How To charge a Laptop Without a Charger – 5 Ways

Friends, today we will tell you How to charge a laptop without a charger, which for a long time, our readers were constantly asking us if we also want to charge your laptop without a charger or lose your charger. If you are gone, then only you can read it completely.

Often, we come away from home, and we forget our charger at home, in that case. Also, you can charge your laptop.

Below we have given you 5 different ways by which you can charge your laptop. Whichever method you like in all these five methods, you can use it for yourself.

We have discovered all these methods after much research, which work perfectly. But for some, you may have to spend a little, and some are already with you, so let’s know-

1.Charge your laptop with a USB

If you are using the latest laptop model, then you can recharge your laptop via USB. But for this, your new laptop must have a USB Type -c port.

To adopt these methods, you will need a USB type-c cable and adapter. First, you have to connect one end of the cable to the adapter and the other end to the laptop; then, after that, you plug it in.

This is a very popular method by which you can charge your laptop without a charger. But if you use an older laptop model, you can skip it.

2.Charge your laptop with Car charger

If you have lost your laptop charger, you can easily charge your laptop with your car charger. If your car has an AC adapter, you can connect it directly to your laptop and charge it.

If this feature is not available in your car, you can go separately to the Car Charger, which converts DC power to AC power and provides enough voltage for the laptop to be charged.

First of all, you have to connect the car charger to the car’s DC power source; then, you can charge the laptop via USB port in this car charger.

3.Charge your laptop with a power bank

If you use a laptop with a type-c port, you will be happy to know that you can charge your laptop with a power bank’s help. There is a lot of power available at present, 18w fast charging, and adequate voltage support.

If you already have a powerful power bank, it will be easy for you; otherwise, you can buy it from here. To charge the laptop through this power bank, first of all, you have to connect one end of your type -c cable to the power bank while the other end is connected to the laptop. Just wait; your laptop will be charged after some time.

4.Solar charger

If you do not know about this at all, I want to tell you that many small solar chargers are available in the market, specially designed to charge other gadgets like laptops, mobiles, power banks, etc.

It comes with a very compact design, which you can carry comfortably. You have to open this charger in sunlight, and then you can charge your laptop through the ports given in it. If you do not know about this solar charger at all, then you can watch this video.

5.Universal charger

If your laptop charger is lost, you do not need to panic because there are many universal chargers in the market, with the help of charging all brand laptops.

First of all, you have to buy it and then connect the given connector according to your laptop brand; then, you can plug it in and charge the laptop very comfortably as you used to do with the original charger.

This method will prove to be the best because it costs you very little and is much easier to use, which gives us an experience like the original charger.

6.Use an External Battery Charger (Bonus Point)

If you are not satisfied with the methods mentioned above, then this method is only for you. For this, your laptop battery should be removable. If your laptop’s battery is removable, you can continue it.

In this way, we are going to charge the laptop through External Battery Charger. I hope you have heard about this charger before. To use this method, you must first remove your laptop battery.

Then you source the external battery charger, connect it to the laptop battery, just your laptop battery will be charged after some time, and you can use it by putting it in your laptop.

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I hope that all the information mentioned above will be found more helpful, if yes, you can share it with all your friends so that they will also know how to charge a laptop without a charger. If you have any questions related to this, you can ask us in the comment below.

Also, tell us which of these 5 methods is the best and which one you will adopt for yourself.

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