Are You New To YouTube Video Marketing? Some Tips To Help You

For this day and age, if you’ve understood the importance of video marketing, odds are that you already have a Channel on youtube and would like to share videos. You have to find out your niche before that, move ahead with a memorable brand name, create a brand logo, and compose a bio with references to your other social media pages. 

As you’ll see, before you turn on the camera, perform a webcam test, and start streaming, you ought to have numerous things in order.

Here Are A Few Facts Regarding YouTube

Listed below are a few things you ought to know about YouTube

  • YouTube is the biggest global hub for content. It acts as a host each month to millions users worldwide. As cool as this is, by merely posting videos, you should keep in mind that you’ll never get any visibility as a brand. In order to create an audience, generate leads, and encourage sales, many companies and content creators and marketers use this site and others to market their goods and services.
  • Know that you ought to have at least 10,000 lifetime views if you wantto make money from YouTube. Of course, there are many things you can do to push up the traffic on your web and earn money.
  • Never make the mistake of assuming that it will allow you to make money or establish a huge audience by posting videos on YouTube alone. You neec to make actual attempts to expand your brand recognition, and you need planning and preparation.
  • Whenever you want to stick out in the current market, your videos ought to have meaning. In other terms, you ought to ensure that your videos are either insightful or enjoyable, or both, ideally. Also, ensure youtubers find your video. If people do not find the videos, there’s no sense in creating such good videos.
  • That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into effect. Your video titles and explanations must be optimised. Conduct keyword research and incorporate them titles and descriptions


Boosting Traffic On YouTube

Here are some of the steps you can follow to boost the traffic on your YouTube channel

Research And Planning

A broad range of topics are involved in preparing your videos, like your brand priorities, your market, target demographic, what the viewer expects from you, your short and long-term goals, and so forth. To ensure your actions aren’t lost, you have to get these things. Before you make videos, ask oneself how your viewers can profit from the videos.

You’ll be able to make videos without running out of creativity once you address these questions. It takes us to the next thing – analysis. Once you know what your market needs, before you post something, you need to thoroughly study your content. Meanwhile, to better comprehend your viewers, take a glance at other platforms and creators that you respect and keep a record of the feedback they get. Your content can be improved by emulating the content creators you look up to.

Eye Catching Thumbnails

If you’d like to catch the audience’s eye, you ought to have attractive thumbnails. Remember, there are a lot of choices for your viewers to choose from. Give people a reason to choose your video, right from the start, if you’d like to stand out. Play with vivid shades, incorporate certain text that you believe will catch their attention.

Using Hashtags And Keywords

You have to optimise your content for SEO, as mentioned. Put in the effort needed and perform some keyword analysis to figure out which phrases are commonly searched for in your niche, and incorporate them in the title of the video, if you’d like to post videos that gain momentum. Use certain keywords in the description of your video as well.

You can either enter terms that you assume people are looking for in the YouTube search bar and compile them, or you could use a word-tracker. For in-depth analysis, using a word-tracker is advised. These tools offer a number of criteria and inform you how easy or difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword, search frequency, and other key information.

In fact, to gain as much exposure as possible, you would have to add both general and branded hashtags. Generic or general hashtags are commonly searched for by almost everyone. That being said, branded hashtags are used only for your brand, and that renders it unique. That makes it easier for everyone to find your brand and platform. In every video title and summary, ensure you include hashtags.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

It is important to use a CTA button. You can use it either during the length of the video or at the end of it. For all the content that you share on YouTube, make sure you provide a CTA. For this purpose, you could use YouTube cards and end-screens. Here are a few examples: liking your video, subscribing to your channel on YouTube, posting, tweeting, checking your website, purchasing your course, joining your email list, etc.

You should not remove CTAs from your videos, especially if video selling is a necessity, as it ought to be. If  you are a content maker, you could make content, upload snippets, and utilize a CTA to get viewers to stay on your channel, purchase a product, or something else.

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