What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits (September 2019)

What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

Hello friends, today we will know what is Jio Giga tv And how it will be used and how you can order/booking/registration it and what its benefits are and more Jio Giga tv and Jio Gigafiber Broadband.

Reliance Jio’s GigaFiber Broadband Television and Landline is going to start simultaneously with many more services. Last month, Reliance Jio gave signals of Triple Pay plans for its GigaFiber FTTH service. This broadband-TV-landline combo service will be made available to customers at the rate of 700 rupees per month. Jio GigaFiber will give you the option to add up to 40 devices in your smart home network, up to Rs 1000. You will be able to enjoy a smart home of up to Rs 1000 only.

At present, pilot-testing by Jio in Delhi and Mumbai are being done very fast. Customers are now given 100 Mbps speed and 100GB data-free. Just once the customer is being charged for 2500 rupees router service. However, under the new service, telephone and television services will be added within three months. And until the test is done, the three services will remain free for about 1 year.

Friends, who do not like watching TV. We use a cable connection at home to watch TV or use a company’s DTH service. We are charged monthly for this.
But friends, we need a big cable or DTH antenna to use it. But Jio Giga does not have such a TV at all. Because it works on new technology. So let’s know about Jio Gigaa tv.

What is JIo Giga TV?

What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

Jio Giga tv is a kind of set-top box. With the help of which you can easily watch TV without any DTH or cable connection.
Yes, guys, it will run without any cable connection. The company says that the content of the TV will show you this high-speed internet.

How to use JIo Giga TV

To use JiGigaga tv, you must have internet. Jio company, Gigafiber with JioGigaa tv in September 2019 also will launch. The Jio Giga TV set by the Jio Gigafiber will be connected to the internet. The set top box will be connected to the high-speed internet. And the TV will be easily seen on this.

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Jio Giga tv price and plans

Friends, you know that Jio Giga tv is not officially launched. So it is not possible to tell the confirm price now. But Jio Giga Fiber and Jio Giga Tv set-up box will be launched together. And their combo price can be 2500 rupees. Which will be refundable according to the company.

Jio Giga Tv plansSpeedMonthly Limit
Rs. 699100 Mbps100+50 Extra GB
Rs.849100 Mbps200+200 Extra GB
Rs.1,299250 Mbps500+250 Extra GB
Rs.2,499500 Mbps1250+250 Extra GB
Rs.3,9991Gbps2500 GB


and last Bigger Titanium plan is 8,499 and speed 1Gbps and Monthly Limit 5000 GB. At the end of limited Data in all these plans, you will get unlimited 1Mbps speed.

Jio Giga Tv launch date

Jio Giga tv has not been launched yet But its registration process started on August 15, 2018. It will be officially launched on 5 September 2019. Jio Gigafiber and Jio Giga tv to be launched together. Jio Giga tv is a new technology that will completely change people’s TV viewing experience in the future.

How to order/booking/registration Jio Giga TV

You can book Jio Giga TV both online and offline.
Online booking – You go to jio.com or Jio app to book online Jio Giga Tv. And there to complete the online registration process. In this process, some details will be sought from you, you submit your details there.
OFFLINE BOOKING – You have to contact your nearest Jio store. And to go there, register for Jio Giga Tv.

1. First of all, register for Jio Gigafiber device.
2. Fill all the required details of the form.
3. Jio will continue to tell you all the date and service related to Jio Giga Tv via SMS and Email.

4. When you buy it and Jio set-box connect from Gigafiber, then you can enjoy HD tv channels.

Jio Giga Tv Installation

The company says the city will get the maximum registration request. The first installation process will be started there. When you book this device and when this device gets delivered to you. Then on behalf of the company, it will be sent to the installation worker to install it. The worker who will connect your router with the Fiber cable and the Jio set up the box. You can enjoy Hd TV channels by connecting this setup box to any TV.

Benefits of Jio Giga TV 

What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

1. With the help of this, you can easily watch TV without any cable connection.
2. Through this,s you can easily do video and audio call on any other TV or mobile.
3. With this Jio Giga tv, you can enjoy all the Jio apps on your TV.
4. You do not have to pay any money to use it, you just have to put a Jio Gigafiber and only recharge it.
5. You can also run the internet in Tv easily by Jio Giga tv set top box.
6. In bad weather, you will not have any connection problems in watching TV. Because it will run through the internet.
7. With this set-top box, you can save your favorite programs by recording them and see it later.

8. You can also use Jio Giga tv in multiple languages.
9. This setup box will be completely wireless.
10. Jio Giga tv’s remote will be a voice-controlled remote. Like Amazon’s Fire Tv Stick.
11. In it, you will enjoy 4k content very smoothly. Because you can surf the internet with 1GBps Speed.
12. VR Handset lover has also been given the option of connecting VR Handset in Jio Giga TV set-up box.

13. With its help, normal TV can also be made smart.

Jio Giga tv disadvantage

1. If a fiber cable is cut due to an ongoing underground repairing work in your city, Jio Giga tv will be closed.
2. You need to take special care of your Deta Pack while watching TV. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the TV when the data ends.
3. Like dish tv, you can not use Jio Giga tv in any city or anywhere because fiber connection is not available everywhere.
4. To watch any channels of Star, you will have to download HOTSTAR, which will not make the user experience so good.

The company says it will remain free for the first 90 days.

More Information Watch this video –

Jio Giga Tv FAQ

How does Jio GIGA TV work?

Jio GIGA TV is seen in a way, it is only part of Jio Gigafiber. That’s totally dependent on the Internet. To enjoy Jio Giga tv, you have to connect the Jio set up box to Jio Gigafiber. As soon as it connects, you will be able to see your favorite programs on easiest internet through Jio Giga tv.

What is Jio Giga Router?

Jio Giga router, the main device of Jio Broadband In which the fiber cable will be connected and with the help of this Ultra high-speed internet will be enjoyed.

What is the GIGA TV set-top box?

Jio GIGA TV set-top box Just like a cable-tv set-top box With the help of which you will be able to enjoy Tv content through the Internet.

Will Jio GIGA TV consume data?

yes, Jio Giga tv data will consume. Because there is no cable connection in it. And to see live TV on it, it is necessary to connect to the Internet connection.

What is Jio DTH?

Jio DTH, Jio cable TV, and Jio set-top box are no different things. This is all being said to Jio Giga TV itself. Because it has not been officially launched now, so people just know it by many names.


It is clear that Jio Gigafiber must be used to use Jio Giga tv. For this, you have to spend 2500 rupees which will be refundable according to the company. Then by connecting both, you can enjoy the service of Jio Giga TV.
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    • My dear friend Chandrasekhar Jio Gigafiber will consume about 10-12GB of data by watching 10 hours of TV in HD. Apart from this, if you like to watch 4K content, then you have to consume more data.

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