debit card vs credit card : which is better? | india

Hello friends, if you have heard about Debit Card and Credit Card, I will share some information about those cards with you. Information about these cash cards is very important after opening an account in the youth bank. Because in the world of changing technology you may need these Debit cards and credit cards. In this post you will find the necessary information about both the cards

First of all we need to understand what card we need for a bank operated by what is the Debit Card and the credit card.

“debit card vs credit card”

Debit Card:

debit card vs credit card : which is better? |india
debit card

You know that the ATM card is a type of Debit Card through which we can do online Bank Transaction and through ATM we can withdraw money from any ATM machine. Debit Card is like prepaid SIM if we have balance in our SIM So we can call anywhere, in the same way if we have money in our bank account, then we can transact the money if the SIM does not have balance, then call can not be done. In the same way we can use non-bank balances to use the Debit Card C does not can. Bank’s ATM card can be a debit card

Debit Card means online banking transactions online shopping etc. Increasing technology has benefited us first, we had to go to the bank to withdraw money from the bank but now with ATM card we can withdraw money from any bank ATM machine nearby. Any kind of payment can be made online by buying online.


Credit Card:

debit card vs credit card : which is better? |india
credit card

We get a facility from Credit Card, if necessary, we can use more than the amount deposited in our bank account and that amount has to be deposited in the bank account with a high interest for a certain time. It is a good thing to get the necessities done, but it is difficult to get saved from the credit card. If needed, we can withdraw money by the ATM from Credit Card. One facility is also that you can also choose the option of EMI to buy any required item. In which you do not need to pay the full Amount together, payment can be given in the installment

Example: We have to buy a mobile, its price is Rs. 6000 and we do not want to pay together, we will pay in some installments with the help of Credit Card, and they will go on being paid automatically by installment bank, or we say this one Type of loan facility is also available, it will not be wrong
Trying to understand in a simple way, the way in which postpaid connections are held in the house, there is no balance and after a month’s talk the bill comes and the payment has to be done, the credit card is the same.

Friends, today’s Modern Life, where money is of great importance, the transaction with the bank is going to be very high, and every small big cash has started coming from the business bank itself.For this reason banks have provided facilities like credit card for their customers, provide almost all bank credit card facilities to their customers.
A credit card is a card in which the bank offers its customers the ability to pay money in the form of lending.
For example: – If you buy a product using a credit card today, then any bank has a credit card.He will pay your money on that bus time, and you will have to pay that money to the credit card bank after 50 days.
That is, the money that you bought today, the credit card bank gave it to the bank and you have to pay that money 50 days later in the bank.
State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank’s credit cards are considered to be the best. Finally, we can say that banks lend themselves to advances through credit cards.

 What is Credit Card?

The debit card issued by the credit card bank is like a plastic card like the ATM card With the help of which any person whose account is in the bank anywhere, any transaction anywhere through credit card Can do.
Where it can provide any item or any kind of convenience. Regarding credit card, all banks have their own separate laws and regulations.Which are prescribed by banks already. The person holding a credit card, whoever shopping in the month.He pays his bank after 50 days a credit card holder gets a 50-day time to pay.


Who Can Get Credit Cards?

Anyway, everyone can take credit card, but a bank sees all the bank details before giving credit card to its customers.How much is your income and on the same basis the bank gives you a credit card, and sets its limits.Most government / private jobs, business people use credit cards.
If you are employed in a private company, you can get a credit card by doing bank FD (Fixed Deposit)
Most people pay a credit card by showing their jobs or business banks.

How to apply online for a credit card?

You can apply for a credit card in any bank according to your need.There are different ways for issuing a credit card in every bank.For a credit card in any bank, application is made both through online and offline.But some can apply to some bank you are online for credit card.

Benefits of Credit Card:

1. Through credit card, you can shop online from anywhere.
2. When you shop with a credit card in many online and offline stores, you get discounts.
3. Through credit card, you can organize your monthly shopping.
4. If you have a credit card, you do not need to take Cash Cash anywhere.
5. If you want to buy something similar and you do not have the money at that time then you can buy that same at the same time through a credit card And you get 50 days to deposit that money into the bank.


Credit card losses:

1. Due to credit card, you never feel the lack of money, which increases your spending.
2. Late payment can downgrade your credit card score, so that you have trouble later on.
3. If you can not pay the credit card to the bank on time, the bank can charge more on you.
4. Online hacking has increased significantly due to which sometimes a credit card gets hacked.
And by which you may suffer a lot of money.
5. Almost all the banks, when giving credit cards to their customers, say that you have to pay a zero percent interest rate.But in lie of this, the bank hold lots of requirments for this ,which are usually not followed by people and people have to pay more amount.


Discuss: What is the difference between your departure and Debit Card and Credit Card but if you can use the Debit Card cum ATM for Saving, you can get the amount you want to earn if you need it while Credit Card is more than Bank Balance. On the emergence of a kind, one kind of lends to us whoever does not want to live Credit card increases unnecessary expenses, if used on reading, the benefits of the Credit Card are advantages
So in this way you have understood that what is the difference in Credit Card Aur Debit Card should you use, you must share this post with the needy people.

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