Mutual fund

Mutual Fund is such an investment hub. Where many investors deposit money or suppose the mutual fund is such a place where small business, employee money is deposited. And then the capital deposited by the investors is used together in one place. To earn the maximum profit.

There are more sponsors and asset management companies in India. The way they keep bringing a mutual fund scheme. These companies are experts in knowing the stock market. They put the money of people in different places, if they have any losses, then the loss is fixed by saying something else. And in this way, they give good benefits to the money invested by the people.

Each of the mutual fund schemes has some properties that are common to all

Mutual Funds Sponsor:  This is the person or entity that sets the mutual fund. The person who sponsors it has to invest 40% of his total amount at least.

Trust:  Launch any Mutual Fund as a Trust of Sponsor and it is necessary to create the necessary documents government office.

Asset Management Company (AMC):  This is a financial or management department which is decided by the Trust operator and approved by AMC SBI (State Bank of India).

Guardian / Trustee:  This is to provide security to those people who are also a mutual fund investor and it is also approved by some bank or financial institution.


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Mutual Fund Types –

Mutual funds are very complex and with the help of no expert, it would be a bit difficult to understand for this common people. If we talk about a type of mutual funds in India, then it is divided into 5 parts according to different features.

1. Asset-based funds
2. Structured Based Funds
3. Risk-based funds
4. Investment based funds
5. Characteristics based funds


How to invest in Mutual Funds

There are more sponsors and asset management companies in India. who bring a variety of Mutual Fund schemes. But before investing in any scheme and before investing it, it is very necessary that we should have complete information about it.

If you don’t understand the mutual fund scheme and all its terms and conditions, then our investment can come in risk and we may have less loss of benefits. So first you have to understand it about it with any expert then associated with any scheme mentioned.

sundaram mutual fund
Tata Mutual Fund
ICICI Mutual
HDFC Mutual Funds
Kotak Mutual Fund
Axis Mutual Fund

Sundaram mutual fund

Sundaram mutual fund


sundaram mutual fund One of the oldest and famous financial service providers. It has been working for the last 60 years. Whose full name is Sundaram Finance Limited group? Sundaram Mutual Fund allows retail investors to invest a common investment goal together.


There are 5 categories of  Sundaram mutual fund

Equity funds – The objective of this type of fund investment is to allocate a large portion of the shares and shares of various companies in the share market to achieve long-term capital gains. It involves high risk, but Sundaram Mutual Fund returns well on equity funds.

Specialty funds – It is focused on a particular area and can invest in opportunities of equity or fixed income.

balanced funds – A balanced fund invests in fixed income securities and equity. The risks and returns associated with these mutual funds are lower compared to other mutual funds.

Tax saver funds – In the Equity-Linked Savings Scheme by Sundaram Mutual Fund, the lock-in period of 3 years continuously with additional tax deduction under Sec 80 of the Income Tax Act.

fixed income funds – Sundaram Mutual Fund is known for its fixed income products that choose a loan or secure investment instrument for investment to provide fixed returns to investors. This product is designed for low-risk hungry customers.


some important benefits of Sundaram mutual fund

  1. A clear picture of the terms and conditions of a product
  2. Transparency in the robust investment process
  3. Focused research
  4. Efficient management investor’s money
  5. Customer oriented process

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After reading this article, you may have understood that the mutual fund is correct. And what are the Sundaram mutual funds and what are its benefits?
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