e-sim | why esim so famous in the world (future sim)

Hardly you know how an eSIM works in the end and why e-sim so famous let’s know.

e-sim | why esim so famous

Do you know Google’s new generation Pixel device  Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones do not need a Norman SIM because it supports an eSIM? However, only Pixel 2 Duo is not the only device that is equipped with eSIM support. Let’s tell you that this support is also available in Apple Watch 3, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 3G and iPad 9.7 launched last year. So if we look at it, then we have 5 devices that have eSIM support. This technology, ie eSIM can now take a lot of time to come into practice completely, but it is just the beginning.

An eSIM / eUICC (embedded SIM or embedded UICC) is a system or a new kind of technology, which is a big replacement for your current SIM card which we are using in our smartphone. That is, your current SIM card can be replaced by Although the regular SIM card you used can be removed from the phone e-SIM cannot be removed after putting it in the phone once. Now the question arises as to when the e-SIM will finally come into practice in full form. In fact, it is not right to say anything about it right now. But today we are going to know about how eSIM works

SIM card history or Rise

Since mobiles have come in a mainstream, users need a SIM card so that they can avail the services of the network they have selected. A number is attached to a SIM card and there is also security in it. Through which network the network finds out who is using it. You can also store messages and contacts in it. Apart from this, let us tell you that in the last few years, the SIM card has been made a little small, i.e. its size has been reduced. Now we know it by the name of Mini-SIM, Nano SIM, and Micro SIM. Nowadays, these three are used in smartphones but everyone knows the Nano and Micro SIM.

Now the question arises here is why the size of a SIM is being reduced? However, one of the main reasons is that smartphones have been considerably diluted over time. And it does not have enough space for the big SIM as much as it should be. Now when the size is small, this thin-to-thin phone easily fits into a SIM tray.

Local network will switch easily

The biggest advantage and so famous of e-SIM because you can switch to a new operator and you will not need to add a new SIM card. Another advantage would be that if you are traveling, switching to the local network will be easy through e-SIM. That is, everything is possible through software. Apple Watch 3 is selling in India with Airtel ECIM. E-SIM is essential for those who want to use the same phone number on two gadgets like smartphones and smartwatch. It is possible to call from a device even when there is no other device. After knowing all this, let’s take a look, after all this, this new technique ie eSIM works.

Some eSIM works

It is a technology that is even smaller than the Nano SIM, apart from this, you can completely remove the SIM tray from a smartphone through it, something like this is going to happen in the coming time, as we have seen With that on the headphone jack being removed from the smartphone over time, the SIM tray in the coming time is also decided to be completely removed from smartphones. Because as the new technology is being used in Smartphones. Looking at it, it seems that soon all the smartphone companies will draw their attention to this and by removing the SIM tray with their fons, this new technology will be used in their fons

In addition to space, eSIM will also allow users to easily switch between networks. It is different from roaming (you do not pay roaming charges) and it is done in the air. You can also tell here that e-SIM will be able to store various network profiles and users will be able to easily move from one network to another. So, this is our future. And in the coming time, you will see that this technology will be used more and more on smartphones.


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