Jio Gigafiber Plans | Price and Jio Gigafiber Full Details in India(2020)

jio gigafiber
jio gigafiber plans: jio gigafiber broadband
Jio Gigafiber broadband

Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you about the Jio Gigafiber plans and All information related to Jio Gigafiber. The basic plan of reliance Jio starts with just Rs 500, in which you get 600 GB of data. Now, reliance broadband is testing its service in Delhi and Mumbai.

Jio has named this broadband as Jio gig fiber. With the help of Jio company, people want to give the high-speed net cheaply and want to improve the level of existing broadband Jio company hopes that with the help of fiber network and Jio Gigafiber The world’s top 5 fixes will include our country in the broadband countries.

Jio Gigafiber plans: price and Jio Gigafiber full details | in India

jio gigafiber plans: price and jio gigafiber full details | in india
Jio Gigafiber plans

Jio company has divided the plans of Jio Gigafiber into three categories, the user can take any of the three plans accordingly. Under these three schemes, different net speed will be given, if you want more speed You have to take a lot of money plan.

1. Jio Gigafiber speed-based plans
2. Jio Giga fiber volume-based plans
3. Jio Gigafiber special broadband plans Gigafiber speed-based plans-

Jio fiber 50 Mbps plan

speed        – 50Mbps
price         – 1500Rs
data limit  – 2000GB
validity     – 30days

Jio fiber 100 Mbps plan

speed        – 100Mbps
price         – 2000Rs
data limit  – 1000GB
validity     – 30days

Jio fiber 200 Mbps plan-

speed        – 200Mbps
price         – 3500Rs
data limit  – 750GB
validity     – 30days

Jio fiber 400 Mbps plan

speed        – 400Mbps
price         – 4000Rs
data limit  – 500GB
validity     – 30days

Jio fiber 600 Mbps plan

speed        – 600Mbps
price         – 5500Rs
data limit  – 300GB
validity     – 30days

2. Jio Giga fiber volume-based plans-

5GB daily plan

speed    – unlimited
price     – 1000Rs
validity – 30days

10GB daily plan

speed    – unlimited
price     – 2000Rs
validity – 30days

20GB daily plan

speed    – unlimited
price     – 3000Rs
validity – 30days

40GB daily plan

speed    – unlimited
price     – 4000Rs
validity – 30days

60GB daily plan

speed    – unlimited
price     – 5000Rs
validity – 30days

3. Jio Gigafiber special broadband plans-

500Rs plan

speed       –  15Mbps
data limit –  600GB
validity    –  30days

1000Rs plan

speed       –  25Mbps
data limit –  500GB
validity    –  30days

500Rs plan

speed       –
data limit –  3.5GB/day
validity    –  30days

500Rs plan

speed       –  60
data limit –
validity    –  30days

800Rs plan

speed       –  unlimited
data limit –
validity    –  30days


What is Jio Gigafiber?

jio gigafiber
Jio Gigafiber

Jio Giga fiber is a broadband service with the help of which the speed of 1GBps net will be made available to the people, according to Jio, it will be an ultra high-speed broadband service which will be distributed through an optic fiber.

Jio company claims that people who apply it will get high-speed internet and they can see up to 4k video without any hassles. In order to provide broadband service from the optic fiber in our country, Jio has invested about 25 billion crores of rupees.

What is optic fiber?

jio gigafiber plans:optic fiber
optic fiber

1. So far in our country, broadband internet service is given in two types, one is a wireless mode and the other is the fixed mode. What we use in mobile comes under wireless broadband. The same High-speed Deta in the homes and offices using Probiogiites like T1, cable, DSL, and FIOS, it comes under the fix Broadband service.

2. Jio Gigafiber is a fix broadband service, other fix broadband used coper wire-cables, but Jio Gigafiber is used optic fiber

3. Optic fiber runs more than other cables and this also has the potential of bandwidth, it provides quite a good speed compared to other cables, and this is why Jio has used it in its broadband service.


The registration for Jio Gigafiber has started from 15 august 2018 but its official launching is going to be on 5 September 2019.

Benefits of Jio Gigafiber

1. People who take Jio Gigafiber can watch any video on 4k streaming and can enjoy the high quality.

2. People who use VR handset can connect this handset from their Jio Gigafiber and can see 360° video in 4k resolution.

3. Jio will get the high-speed net from Gigafiber and if this happens people will be able to turn their home into a smart home and by connecting the AC, TV, and refrigerator to your house, you can control all this with a smartphone.


how to apply for Jio Gigafiber broadband service/Jio Gigafiber registration

Those people want to take the Jio Gigafiber service, they can take a plan by going through My Jio App and visiting the official site of Jio. However, for registration of this broadband service, the registration process has started from 15 August.


How many cities will the Jio GigaFiber start?

This high-speed broadband service of Reliance Geo will start simultaneously in 1,100 cities. Apart from Metro cities, this service will also be available in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.


When will I get Jio GigaFiber connection?

After booking Geo Giga fiber, the users will be given connections by November. However, no official information is currently available from the company. In the city where more booking will be available, this service can be started first. Apart from this, this service can be started in small cities first.


Free broadband service for the first three months

The company will provide its broadband service free of charge for the first three months. However, people will have to buy Gigahub home gateway from Jio Company for Rs 4500.

The amount to buy Gigahub home gateway will be refundable. That is, if you remove this broadband service after three months of completion, then you will be refunded 4500 rupees. However, if the device is found broken when returned, you will not be given a refund amount.


Jio Giga TV

jio gigafiber plans: jio giga tv
Jio Giga tv

In addition to the broadband service of Jio, Jio Giga TV setup box has also been launched by Jio Company. With the help of this setup box, people will be able to watch TV without any Dth or cable TV

Jio claims that all TV shows and all TV channels can easily be seen without any hassle on TV by connecting Giga Fiber Broadband to the Jio Setup box.

Also, people can also call through the TV. With the help of jio Giga TV, people can chat and video conferencing at a time. Not only this, you can use all the apps of jio on jio giga tv.


With the arrival of jio gigafiber broadband, people can now enjoy the very cheap internet. Because this service being offered by Jio is being offered at a much lower price than other companies. Also, through this broadband, people can view any video in the 4k Resolution without any hassle.

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