How To Delete All Mail In Yahoo or Archive it (2022 Updated)

If you are searching about how to delete all mail in yahoo on the internet, you have found the solution to your problem because, in this article, we will talk about this topic only. If you want a solution, then you must read this article till the end.

Yahoo mail is an email service from yahoo, which was started in 1997, just like Google Gmail. It offers you four different types of plans, of which three are for personal use while the fourth is for business. According to Wikipedia, Yahoo Mail has more than 225 million active monthly users.

If you mainly use Gmail or Outlook email, you can also use it very comfortably. But even then, if you are having problems using it, you do not need to worry. We have told you step by step below to delete all the mails, which you can see.

How to delete all mail in Yahoo

If you use Yahoo Mail very rarely or are for the first time and want to delete all your mail, you can follow all the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you go to your yahoo mail.
  • Then sign in to your account.
  • Then click on the check box as per the picture and select all the mail.

how to delete all mail in yahoo

  • Then click on the delete button and give confirmation once more.

how to delete all mail in yahoo

how to delete all mail in yahoo

All this will delete all the mail in your Yahoo Mail. If you still get to see mail after this process in Yahoo Mail, then you can delete them by clicking on the check box from the back and selecting all the mails. This is the easiest way to delete all emails in your inbox simultaneously.

If you do not want to delete your required mails completely and only want to delete them from your inbox so that you can keep your inbox space free, you can archive these mails. When you archive your mail, it is removed from the inbox and moved to a separate archive folder so that you can use it later if needed.

So let’s know how you can send your mail to the archive. For this, you can follow the following steps –

  • First, you go to Yahoo Mail.
  • Then sign in to your account.
  • Then select any mail you want to archive.
  • Then click on the archive as per the picture.

how to delete all mail in yahoo

Just through this process, you can send your required email to the archive and empty your inbox so that you cannot ignore the new mail. Also, you can quickly get all these emails back if needed through the archive folder.


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