkin BSV400af2M 4 WayCheck on amazon
8. Masterplug surge protectorCheck on amazon
9. Masterplug Four Socket Power SurgeCheck on amazon

How to Choose right Surge protector Uk 

If you see a surge protector for the first time, you must take care of some essential points. You can see all these important points below.

Surge Protection

This is an important feature that you should check before taking an extension lead to see if it is Surge Protected. If it is not Surge Protected, then your electronic devices can be damaged at any time due to high voltage, so always go to the extension leads that provide surge protection.

Number of sockets

In each extension lead, you get to see the sockets according to different capacities. If you are looking for your office, you should go to a surge protector with at least eight sockets.

Number of USB ports

If you use digital devices in plenty, you have to go to a surge protector with maximum USB ports to charge them quickly.

Build and design

Whenever you take a protection device, take care of its build quality to not cause any damage even if you fall from your hand. We would advise you to move to a surge device made of strong plastic.

Cable length

You can choose this after taking into account the condition of your home or office so that you can source power to your search protector with the right length.

Mount type

We would always recommend you go to the wall mount surge protector to mount it on the wall and save a lot of space in your house. If you want to go to more sockets, you can also go towards the tower surge protector.

1.Pro elec 5 m Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 

This is the first product we have discovered for you. This is the Pro elec 5 m Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead. It comes with four sockets. Also, an LED indicator is provided with each. It comes with a 5-meter cable.

Excellent quality material has been used to make it, which makes it durable and reliable. Also, you get to see a user-friendly design.

You can use this Surge Protector Lead in your office or home etc., where you have to connect a lot of electronic devices.

Surge protection for devicesRequires installation
Individually switched socketsMay limit total connected load
LED surge indicatorMay be distracting in the dark
Rapid surge protection response 
Compliant with standards 
Promotes safe usage

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2.Te-Rich 12 Gang Surge Protector 

This is the Surge Protector from Te-Rich, second in our list due to its special features. It comes with a unique tower-like design. Its most extraordinary thing is that it supports AC as well as DC.

In this, you get to see 12 sockets and 5 USB ports, which resolves all your charging and power connectivity concerns. It comes with 2 meters long only.

It acts as a power source and protects your device as a protector so that you can use your device without worry.

12 AC outlets + 5 USB portsRequires available wall space
Power spike protection 
Space-saving design 
2-meter heavy-duty cord 
Certified safety

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3.AUOPLUS Surge Protected Extension Lead  

This is the Surge Protector extension lead coming from a brand called AUOPLUS. In this, you get to see four USB and six sockets, with the help you can source power to your devices at your office, home etc.

These USB ports support fast charging technology, offering you up to 3amp current so that you can charge your mobile or other electronic devices reasonably fast.

If your voltage fluctuates for some reason, it protects all the connected devices and prevents them from getting damaged. There is enough space in the middle of this socket so that you can connect larger devices.

10 outlets (6 AC + 4 USB)None specified
3-meter/9.8ft heavy-duty cord 
USB ports with smart IC technology 
Surge and overload protection

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4.Duronic 10 Way Extension Tower ST10B

It is one of the best selling surge protectors. It comes with its superior design, in which you get to see 10 sockets so that you can connect more and more of your electronic devices.

The total capacity of this tower is 3000 votes, which is sufficient for regular use. This tower saves you time and space. With its help, you can plug as many devices as you can into a much smaller area.

It comes with a stunning tower design, which is much stronger and durable. If you want Surge Protection for your office or home, then you can go towards it.

Converts 1 socket into 8 outletsSuitable for low-powered devices
Surge protection with indicator 
Space-saving design 
Detachable base for flexibility 
Diagonally angled plug sockets

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5.GLCON Tower Power Strip with USB

GLCON Extension Tower is one of the best Surge Protector and hence it occupies the fifth position in our list. In this, you have been given 10 sockets, with the help you can power source your electronic device.

Also, you get to see four USB outputs so that you can charge your mobile, power bank, etc. devices. It is made of high-quality ABS material, which makes it much more robust and durable.

This protects them from a sudden electrical surge, in addition to providing power supply to devices and charging gadgets. Whenever there is a surge, it immediately cuts off the power to prevent damage.

Space-saving vertical designFlimsy and thin plastic
Individual switches for each rowBase is small and prone to falling
10 UK plug outlets and 4 USB ports 
Retractable cords for adjustable length 
Safety features including surge protection

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6. Mscien 5M Extension Lead 

This is the Surge Protected Extension Cord with a colourful design, a 5-meter long cable. Each socket in this extension lead comes with an individual colour switch, making it significantly more functional and attractive than other models.

Separate switches provided in this save light consumption to a great extent. It provides surge protection to the devices connected to the power source. And ensures that there is no damage to the device.

You can mount it on the wall to cope with the lack of space in your home or office. Also, you have been given a 5-meter long extension cable.

Surge and overload protectionFalsely advertised length
5-meter long extension cordWall plug issues, safety concerns
Individual switches for each outlet 
Wall-mountable for convenience 

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7.Belkin BSV400af2M 4 Way/4 Plug 2 m Lead Strip

It is a Surge Protection extension lead made of premium quality material. In this, you get to see a very excellent design, which looks much more attractive in white and black colour combinations.

It has given you a big switch, so there is a meagre chance that you can switch it off by mistake. In this, you have been given 2 meters long cable, which in my opinion is sufficient.

This extension lead has 4 sockets, with the help of connecting four different devices simultaneously. This is an excellent option for your office space so that you can add multiple devices simultaneously.

4 Protected AC OutletsBlue neutral terminal not tightened, safety risk
Surge protection up to 525 Joules 
Ultimate safety features 
LED Not-Grounded Indicator and safety covers

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8. Masterplug Heavy Duty Four Socket Surge Protected lead

It is a portable Duty Four Socket Surge protector that comes with a portable design. With this product, it becomes much easier to charge USB devices with much more safety features.

These sockets are much safer than an unexpected surge, so there is no risk of damage to your equipment. In this, you get to see contact and functional design. It comes with a 1-meter long cable.

In this, you have been given two sockets, with the help of which you can source power to your two devices simultaneously. It comes with a special kind of thermal cutout indicator to ensure optimum safety.

Surge protection for electrical appliancesMay require longer cables for specific needs
Safety thermal cut-out indicator 
Smart USB features for efficient charging 
Two USB charging outlets for added convenience

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9. Masterplug Four Socket Power Surge Protected Lead

It is a Masterplug Four Socket Power Surge Protected Extension Lead with 4 sockets, which comes with its unique design. It has a thermal cutout indicator to notify you that a surge protects your device.

It has been made much lighter and portable to carry it easily and mount it on the wall as per the convenience. There are four sockets available in this Master Plus product, which comes with a lot of space to connect the bulky device.

This product comes with a one-year warranty so you should go for it without any worries. It comes with 4 meters long cable so that you can easily connect your home or office equipment with its help.

Protects against power surges and spikesNo individual switches for each socket
Safety thermal cut-out indicator 
13 Amp fuse with safety shuttered sockets 

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We hope that all the information mentioned above will be excellent. If you also want to save the instruments installed in your home or office from the surge, you can invest in it.

If you like this information, then share it with all your friends to know which are the best surge protector in UK.

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