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First of all, let me tell you that if you are thinking that if you open your account without your bank, then it is not possible to open your account in any bank of your own to open your account. KYC and Account opening Amount will have to go to the bank and the banking system of India is still not fully digitized in the bank. The bank still maintains the file to all its account holders In order to apply it, you need the documents that you have to deposit in the bank and deposit it.

As for you:

1.) Address proof

2.) Id Proof

3.) PAN card

4.) etc

How to open a bank account online

So you will understand that you can not open an online bank account. You must go to the bank.

What you can do online is that you can fill up your bank account opening form online and then you will have to go to the bank by taking its printout and then have to submit your documents there and then the bank will verify you. And your account will open

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Open Saving Bank Account

Saving Account is the account where you can keep your hard work safe. There are two types of Bank Saving account and Current account. Saving Account is for personal transaction whereas for Current Account Business Transactions. Let us know how the Saving account opens.

How to open Saving Bank Account?

You can go to any bank to open Saving Account. Both the government or private banks facilitate the opening of savings account to the people. There you can ask for a new account form from the help desk. Some basic information is sought in the form. Those that you have to fill in correctly Information such as name, father name, address, date of birth etc. are sought from you. In the form, you are also asked that if you open a bank account or even want a checkbook and an ATM or not? If necessary, then the information is to be given in that form. On the form, you also have the option of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. SMS Alert also has the option in this form, so when you fill in the form, enter your correct mobile number as soon as you have credit or debit from your account, you will get the information through SMS on mobile.

Documents Required to Open a New Account Documents Required for Saving Bank Account

To open a bank account, you need a government ID. As an identity card, you should be one of the PAN cards, voter IDs, passports, Aadhaar cards etc. You can also use Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Gas bill etc. to identify your address. With this, you need to have two new passport size photos along with the form. You can open a new saving account in any bank with so many Documents.

Account Opening

Every bank has a fixed amount to open a new account. This amount can be up to Rs. 1 thousand for saving account in government banks, while some private banks also open new savings account on zero balance. The bank deposits this amount in your own account. But initially, it is necessary to deposit the amount in your account.

Benefits of opening Saving account

Having an account in the bank has many advantages. The amount you save you can keep you in the safe bank. You can also use the amount when needed. Savings accounts are beneficial in personal payments. Interest in Savings account and interest is also taxed. The savings account offers relief in tax on interest of 10 thousand annually. The interest bank sets on a savings account. Most banks’ interest rates are 4 percent. Many banks offer higher interest on certain conditions. More than 1 lakh deposits can get interested up to 6%. Transaction limit is possible on these accounts (savings account). And some services can also take bank fees.

Careful points – Important Points

Whenever you open a new account, you should read the rules and regulations of the bank very well. If you do not have a PAN card with your account, then you have to complete the form 60 or 61. And linking your Aadhaar card to your account is also necessary. Because the exemption given by the government comes only after the Aadhaar link is linked to your account. Exemption on LPG cylinder


If you have to open a savings account in a government bank, then you have to tell a person or two people as an identifier. Which is the old bank account holder of the same bank? If you do not have an acquaintance who is the account holder of the same bank, then you can contact the bank manager in this situation.

Modern Facilities – ATM, Internet Banking etc.

Today, you can also buy from your Atm card. You can use this card to withdraw money from any bank’s ATM. You can also take advantage of net banking in your savings account. Any person sitting at home can send whom you want to send money. This is a modern facility that provides you with the bank.

After the above process, your account opens and you are given passbook, checkbook, ATM card etc.


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